Engineer Agronomist

All day is day of some thing. has day that it is day of some thing and when people go to see have another thing of that day is day. But it does not stop there. The months also enter in this wave. To only have an idea, the catholics consider August as month of the vocations; September as month of the bible, October month of the missions.

And so on. It perceives, therefore, that we have one I do not know what! for the commemorative dates. E, perhaps therefore, has date that it is date of more than a thing. To only illustrate this we go to look at for the October month. It looks at back in its calendar: day 4 of October! This is the day of the Nature; of the Barman; of the Dog; of the Poet; of San Francisco de Assis. Another day of October: day 12! It only sees, is day of Ours Mrs. Aparecida, the Child; of the Atletismo; of the Engineer Agronomist; of the Sea; of the Discovery of America; of the Insurance broker. And so on, each day is day of some thing.

E, as we are seeing to the times, with more than a thing per day. In the way of all these dates have the day of the professor: 15 of October. But it is not alone of the professor who day 15 is day. Beyond the professor, day 15 is day of the Marriage of the Isabel princess with conde D' I (1864); of the Creation of the National Astroroof (1827); of the National Education; of the Normalista; of the Ambient Educator. E, evidently, day of the professor. Where we go to stop with this? In the day of the professor. It is that, since has day pra everything, it has the day of the professor.