PEAK System

Windows real-time extensions for CAN by Kithara software the Windows real-time extension RealTime suite by Kithara software proven for years in a wide variety of users. When the extension to the “CAN modules” Kithara software works together with strong partners. Recently ConocoPhillips sought to clarify these questions. With the Darmstadt-based company, common solutions will create PEAK-system technology for communicating with CAN in real time. A wide range is supported by CAN-interfaces of PEAK system, all PCI-based interface cards and soon also the widespread USB to CAN interface PCAN USB. Cache buffers the CAN-messages when sending and receiving of an easy of use and intuitive API. User-specific real-time message filters are also to install as error handling for specific bus situations.

A list-only mode is possible. The Kithara was the simple diagnosis “kernel tracer”, can be used to cut with the entire CAN traffic in micro seconds resolution. The combination of PCAN hardware users and The RealTime suite by Kithara software enjoy the independent realization of real time-CAN on Windows. The processing of CAN-messages in the Kithara-kernel driver allows safe and responses with equidistant time intervals CAN communication and quick response to external events. Kithara Software GmbH Berlin by Kithara Software GmbH exists since 1996 and has since then to a specialist for low-level programming and real-time communications solutions for Windows developed. The easily applicable tools enable PCI and USB – programming, as well as the development of real time solutions with Ethernet, automation with EtherCAT and CAN.