USSR Engines

Maps of measurement in the engines of the type of fault detection nvd 36, nvd 36-I: developed on the basis of proprietary design drawings, operating instructions for the engine, an album of drawings of spare parts is available from the Baltic TSPKB and practice operation and maintenance of these engines. Cards contain information on the measurement of nominal and maximum allowable contributions in service and gaps in the ship's machinery and engine parts. In addition, given the individual specific instructions on how to perform fault detection, background size, etc. In determining data gaps and wear with the release of the main engine or marine diesel generator of maintenance should be follow the instruction on the definition of the technical condition of ships. approved by order of the Minister of the Navy from number 58 26.03.62g. At 24 and 26 of Section III instructions stated: 'Assessment of technical condition of' good ' installed on-board mechanisms that meet the requirements of the Rules of the Register of the USSR and other classification societies, are serviceable, reliable in operation, passed all tests in found unfit for safe operation. Wear of parts and components shall not exceed 80% of the maximum allowable.

" Maximum allowable contribution should be considered as the wear limit, installed by the builders of the instructions and the form of engines, the rules of technical operation of marine diesel engines, as well as the data presented in these maps. In the case of a factory ship repair, and when combined with the regular maintenance four-year examination of the classification should be possible clearance in the joints and deviations from the engine geometry parts and components to result in nominal values. Such matters are subject to agreement with the shipowner, taking into account the expected duration of the engine without putting on the factory repair. Norms beats surfaces in the 'maximum permissible to use' do not include deviations from the geometric shape. Maps of measurement recommended for use in fault detection engines during repair of their factories, as well as prophylactic dissection and repair work carried out in operation. Account cylinders, bearings, journals and others in the measurement of the maps adopted by the flywheel. For the record, before and after repair using the same card (cross out the unnecessary record!)