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Lenel OnGuard

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The series NGP-2220 includes four models. The basic model is designed for access control of large and technically complex systems and controllers NGP-2220i, NGP-2220iUL and NGP-2220iCE labeled i enable the integration of access control and security signaling. Letter extension UL and CE in its name means that the controller is supplied in a single access control box with power supply unit for 110 and 220, respectively. Powered by the operating system Linux, have a greater capacity and performance, and availability of port Ethernet 10/100 Base-T increases the system reliability through redundancy link. When using the NGP-2220 as a hardware platform security system that includes 512 trains, controller can be programmed arming / disarming as a priority, and common areas (total 130). In order to limit the rights of users to set / unset the object of the controller access control system supports up to 1000 user profiles.

The overall reliability of safety systems based on the NGP-2220 increases to 128-bit encryption when communicating with a central server OnGuard. Verifying alarm based on controller in the mode of installation is carried out by the activation mode Walk test. NGP-2220 is capable of handling up to 66 access points, access control to the identification of entry and exit. In this case the controller can be derived for the organization of the passage of readers through two doors, while the remaining 64 – the use of expanders company Lenel. In his memory controller access control system can store information on 250 000 access cards, as well as the event log to 50 000 entries.

NGP-2220 allows you to program up to 32 000 levels Access (128 per card), supports the ban on re-passage, and provides a limit on the maximum number of people in the area. Additional features have appeared in the integration of ACS NGP-2220 automation system building. New 2220 series controllers can control up to 256 actuators that are connected to them through the output modules, including equipment, warning systems, lighting, etc. ailing the administrator. In this case the controller access control system supports the local and remote diagnosis of the condition. In addition to the battery, NGP-2220 can operate as part of a global system of Lenel OnGuard. Under the direction of the new controller OnGuard server can segment attached zones and access control, thus serve several independent zones. On the basis of OnGuard can create a comprehensive system of security geographically distributed sites, which includes access control system, controlled through ACS controller, security alarm and CCTV system.

Fire Alarm Systems

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The need for fire alarms, of course, impossible to overstate: fire alarm in a timely manner and can quickly inform about the start of ignition, and thus help prevent fire and save property and lives. Despite this, the popularity of these systems have begun to acquire recently. And then equipped them, only those facilities that do not have the right to operate without them. In essence, the same fire signaling not only requires much greater range of industrial buildings, but is economically viable even on small enterprises. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ray Kurzweil offers on the topic.. There is always a possibility that as in the repair and construction work and in everyday use in the production of electrical equipment in offices.

Because it makes sense to review fire alarm systems for all types of premises. The means justify the purpose – fire alarms in large buildings This large firms were the first customers of fire alarm systems. Protect warehouse fire, large work space with a high risk factor, to protect exhibition halls, galleries of intruders. ConocoPhillips pursues this goal as well. Over time, they also were the first to buy the combined system of fire alarm, which simplified and installation, and respond to emergencies of various kinds. When using these systems can determine the cause of the fire and solve problems. Extinguish such a building is extremely difficult, and the size of losses can lead to bankruptcy of the entire company. Therefore, timely detected the fire and resulting operational service can not be overstated. In fact, a good fire alarm system can provide some of the features and fire-fighting, but they are very specific, depending on the size and specifications of the room.

Heating Systems

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None of the construction of a country house is complete without a heating arrangement. Heating country house is divided into several types: 1. Water heating with a connection to central heating. If there is a possibility connecting homes to the central heating, the process of heating devices is reduced to the design locations of the radiators. This method is very simple. 2. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out ConocoPhillips.

Hot water heating. If the connectivity central heating systems, but there are able to connect gas and water – the cottage is used for heating hot water heating. 3. Electric heating. Electric heating systems can take different expressions – this heated floors, and a system of radiators.

Electric heating systems have a bright advantage – if such a heating system it is possible to organize a remote control system heating. You can control the room temperature even when using a mobile phone! 4. Infrared heating – a type of electric heating by infrared radiation. In this method of heating ceiling mounted film infrared heaters. Their action is based on the emission of the thermal component of the solar spectrum. Therefore, the infrared heat is very similar to the sun's heat in summer. 5. Air autonomous heating. When air heating, air heated by the heat source is distributed on the premises. Heat source in this case are the furnace stoves, Russian stoves, heaters, stoves, fireplaces, heating and cooking stoves. Significant advantage of this heating is traditional, and therefore accessible to everyone fossil fuels – firewood. Stoves fireplaces or stoves came on the market not so long ago.

Drilling Technology

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Castles Castles of drill pipe to drill trubprednaznacheny to connect drill pipes in order to obtain the installation size you need. Our company manufactures and markets mining Screw-on locks for drilling pipes. They are executed in strict accordance with existing regulations and provide a reliable joint components of the drill string. We offer all the locks used sizes. Our locks to allow the drill pipe to collect drilling equipment suitable for use in all climates and in all geological conditions. The castle itself drill pipe is coupling and nipple.

Nipple attached to one end of the pipe and sleeve with a conical thread – the other, which provides a durable and leakproof joint of drill pipe. Locks are made of hardened steel and are specially hardening, which significantly increases their strength properties and increases their durability, which is of great importance for the reliable operation of the entire drilling device. Increase endurance drill string. Failures drillstring divided into two groups: sudden and iznosovye. To include the sudden failure resulting in breakage of the drill string during drilling. Most often this occurs as a result of fatigue damage on threaded drill pipe, pulling one from the other parts of the column due to fatigue themselves permission of thread turns in conjunction with the tube lock drill pipe or coupling. Much rarer in the sudden failure result of fatigue failure of the hinge groove joints or broken locks and drill pipe to pipe thread, as well as corrosion fatigue and brittle failure of drill pipe, couplings and lock for drill pipe.

USSR Engines

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Maps of measurement in the engines of the type of fault detection nvd 36, nvd 36-I: developed on the basis of proprietary design drawings, operating instructions for the engine, an album of drawings of spare parts is available from the Baltic TSPKB and practice operation and maintenance of these engines. Cards contain information on the measurement of nominal and maximum allowable contributions in service and gaps in the ship's machinery and engine parts. In addition, given the individual specific instructions on how to perform fault detection, background size, etc. In determining data gaps and wear with the release of the main engine or marine diesel generator of maintenance should be follow the instruction on the definition of the technical condition of ships. approved by order of the Minister of the Navy from number 58 26.03.62g. At 24 and 26 of Section III instructions stated: 'Assessment of technical condition of' good ' installed on-board mechanisms that meet the requirements of the Rules of the Register of the USSR and other classification societies, are serviceable, reliable in operation, passed all tests in found unfit for safe operation. Wear of parts and components shall not exceed 80% of the maximum allowable.

" Maximum allowable contribution should be considered as the wear limit, installed by the builders of the instructions and the form of engines, the rules of technical operation of marine diesel engines, as well as the data presented in these maps. In the case of a factory ship repair, and when combined with the regular maintenance four-year examination of the classification should be possible clearance in the joints and deviations from the engine geometry parts and components to result in nominal values. Such matters are subject to agreement with the shipowner, taking into account the expected duration of the engine without putting on the factory repair. Norms beats surfaces in the 'maximum permissible to use' do not include deviations from the geometric shape. Maps of measurement recommended for use in fault detection engines during repair of their factories, as well as prophylactic dissection and repair work carried out in operation. Account cylinders, bearings, journals and others in the measurement of the maps adopted by the flywheel. For the record, before and after repair using the same card (cross out the unnecessary record!)

Technologies Of The Future

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The question of what awaits humanity in the future, what we care about for a long time. We wonder what will be the man, his life and the environment. Science tries to explain this attraction mere curiosity, and argues that future not constant, it varies because it depends on many factors. One thing remains unchanged in this case – the fact that the invention of some scientists were not understood by their contemporaries. These findings were recognized only after large amount of time. What is it? Journey of man in time? Or inventors are the descendants of ancient Atlantis? Or maybe extraterrestrial civilization tells us what to do and how to live? The probability that at least one answer to these questions is positive = 0.001%. But it is! Now, let's think about what they are – technology of the future? We envision flying cars that fill the city, robots that do all the the hard work for human, universal pill (nanotechnology), who treat children CPU, psyche, many human fears and much more.

This picture we describe in the movies and books. But since we are far from it? Maybe The future is now? Let's think. What lies at the heart of our vision for the future? Human Life will be easier Labor Rights will be facilitated Technology and people will be inseparable concepts can also add other items. We have identified only the most basic. Life and work of man will be alleviated. At what expense? Because all the routine work, in our view, would serve as vehicles, machines and other equipment. This trend can be traced today. We do not see robots that walk the streets, serve us.

But this is the time. And now … a small block of electronics can be replaced by the development of a whole group of people. And this fact. An example is simple. Time relay series "MP". This programmable device is intended for automatic circuit – breaking the external circuit to the display timing. It can be used as a timer, the shaper of the periodic sequence, or a device-delay and (or) turn off devices when the control process. This device is actively used and the construction industry and other sectors industry. Experts say its efficiency, small dimensions and the possibility of using a wide range of settings per channel. It requires no special maintenance or operational conditions. Withstand severe handling and temperature fluctuations. And all that he requires from you – is the voltage 220V, 50 Hz and the maximum allowable current external circuits – up to 5 A at 220. Gauging devices capable of performing more accurate measurements, mathematical calculations. Man makes his life already and work. And with that we meet not only at work but at home. Our apartments are gradually fill all kinds of consumer electronics. Contemporary a bachelor life is much easier if he has money. Machine wash, microwave or electric oven will cook, a modern iron makes ironing a sheer pleasure. Even the washing machines can pat. So maybe the future already arrived? Or technology ahead of our development? It is worth considering. Thus, buying a particular device, we not only meets their needs most, but taking a step forward form our future. So let's make it even better. We are ahead of the future, because we can anticipate it.