Mecatrnica Engineering

First, separately, however, we are not certain of that the conclusion can be satisfactory. Second, searching a harmony between the three questions, guaranteeing a balance, therefore to break analysis we conclude that: ' ' What I quero' ' it is what it satisfies and of the pleasure in Carrying through or Being. ' ' What I posso' ' they compete to the capacities, potentials and possessed qualities and that they can be developed and be perfected in elapsing of the life. ' ' What I devo' ' one mentions the responsibilities to it and commitment I exactly obtain and with the society, promoting proper well-being and development without excluding the ones that are in return. We are as human beings ahead of as many possibilities in a huge and full world of alternatives that invite in them for a reflection on the paper of each one.

It follows the low o it register of experience of some of the pupils of 3. Year Of Average Ensino, group ' ' B' ' matutino period, year 2010 of the State School Eldorado in Eldorado/MS, the process of development of the commented work. 1. Course Mecatrnica Engineering ' ' Without a doubt it stops in them was very good for having done the work regarding the professions, in which it came in providing the experience to them to know what we will go to make in the years that will come, since we are in it I finish pertaining to school year and with this work we are then on the inside of some professions. During some days some groups had spoken on different professions, all for very interesting signal, including our group that commented on Mecatrnica Engineering, we like it sufficiently work, therefore in it gave the chance to them to know more regarding this profession, since we did not know it very well and with the work we are on the inside not alone of our profession more than several other interesting ones.