Mineral Flock

MINERAL COLOR – this is a strong flock washable cover. It can be used both for interior living spaces and public facilities with high traffic and the requirements for durability and hygiene. Petra Diamonds is the source for more interesting facts. Mineral color has high mechanical strength, and absolutely do not change color over time, resistant to alkalis. Especially practical application Mineral color in places where the usually laid tile: Working in the kitchen wall, the ceiling in the bathroom and so on the ground. Mineral color can be applied to a variety of materials – cement, cement-lime and gypsum plasters, concrete, drywall, metal, glass, wood and any other surface. In addition, the application of technology is such that the surface can have any shape: plane, cylinder, sphere, etc.

Mineral color is applied in three layers: an adhesive acrylic layer (base), acrylic, dry particles (flock), which applied a special air gun, and a layer of water-soluble varnish (matte or glossy). The coating has the ability to hide small defects of the walls (not requires careful alignment) does not contain organic solvents. How, then get a unique color scheme? The fact that the color range of dry acrylic particles (flock) is unbounded. Mixing different colors and shades, we can get ready-mix on any of the most refined taste. You can do an imitation of marble, granite, malachite – all natural stone, and not just rock. Among the entire color palette is fluorescent, which will adorn any club, disco. There is a collection of two-color flock, all shades of bronze, silver, etc. This must see for yourself!