German Electrical Engineers

Cable brand NYM – a modern type of power cable, designed for mounting on the European standard electrical wiring. This type of cable, came to us from the West. Along with evrootdelkoy, renovated and there is a need to 'Evrorazvodke' electricity. The cable is designed for use in industrial and municipal facilities for permanent mounting of power (overt and covert) indoors and outdoors. Cable has excellent appearance and quality. NYM cable design as follows: single-wire (with cross sections from 1.5 to 10mm2) or stranded (from 16 to 35mm2) copper conductor. Number of conductors from 1 to 7.

In fact, this cable with three protective insulating layers, since in addition to the usual design NYM PVC insulation is used, an additional layer of padding to give you a round cable. Also used as a filling uncured rubber compound (RF Patent 2225651 of the right holder 'Electrocable' Kolchugino ') has a high oxygen index, which increases fire safety cable, has no hygroscopicity and the filling of a tire is a barrier to moisture inside the cable, which is especially important if it is cutting in an environment with high humidity, and if damage occurs membranes and cable insulation in service. The outer casing is made from NYM-extinguishing flexible PVC plastic. Vein isolation have different colors, which not only meets the standards, but also very easy to install. NYM cable is available in German standard DIN VDE (Association of German Electrical Engineers standards) and developed technical specifications (TU).

What's the difference? NYM cable requirements are governed by regulations of TU, established by State standards. GOST 23 286 set the nominal values of insulation thickness and the shell and minimum tolerances for these values. On cable, manufactured according to DIN, regulated only the mean value of insulation and sheath, which should not be lower than nominal, with the exception no minimum. This can be illustrated with an example.