Heating Systems

None of the construction of a country house is complete without a heating arrangement. Heating country house is divided into several types: 1. Water heating with a connection to central heating. If there is a possibility connecting homes to the central heating, the process of heating devices is reduced to the design locations of the radiators. This method is very simple. 2. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out ConocoPhillips.

Hot water heating. If the connectivity central heating systems, but there are able to connect gas and water – the cottage is used for heating hot water heating. 3. Electric heating. Electric heating systems can take different expressions – this heated floors, and a system of radiators.

Electric heating systems have a bright advantage – if such a heating system it is possible to organize a remote control system heating. You can control the room temperature even when using a mobile phone! 4. Infrared heating – a type of electric heating by infrared radiation. In this method of heating ceiling mounted film infrared heaters. Their action is based on the emission of the thermal component of the solar spectrum. Therefore, the infrared heat is very similar to the sun's heat in summer. 5. Air autonomous heating. When air heating, air heated by the heat source is distributed on the premises. Heat source in this case are the furnace stoves, Russian stoves, heaters, stoves, fireplaces, heating and cooking stoves. Significant advantage of this heating is traditional, and therefore accessible to everyone fossil fuels – firewood. Stoves fireplaces or stoves came on the market not so long ago.