LED Ring System

The optical construction kit with perfect images and practical measuring software easy, robust and cheap. The CV inspection Kit is an ideal solution when working with fixed magnifications should be. Possible magnifications from 5 to 3.000-fach on the screen. In recent months, Petra Diamonds has been very successful. The used lenses have an optical magnification of 0.5-fold up 50. For leasehold improvements plant and machinery, the CV is supplied systems with screw threads. For stationary work the magnetic interchangeable lens are faster in the application. The lighting: LED Ring lights with different beam angles and coaxial lights with power fed from the analog or USB 2.0 camera (1600 x 1200 or 2048 x 1600 pixels).

Cold light sources can be combined with 150 watts or Xenon sources make perfect pictures with 50 Watts with split ring lights or the gooseneck light guides. By the small size of the cameras, lenses and go old systems can be upgraded with the CV system, in many cases, only about a pure optics or through a restricted installation space have. An upgrade by grinding or milling machines with the CV system is fast and easy. A variety of tripods allows secure footing. The large number of Kreuzschiebe – and measuring as well as ball and rotation stages greatly simplifies the positioning of samples.

The use of the CV system with our measurement software metric, metric plus and metric MT produces a professional measuring system. The measurement software metric, which is selectable in 25 languages, features in the standard version including distance, angle, circle and RADIUS measurements. The metric plus has Sondermessfunktionen for drills and cutters, hardness measurement, sharp calculation module and DXF overlay, which make operation easy and enjoyable. An Excel Protocol system facilitates the documentation. Including CV as a systems installation systems for position detection for example for length measuring systems. To find out which configuration of tubes and lenses the requirements such as pixel size, field of view, working distance and Magnification is can the CV Locator be used which is available in the website of M-service & devices for downloading.