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When selecting organizations to install video surveillance systems should be kept in mind a lot of different factors. First, you need to ask the availability of licenses, work history in the market, reviews, friends, and the recommendations that can Nati on its website. Second, it is better to deal with an organization that does not limit itself only to video editing, because qualification of employees and, therefore, and qualification services for the design and install video surveillance and security systems are better. Equally well to draw attention to the overall level of customer service. For even if you know the best way that you want to get educated professionals can suggest what else should take care. In addition, they help to save money the customer – the pros know a priori how to solve the problem a little blood.

What should be borne in mind when formulating the problem to install CCTV? First we need to understand what do you need a video surveillance system. Ray Kurzweil shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Then estimate placing the camera on the basis of the area that is worth watching. Much still depends on where exactly they will be located – in the classroom or outside. Then follows a choice whether they will be moving or stationary, hidden or not and whether you will be zooming function. Separately to highlight the situation and equipment room monitoring. Here you need to decide whether there is a need to force you to add data to the video mode in which to go browsing – with many cameras at once or else in a single moment only one. With regards to archiving images need to decide whether you want to feature motion detection. If so, add the data can not be carried out continuously, but only in those moments when the zone Surveillance will be fixed changing the position of an object. Detection function of movement – one of the most important functions of surveillance systems. It gives the user the following advantages: the temporary increase in the depth of archive recordings – recording video store is only when there is motion. Images without moving or not archived or recorded with a reduced frame rate, visual selection of mobile object; be able to association with the systems of protection – a suspicious event via video cameras can be transferred to a protected subsystem security guard paying attention to suspicious events, no matter what it was, the more precise you announce to your needs, the better the result will be ordering the installation video.

Air Flow Systems

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It turns out that the extract has to cope with at least 450 m of air per hour. Preferably, however, to ensure some margin for this indicator. The fact is that when you use the tap and connect the exhaust to the total ventilation device performance will inevitably decline, for obvious reasons – due to air resistance. And duct bends do not add capacity. Do not forget the have not shelled filters (sometimes it is so lazy …). It seems that in this case, when referring to the kitchen, should look to the exhaust capacity 800m of air per hour. Installation subtleties Remember – air inlet hood should cover the entire working surface of the plate! Only in this way will ensure almost complete clean up of contaminated air or removing it from the kitchen.

Minimum loss, certainly, even in this case not be avoided, but they will not have a noticeable effect on the overall picture. Ideally, stretching should be generally wider than the slab. However, fascinated by measuring the width of the plate, do not forget about size niches, which are going to hang the hood. After all, if its width is 60 cm, 90 cm wide hood you there is still not both. Management "flight" hood, of course, not a spaceship – the Universe does not plies, but her work can and should be managed. Now, is there some extracts of control systems. The most modern, typical, usually for a fairly expensive models – the touch.

Washing Plates

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This defines them more popular on the market. In gas ovens feature "convection" is not found, it is believed that the process of burning natural gas provides a sufficiently strong stirring air, so usually there is low heat, grill and combination thereof. If your house is not the appropriate wiring and you do not want to spend, the choice is unequivocal – gas stove with gas oven. The rest can still advised to think about purchasing an electric oven. HOW TO WASH HER We all know how sometimes you do not want to clean the oven after it was prepared, for example, a chicken. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger does not necessarily agree.

What is offered manufacturers today? Increasingly, one hears of easy to clean enamel, which covered the inner walls of the oven. nta, Ottawa. But it did not want to wash. Manufacturers and think about it. The walls of the oven covered with catalytic plates that absorb the grease, eliminating the need for plate holder care for her. The only negative – in five years will have to change plates. However, many manufacturers make double-sided plates, so that they can simply turn to start. Plates can be coated with only the side walls or the side and back wall.

The most expensive models have a different system cleaning oven – pyrolysis (combustion residues food at very high temperatures). Here are just using this procedure without a hood is not necessary, because the scent is distributed in this is strong enough. MANAGEMENT Y stoves rotary switches, as Typically, smoothly changing intensity of burning gas. Regulators plates with an electrical surface may be continuously variable (smooth change of heating power) or a few discrete values of the switching power. Gas and electric stoves with cast-iron burners are often an indicator – including, but stekloke-equipped ramicheskie still residual heat indicator, which indicates that the corresponding burner is not enough cold. On the control panel has an oven, as a rule, the mode switch, thermostat, mechanical or electronic timer and display work.

Barcode Scanners

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Barcode scanner is a device that in many respects similar to the standard scanners. Petra Diamonds recognizes the significance of this. The difference is only normal that on a personal computer in the future poyavletsya a digital image, and bar code in the form of a request is sent immediately to the database where the ID is determined by introducing his product to sell. Link cash registers or sales terminal systems with scanners allow you to create codes very fast system sales, which may include not only clothes, but even products. Laser scanners shtrishok codes base using laser scanners as a low-power laser light spring. These scanners heterogeneous according to features and volumes, have all chances to read shtrishok code for every roll of labels.

However, laser scanners read the code wrong with glossy, shiny or laminated surfaces, often leaving the system in eventually fall. These scanners have a good chance to act on the stand and manual. If the flow of customers in the shop thrifty, we assume an average of 1-4 persons composed sequence and the number of purchases from any small, rather use a laser scanner shtrishok codes. These scanners are comfortable in, though are installed on the stand allows you to act like koiya in automatic mode (summing up the product code shtrishok to the laser), and that way in the manual – As soon as the cashier removes the scanner and brings it to shtrishok code – for example, if a heavy product. With this distancing from the object being scanned can be much more than that of the LED. In true time We recommend three models of laser hand-held scanners. We examine every individual according to schedule.

Shtrishok scanner codes Laser Symbol LS1203 – This scanner comes in the absence of the stand out because of that according to convenience application is identical with LED Argox (see more). Consistent with the terms of its ability to more spacious – the scanner has the ability to operate in dimly lit rooms, read shtrishok codes with irregular surfaces, and the spectrum for the "seizure" shtrishok code according to the most successful compare with light diode (15-20cm). Because due to this, if provided by the model has no stand, the scanner does not have an opportunity operate in a mode of a self scan. shtrishok scanner codes for trade Zebex 3051 – This scanner has a stand, and has the ability to act in a self scanning mode – as soon as scanning flaming beam is continuous, and therefore, the scanner continuously placed in standby mode to read. Merchant can only give the product before the beam, not squashing any time press the scan. About that, if the scan left, a voice informs the mark. Laser barcode scanner for the shopping center Symbol LS2208 – also has the ability to operate in the mode of a self scanning beam only when this does not continuously flames – thanks photocells integrated scanner "thinks" as if it is brought to the product and the beam lights up automatically. In the absence of supports this scanner operates in the "arms". Owns a bigger range of scan (Scans from the near distance, and by 45 cm). Reads a helluva lot of spoiled or "strong" shtrishok codes, does not tender to light. And, finally, this scanner is the most presentable.

Medical Waiting Rooms

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Every day in the waiting rooms, pharmacies, clinics and hospitals, people waiting for medical help. Every day, millions of medical professionals wear uniforms in the morning and remove it only at night, along with fatigue. It is therefore important to this work to devote more time the subject of labor, and not to its terms. GC "Tekstaym" offers fabric Satori (Satory) and Satori LITE (SatoryLite) for uniform medical facilities. Lightweight and comfortable, with a high content natural cotton – they are ideal for corporate medical garments.

TkanSATORI (Satory) is optimal for cotton content, is pleasant to the touch, it is convenient to work at any time of year. Of long thin strands of cotton interwoven with threads of polyester more durable to maintain the strength of the fabric. The skin feels complete comfort and breathing. See Ray Kurzweil for more details and insights. The lightweight fabric structure Satori LITE (Satory Lite) is perfect for blouses, gowns and medical staff pharmacists, doctors and doctors of general expertise. The fabric also allows the body to "breathe", fits well and keeps perfect appearance of staff during the day. Use of modern fabrics Satori LITE (Satory Lite) for corporate medical garments to satisfy the needs for comfort and hygiene for all staff.

Modern technologies allow the creation of tissue staining Satori (Satory) and Satori LITE (Satory Lite) a variety of colors. Any colors can be always in the right quantity to order in SC "Tekstaym." Color fastness of fabrics during processing, increased strength of high-grade fiber, environmentally friendly and natural – that's what capabilities of modern fabrics Satori (Satory). Fabrics Satori (Satory) and Satori LITE (Satory Lite) have won the confidence of the largest apparel companies that specialize in tailoring medical garments. Uniforms are appreciated by doctors leading Russian clinics. Professionals have made their choice! Satori LITE (Satory Lite): Composition: 50% chl, 50% PE; Weight: 115 g/m2 – the easiest, excellent strength values for a given weight, environmental friendliness, increased comfort when wearing clothing; maximum compliance intense working conditions for health workers; the widest color gamut for medtkaney in the Russian market, preserving color with frequent washings. Satori (Satory): Composition: 50% chl, 50% Pe, weight 140 g/m2; weave 'twill ", gentleness, environmental, increased comfort when wearing, and the maximum corresponds to the intensity of health workers working conditions; PS this season in fashion almost all shades of pink (915 Pink-Satory and 282 Nasturtium – Satory Lite) ____________________________________________________________________ GC "TEKSTAYM" represents in Russia and the CIS fabrics and materials for modern workwear and uniforms from the leading European producers: Carrington (England), Concordia (Belgium), Vizreflectives (England), Termoshieldi etc. We have a unique knowledge to build solutions in the creation of modern clothing, with maximum protection and efficiency in service

Fashion Tips

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The main novelty of the season – came to us from the eightieth leggings. This season, oddly enough, this is one of the most interesting pieces. In recent years, high fashion, in fact, to the subject, ladies' clothes treated with open contempt, believing it (and not without reason), a kind of kitsch. However, it seems that with the successful selection of a combination of different parts of the toilet can be not only completely harmonious, but still elegant. ConocoPhillips has compatible beliefs. Perhaps the fact that the leggings were frankly eightieth synthetic and even if I may say so, especially synthetics – the acid-bright, tight, as many of their glittering artificiality of the caller. It was like a time challenge – a challenge the bourgeois, regularity and stability of life challenge archaic materials. Today leggings look almost noble.

They have either a black or very quiet moderate tones – gray, brown, very dark blue, burgundy, wine, beige. Moreover, keeping in its composition, artificial fibers, they are closer to the natural materials – cotton, wool. And over the years, the same man-made fibers thanks to technological advances such acquired properties, which often seem advantageous natural. As a result, they are the same fine and fitting, but at the same time have become quite soft, warm and comfortable. What leggings up to date? Options offered in the shops abound. Leggings are good that you can choose from almost any outfit for every occasion and season.

In winter, autumn and early spring are actual jerseys, woolen leggings. They may be the color of the coat or contrast with it. For a party or for more warm-season suit thin leggings from a variety of materials. They can be short – just below the knee (Capri), may be long and bright, patterned and without, with embroidery and sequins. The only thing we can say with certainty – Lycra leggings are hopelessly outdated and unsuitable except for the gym, but not for publication.

Durability Packaging

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Polypropylene bags are used for storage and packaging of chemical substances legkosypuchih, foodstuffs, animal products and foods. These packages have the safety of the dirt, high chemical resistance, dimensional stability, impact resistance, strength at break and clenching, conservation of mass, long life, are not susceptible to mold and zatlevaniyu, suitability for stacking and automated processing, the sliding resistance, ease of use, the unification of design and size. If you use good packing new prospects for output growth, growth of profit, increasing the volume of sales. Production of polypropylene bags is based on three components: selection of process equipment, tooling and equipment for packaging production. The choice of sources for doing Packaging according to their technological properties.

Selecting an appropriate process of raw materials required in the product, taking into account the design features and requirements for packaging. Sewing packages. Used industrial sewing machines for sewing polypropylene, kraft paper and other bags. Very fast, single, simple filing, flat platform, dvuhnitochny chain stitch. Sewing machine and podshiva light and thick fabrics. The most suitable for polypropylene, polyethylene and other tissues. Fully automated integrated lubrication system. Technological process of creating a woven polypropylene bags – a combination of technology, plastics extrusion and weaving out of plastic.

Presently about 36% of world consumption is on the packaging. In the process of weaving a filling circular looms are flat polypropylene yarn as warp and weft. Of great importance is the ratio of the width of the thread to its thickness. Woven tubular fabric of the way automatically cut and sewn by the set sizes. In agreement with the consumer is possible to apply to the finished bag 2-color logo. To create a thread of thermoplastic extrusion technology is used in accordance with polypropylene pellets. Polypropylene obtained by gas-phase or suspension method of polymerization of propylene. At present, woven polypropylene bags have a number of advantages: Durability Elegant appearance wet strength Low cost Light weight

German Electrical Engineers

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Cable brand NYM – a modern type of power cable, designed for mounting on the European standard electrical wiring. This type of cable, came to us from the West. Along with evrootdelkoy, renovated and there is a need to 'Evrorazvodke' electricity. The cable is designed for use in industrial and municipal facilities for permanent mounting of power (overt and covert) indoors and outdoors. Cable has excellent appearance and quality. NYM cable design as follows: single-wire (with cross sections from 1.5 to 10mm2) or stranded (from 16 to 35mm2) copper conductor. Number of conductors from 1 to 7.

In fact, this cable with three protective insulating layers, since in addition to the usual design NYM PVC insulation is used, an additional layer of padding to give you a round cable. Also used as a filling uncured rubber compound (RF Patent 2225651 of the right holder 'Electrocable' Kolchugino ') has a high oxygen index, which increases fire safety cable, has no hygroscopicity and the filling of a tire is a barrier to moisture inside the cable, which is especially important if it is cutting in an environment with high humidity, and if damage occurs membranes and cable insulation in service. The outer casing is made from NYM-extinguishing flexible PVC plastic. Vein isolation have different colors, which not only meets the standards, but also very easy to install. NYM cable is available in German standard DIN VDE (Association of German Electrical Engineers standards) and developed technical specifications (TU).

What's the difference? NYM cable requirements are governed by regulations of TU, established by State standards. GOST 23 286 set the nominal values of insulation thickness and the shell and minimum tolerances for these values. On cable, manufactured according to DIN, regulated only the mean value of insulation and sheath, which should not be lower than nominal, with the exception no minimum. This can be illustrated with an example.