The Second

In the conception of the Christian philosopher the faith and the reason cannot be contradicted, therefore both have a common author that he is God. The faith and the reason walk parallel bars, even so know aspects different of one same truth. The truth cannot contradict it same itself, therefore it would leave of being truth and it would start to be opinion. In the study of the natural things, the reason is independent in relation to the theology, however, in the scope of the revelation, the theology if overlaps, therefore this is its proper object. It is clearly that the reason of the support the faith, however it for itself is incapable to know the truths disclosed.

THE TESTS OF THE GOD EXISTENCE During the age it measured one of the subjects most irrelevant had been on the tests of the existence of God, many philosophers if they had leaned over on this reflection, however, none were so systematic as Toms de Aquino, who established five ways that evidence of the existence of God. The first way says respect to the first engine or the immovable engine, according to it everything what it is moved is moved by another one; because nothing seno is moved while he is in power relatively that the one that is moved. However if it cannot proceed thus to the infinite, therefore it is necessary to arrive itself at a first engine that is not moved by none another one, but which all give the name of God. The second way says respect to the efficient cause or the first cause. In the material things we perceive an order that has for base the relation of cause and effect. It is impossible that a thing either efficient cause of proper itself, therefore it is necessary that something either previous the proper thing, however, something can be efficient cause of another thing, for example, a man who constructs a chair.