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Psychological Conditions Information

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In this Goad educators say that the system of higher education need to make reforms and there kolaps. What happened in schools in recent decades, interesting things that you do not want to learn more? Now there was a special process, called the shift logic of social behavior. Until the twentieth century technology in the global society in Russia and the world almost did not change and the student that would exist and evolve there is enough once in a lifetime to learn and then enjoy the rest of my life learned. And now there was an information explosion! If we take the biological frequency – the frequency of updates generations, since such frequency of updated information on the domestic level. Frequently ConocoPhillips has said that publicly. And for the social rate of take rate of change of technologies in society, since this frequency is updated information that describes the technology. All information that circulates in the community – is called culture. That's just the frequency of social time and partly account for the frequency change of culture. In 20c, these frequencies have changed their relationship and the frequency biological time was less than the frequency changes in social time. How it objectively happened phenomenon affects education? What is important to cancel school? If the technology changes every 3-5 years, the person throughout life need to constantly learn new and emerging knowledge. In the past, people in the early life course and studied all his life could work, but what is the opening of such a medicine could pass on to their children and even grandchildren, now that would not losing employment must constantly evolve.

Mecatrnica Engineering

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First, separately, however, we are not certain of that the conclusion can be satisfactory. Second, searching a harmony between the three questions, guaranteeing a balance, therefore to break analysis we conclude that: ' ' What I quero' ' it is what it satisfies and of the pleasure in Carrying through or Being. ' ' What I posso' ' they compete to the capacities, potentials and possessed qualities and that they can be developed and be perfected in elapsing of the life. ' ' What I devo' ' one mentions the responsibilities to it and commitment I exactly obtain and with the society, promoting proper well-being and development without excluding the ones that are in return. We are as human beings ahead of as many possibilities in a huge and full world of alternatives that invite in them for a reflection on the paper of each one.

It follows the low o it register of experience of some of the pupils of 3. Year Of Average Ensino, group ' ' B' ' matutino period, year 2010 of the State School Eldorado in Eldorado/MS, the process of development of the commented work. 1. Course Mecatrnica Engineering ' ' Without a doubt it stops in them was very good for having done the work regarding the professions, in which it came in providing the experience to them to know what we will go to make in the years that will come, since we are in it I finish pertaining to school year and with this work we are then on the inside of some professions. During some days some groups had spoken on different professions, all for very interesting signal, including our group that commented on Mecatrnica Engineering, we like it sufficiently work, therefore in it gave the chance to them to know more regarding this profession, since we did not know it very well and with the work we are on the inside not alone of our profession more than several other interesting ones.

Engineer Agronomist

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All day is day of some thing. has day that it is day of some thing and when people go to see have another thing of that day is day. But it does not stop there. The months also enter in this wave. To only have an idea, the catholics consider August as month of the vocations; September as month of the bible, October month of the missions.

And so on. It perceives, therefore, that we have one I do not know what! for the commemorative dates. E, perhaps therefore, has date that it is date of more than a thing. To only illustrate this we go to look at for the October month. It looks at back in its calendar: day 4 of October! This is the day of the Nature; of the Barman; of the Dog; of the Poet; of San Francisco de Assis. Another day of October: day 12! It only sees, is day of Ours Mrs. Aparecida, the Child; of the Atletismo; of the Engineer Agronomist; of the Sea; of the Discovery of America; of the Insurance broker. And so on, each day is day of some thing.

E, as we are seeing to the times, with more than a thing per day. In the way of all these dates have the day of the professor: 15 of October. But it is not alone of the professor who day 15 is day. Beyond the professor, day 15 is day of the Marriage of the Isabel princess with conde D' I (1864); of the Creation of the National Astroroof (1827); of the National Education; of the Normalista; of the Ambient Educator. E, evidently, day of the professor. Where we go to stop with this? In the day of the professor. It is that, since has day pra everything, it has the day of the professor.

Power Point

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It is important also if not to forget that these resources are good, but as to use them? Where format must appear the texts? If to only take the pupils for the laboratory of computer science of the school is guarantee of differentiated lesson? It will be that the Power Point must substitute the black picture? if to substitute, will better make this or worse that what the chalk and black picture? Beyond metodolgicas questions it also has pedagogical implications and of other shades that if cannot leave to lead in consideration, Moraes (2002 p.3) places with clarity one of these problems when questioning As to educate for a society of the knowledge that requires independent, critical, creative citizens, perpetual aprendentes, using techniques and methodologies epistemologicamente maken a mistake and scientifically unbalanced? How to take the individual to learn to learn, to learn to think and to live/to coexist as planetary citizens, if we work with inadequate pedagogical models in educational environments? To use digital medias requires a format that is compatible with the classroom, after all of account continues being lesson, not obstante the resources you add used to become it better or thank heavens. The texts must appear in formats simple writings or said to allies the images as we have good example in the set of documents of Stolen Jorge ' ' Island of the Flores' ' that making of the Language it adds pertinent information to several you discipline. Care must also be taken when the lesson will be made in the laboratory and well-taken care of still it will be with access the Internet, since the pupil can use to advantage the moment and instead of opening the content indicated for the professor to only open what he interests to it and with aggravation of to be something inadequate for its etria band. in my opinion power point substitutes with extraordinary profits the black picture and chalk, therefore this program ally to datashow exponentially increases the quality of the information that if wants to transmit with more agility, more colors, and easiness for the professor. It is clearly that this is not of form some something that only comes to assist and does not present risk some for docncia, therefore with I assist of the TICs a professor imposes a fine on obtains to give to lessons for an enormous amount of people generating with this the loss of work ranks. As well as the automation of the industry it provided quality of life, little risks for the workers, more incomes, and the relation cost I benefit was extremely favorable for the proprietor, at the same time where it generated an unemployed mass who functions as hand of exceeding workmanship that pressures the wages for low, the TICs can cause effect between the professors the same, to exemplificar this it is enough to think about the EADs where a tutor using itself of the Internet and video discusses folloies pupils of some localities without needing to leave its same city or its house. Not obstante the complications of some orders that the TICs can present it are, doubtlessly, an ally valiosssimo of the professor, and say of the professor in philosophy in the school of average education, extending its possibility of exposition of the content, assisting in the understanding of the texts with resources charges, cartuns, films, musics among others.

Individual Subject

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For Schopenhauer citizen that conscientious agent understands not another thing seno for which the world is as Representation; Individual is, therefore, also conscientious agent, however, that one for which the world appears as representation. The limit of that is the art and the philosophy as science, that is, as synthesis of the dialctica relation enters the subjective correlato of the Idea (subject) and the objective correlato of the citizen (Idea), having for purpose the expression of this last one. Relation this that estimates not them reason principles and individuation for which the knowledge is, in the truth, a mere opinion (doxa) , before, is based exclusively for on the aesthetic intuition, only half for which invariant and veraz it becomes human possible. Word-Key: Schopenhauer, Art, Science, Will; Idea. ABSTRACT: Summary: this work aims you present, in general the thought of Schopenhauer and, with this, justify the art and the philosophy a means of communication of knowledge itself.

It will be this, I proposed myself you elucidate you marry such the duplicity semantics of words ' ' will' ' and ' ' representation' ' , where: If will, then want; If Will, then Itself; If representation, then things, or even the whole of the phenomena individuals; and if Representation then Ideas, also understood the phenomena general. Ratio In the of distinction between the terms referred you above, we have two to other that without then the body philosophical of the author of ' ' The world willingness and a representation' ' simply makes it incomprehensible, which ploughs: Individual Subject and know (Cognoscente) To latter at the expense of the concept of individual known (Cognoscvel). By subject Schopenhauer means not anything to other than that agent aware you which the world is a Representation; Individual is, therefore, an agent also aware, to however, that will be which the world eats a representation.

The Second

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In the conception of the Christian philosopher the faith and the reason cannot be contradicted, therefore both have a common author that he is God. The faith and the reason walk parallel bars, even so know aspects different of one same truth. The truth cannot contradict it same itself, therefore it would leave of being truth and it would start to be opinion. In the study of the natural things, the reason is independent in relation to the theology, however, in the scope of the revelation, the theology if overlaps, therefore this is its proper object. It is clearly that the reason of the support the faith, however it for itself is incapable to know the truths disclosed.

THE TESTS OF THE GOD EXISTENCE During the age it measured one of the subjects most irrelevant had been on the tests of the existence of God, many philosophers if they had leaned over on this reflection, however, none were so systematic as Toms de Aquino, who established five ways that evidence of the existence of God. The first way says respect to the first engine or the immovable engine, according to it everything what it is moved is moved by another one; because nothing seno is moved while he is in power relatively that the one that is moved. However if it cannot proceed thus to the infinite, therefore it is necessary to arrive itself at a first engine that is not moved by none another one, but which all give the name of God. The second way says respect to the efficient cause or the first cause. In the material things we perceive an order that has for base the relation of cause and effect. It is impossible that a thing either efficient cause of proper itself, therefore it is necessary that something either previous the proper thing, however, something can be efficient cause of another thing, for example, a man who constructs a chair.