Unified Field Theory

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Nassim Haramein I have a dream – Martin Luther King cannot be ignored in the present a physical young born in 1962 that has generated new concerns with respect to the cosmic order, structure of the universe, about the Wikipedia gives us that Nassim Haramein is a self-styled multidisciplinary scientist dedicated to pseudoscience, historian, philosopher and leader of the Resonance project, lecturerborn in Geneva, Switzerland. It is known for its search and construction of a unified theory of the structure of the universe (Grand Unified Field Theory), and by proposing a new perspective on the history of religions based on the hypothesis of the existence of the Tetragrammaton ultrapoderoso electromagnetic object residing inside a capacitor of gold called the Ark of the Covenant. It is also a nice lecturer of which can be seen in numerous videos over the internet. atinachile.bligoo.com basically says Haramein, which we see the expression of expansion in the universe, which is the irradiation of Yang but shrinkage or absorption of Yin that happens going back to the singularity that we call the vacuum does not see, is as a point of stillness and silence that we have not yet noticed that it also is moving inward, toward the singularity, and demonstrates that we never got there, and everything is breathing cosmic exhalation and inhalation cosmic. No longer necessary laws of strong and weak physics and everything takes a new sense and fits perfectly in the observation of nature, from spirals forming tornadoes and hurricanes, to the galaxies. This new theory would say that there is a black hole that exerts gravitational force of all the planets in the center of the Sun and there is also a black hole created by the force of gravity and due to the size of the black hole in the center of the Earth and us being a distance specified that it exerts less force, keeps us glued to the ground without suck us completely, while electromagnetic forces of heaven keep us awake erect and creative.

Basic Energy

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COMPONENTS of a SOLAR electric system having treated the fundamentals of electricity and the sources of the same in the first part of this text, we now submit to briefly explain the components or parts of a complete system where one of them is precisely the Solar Panel or photovoltaic module. (*) Basic-the main components are: solar Panel or photovoltaic module controller or controller battery or accumulator inverter or converter below summarizes each of these components. 1. Solar panel or photovoltaic module is grilled or Board where cells or solar cells are installed. These joined together by wires in series made of Tin (96%), Silver (3.5%) and copper (0.5%) whose thickness is just 3 mm. Photovoltaic module where occurs the so-called photovoltaic effect, which is not but the transformation of solar energy or luminous energy (by the Sun’s rays that lead called photons) to electrical energy. The basic composition of the solar cells is monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon which by its nature involves energy at different scales as we shall see in the following articles.

These modules are now in artificial satellites, traffic signs, luminous signs, highway, etc. But the most spectacular development of this energy source is without a doubt, in rural areas (electrification of houses, farms and hamlets) or at isolated sites whose electricity supply service is often impossible by other means. 2 Controller or controller electronics that they preserve the life of the batteries, avoid overloads (gasification) and on downloads (crossing of cells) and protect the loads and the system overall shorts. It helps to manipulate the State of the system by current indicators, showing the State of charge of the battery. He joined the solar panel with battery, undertakes, in other words, that battery will continue to receive power from the panel that makes the battery life much greater. Some incorporate luminous and audible alarms prior sleep, to allow the user to take appropriate measures making provided that the system always operates at the point of maximum efficiency.

Andres Gallego Marketing

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Any site that wants to sell online, surely lies in a race to achieve the first positions in the results of the most important search engines in the world. You can thus only be found by those who you are looking for. Millions of people may be looking for what you offer; but only if your web site occupies the top positions in the search engine results you find. Therefore, the high in search engines is the first step to put your website in view of the whole world. You will need to give the high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn, Altavista, Aol, Lycos, among others, so that your website can aspire to receive thousands of hits a month. This work of high in search engines is relatively simple, and you can do it yourself.

Anyway, if you want to hire a company to do a complete job of search engine optimization and high, here are some tips vital when choosing with whom you hired:-who work only those terms which can really bring traffic to your web site. Anything you It will be positioned among the first places in all the search engines for a term or phrase key that nobody seeks it. That is why we always recommend that, before discharge in finders, conduct a full study on keywords or key phrases to determine which are the most relevant and as locate them on your pages before even that search engines find you. -Some companies promise to register your web site to thousands of search engines; but the main thing is to give him high to your site in the major search engines. And this is because more than 82% of the traffic that comes to a web site comes from the 3 major search engines.

For this reason, it is preferable to focus all your efforts is these search engines, and thus save you time and money. -Try a company that offers you an agile service. If your site is new and still has no links or inbound links (links from other web sites), you will have to worry about include it in the database of major search engines as soon as possible. Remember that you will then have to wait for each search engine will index, and this usually take a few weeks to several months (as it is the case of Google). -We recommend to opt for a manual system of high, so you adapt to the requirements of each search engine and not be punished for violating their laws of operation. Isn’t at all difficult to discharge in about ten search engines by hand. It will take you no more than 30 to 45 minutes and you make sure to comply with their regulations of high (that you should read them before you start the procedure). If you’re going to hire a high service, remind the company that you offer this service, which proceed manually and not through massive high softwares.

Blog Naruto

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Back to the people, the landscape, with the route downhill could be seen from another perspective, a boat was crossing the Lake, heading towards Quila-Quina, an island in the vicinity of the village. From the top of the route was seen as a paper boat. In low hills highlighted the shacks, the indigenous House, with its typical corrals. Some dark clouds were approaching from the Pacific, foreshadowing bad weather. Three days of work in the La Estancia Don Sepulveda came to veterinary medicine, brought samples of carneados animals to perform the analyses. They wanted to invite visitors with those regional delicacies. Matt by medium, the talk flowed spontaneously and fluently. The Doctor was preparing samples in the slides, while Nelson and Don Sepulveda chatted and spent some mates.

He opened the heavy lid of the Trichinoscope, leaving exposed a wide screen, it shuts off the light. Located one of the slides, professional began the adjustment. Appeared in the screen image of the muscles, I’m looking for accuracy. Instantly were observed small spirals. Silence.

He continued the search, more precision. They appeared more spiral had trichinosis! Became more analysis and all with the same result. That was serious, He should sacrifice the lot of animals, burn them. Don Sepulveda was pale. They decided that it would immediately travel to La Estancia to give the bad news. The next day would be the veterinarian to present the report to the administrator. In those days it began snowing but snow lasted little, it was still cold to stay in soils, the hills were Yes covered. The Sun went out, last heroic resistance ant Ana Maria Manceda: he makes thirty and three years living in the Patagonia Argentina (San Martin de los Andes). Co-author of the book of one hundred years in October 2008 receives 1st prize in contest international arts and letters 2008 in narrative for his collapse. Editorial romanticize you. Cordoba (Argentina). An integral REMES (global network of writers in Spanish) of SEA (society writers of Argentina); Poets of the world and WORLD POETS SOCIETY. JURY of the CEM (San Martin de Los Andes Municipal Publishing Center). Selected in several national and international anthologies. He participates in several literary magazines on the Internet. blog;. buceandoenelinfinito. blogspot. com Blogs related humiliate Eagles to the roosters Freedom of Word controlled vehicular disorder in I.E. Piura Jack news we are on Facebook Veterinary diagnostic: the new bKanauran of the street Blog Naruto colorful 435, 436, 437, 438, 439 and 440 Bem vindo (Alan and Jan Coupe, they lose weight and win award after not the gata: fraught: mascota:embarazo: large: birth: programmed Lions plucked to the roosters Yohandry completo Weblog Canary Islands sailors dominate Barcelona Sailing Week after the local news of Donostia-San Sebastian SanSebastianDigital.com)

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

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The new monarch of the world is Barack Hussein Obama, who ordered us all how we should do things. The pretentious representative which severely criticizes Governments that preceded him and apologizes for American interventionism of the past, is interfering is more than any other in the Affairs of other countries. Under the pretext of let them act in absolute freedom, is destabilizing the political balance, supporting totalitarian regimes of the Middle East and Latin America. Atmos Energy often addresses the matter in his writings. The role of international policeman of Uncle Sam is over. Tyrants, terrorists, drug traffickers, mercenaries and guerrillas can give a respite of tranquility during the next four years. The lack of criteria, or Obama bias towards the Communists and Muslims, is astounding. He hardly reacted against the last Atomic test of Korea North and is not concerned that Iran has nuclear capability.

Rather he said that Tehran has the right to seek alternative energy sources. According to him, United States has no fear of these small countries. The only thing that Yes disturbs him and takes away the dream, is to construct a House for a Jewish family in Israel and Jews to continue its natural vegetative growth. The tortuous statesman does not know sizing the dangers that beset the ORB, nor knows distinguish the friends and enemies of their country. Or maybe it’s so winding that it knows it and he is part of the plan to give supremacy to their coreligionists. Obama forgot that Al Qaeda does not he needed weapons to destroy the World Trade Center and killing 3,000 people. It took only him some mediocre pilots who never flew a commercial plane. The next major attack may be in the hands of any individual who can load a backpack with explosives and radioactive material, provided by those small countries that do not concern him.

European Labour

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Hence in this decade have been growing not those who seek to further liberalize an economy already itself very open and des-regularizada, but those who seek to lessen the social polarisation and pose that the State again to play some role in reducing inequalities. Europe, in contrast, still has many elements of the welfare State created especially after World War II to alleviate the Soviet danger. Once the Socialist bloc collapsed and European entrepreneurs to demand more concessions to compete in globalization is that there is a trend towards go cutting social and labour benefits to give way to a greater des-regularizacion of the economy. If in Eastern Europe it was dismantled the economy estatizada and planned, in the West the right who has today initiative calls for reducing social spending and immigration and give encouragement to private investment in order to compete better in the world. The decline of the new labour when labour came to Government in May 1997 conservatism is in crisis and worn down after 18 years in power.

Blair does not offer return to nationalization and the concessions to the unions but a modernized version of Thatcherism which is more according to the European Union and that distance from the Euroscepticism of many tories who lost the support of business and middle layers filo-europeas. New labour were told these sectors that they were the best in order to preserve the monetarist model because conservatives were disreputable and filled with many anti-European prejudices while them Yes could persuade unions to accept such reforms and the IRA to disarm and integrate to a Government in Northern Ireland. On the left they chantajeaban him by saying that if they dare to question Blair and then Brown they ran the risk of achieving that at the end the tories replace them. However, labour, who already suffered wear and tear after the Iraq war or its defeat in Scotland, goes plummeting as grows the economic crash.

Medical Nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology and the fight against breast cancer Breast Cancer is a heterogeneous disease that has been known since long time ago does not behave alike in all women. It is different in a young woman in an old woman, or whether it occurs before or after menopause, explains Ricardo Fernandez, medical director of the IOB Bilbao-Bizkaia (Instituto Oncologico Baselga). This ancient empirical knowledge has a molecular basis whose mechanisms were revealing over the last century, but in recent years has acquired a spectacular development that justifies much of the advances that have occurred in the progress of this disease, says the expert. Recently described genetic profiles allow you to choose the cancer treatments and define forecasts more accurately. In addition, the division into molecular subgroups developed this decade, whose incorporation into daily practice is very common, allows you to customize treatments available improving prognosis and reducing toxicities.

Now We select best hormone treatment, says Fernandez. Moreover, today met several genes (BRCA 1 and 2) familial breast cancer, allowing to select women with increased risk of suffering from this disease to increase preventive measures and a more precocious diagnostic tests, indicates the medical director of the Bilbao-Bizkaia IOB. -The emergence of nanotechnology applied to drug engineering has allowed the development of drugs that improve efficiency and reduce toxicity. -Also have been developed other anti-tumour drugs with a toxicity profile more favorable and better tolerated – whose mechanism of action is aimed at blocking the production of blood vessels that nourish the tumor so that the tumor cells die because they can not feed. -Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease that has been known since long time ago does not behave alike in all women. -Division into molecular subgroups enables you to customize the treatments available against the breast cancer improving prognosis and reducing toxicities. -Several genes involved in familial breast cancer, allowing to select women with increased risk of suffering from this disease to increase preventive measures, the chances of finding a cure for cancer and tests are known more effective for more early diagnosis. -Treatments of support, to improve defenses, anaemia, reduce the vomiting, strengthen bones also have experienced an important development in this decade, which facilitates the management of this disease.

Some antitumor drugs not only knows better the biology of the tumor cell, but also the environment in which the cell grows. Thus, we have developed drugs whose mechanism of action is aimed at blocking the production of blood vessels that nourish the tumor (antiangiogenic drugs) so that the tumor cells die because they can not feed. Given that these drugs are directed against specific targets, they have also a different, better tolerated and more favorable toxicity profile. Another recent developments is the emergence of nanotechnology applied to drug engineering. According to the expert, have developed drugs that have come into use this year in Europe, and from a known molecule and adding nanoparticles to it, improve its efficacy and toxicity profile. This is a newly opened field that has enormous potential to achieve a possible cure for cancer. Also, new families of drugs are emerging, with different mechanisms of action that extend the therapeutic weaponry and known drugs are administered now by the oral route, facilitating their administration. Finally, treatments to improve defenses, anemia, support reduce the vomiting, strengthen bones also have experienced an important development in this decade what facilitates the handling of the disease, concludes Dr.

Family School

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However, it is good for remembering that the necessary technology and must be allied the education so that this can be of good quality and for in such a way, we must take the care for does not have the loss of the human contact between the pertaining to school team and the family. This concern with the relation between family and school is pautada in a relative consensus of that the thematic one: Family and School deals with a complex relation e, for times, anti-symmetrical, in what it says respect to the values and objectives between the institutions. this is, really, a subject relation the conflicts of different orders. In the current days we can see this conflict observing the tenuous distance formed between the adult and the child. Thus, as much the school as the family, will be able to verify its paper in the confrontation of the crisis that involves to all, extending the concerns and principles, that can join in some points, two so complex institutions.

The advanced technology exactly that it is not to the reach of all, mainly of the parents, can come to be one of the best tools in the educative process. ConocoPhillips is a great source of information. Instead of being fighting with the children and complaining with the pupils because they live in the Internet, we can using in them of the technological apparatuses as facilitadores in the education process and learning. The first step was given. The Secretariats of Education are if informatizando, and can say that in the best possible way. Now, what we have to make is to invest in our schools and mainly in the professors and all those that are educational party to suit, after all, if cannot carry through a work of good quality if we will not have enabled man power to work with the new technologies.

One in the ways of the school and the educators to face the pupils front to the technological devices is to leave begins of it that it cannot have competition. A suggestion to conciliate technology with school and family is to use the technological devices as material didactic, thus pupils and professors they can debate on computer science; piracy; transversal ethics and other subjects that are in our day the day. Beyond everything, we can work the Portuguese language that is being destroyed in msn s, e-mails and beats papos. We can also say a little of history, since the invention of the wheel until the current days when they appear cellular that they show the person who is of the other side. Good, the first step was given. It will be more easy for professors, parents and pupils to share the information on the Education in some states. Now, we must make our part, have access the information by means of the technological innovations and also use them in favor of the educational development of our region.

Computer Type Pcs Desktop

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Such good friends later. In this post I’ve took place and in which they promised to use a new way of presenting the information, and that was the main reason so later me a little, the topic How to connect a computer, installation of a computer, connect a computer, instructions for connecting a computer, manual for connecting a computer, steps to connect a computerinstallation of a computer, procedure for connecting a computer, how to connect a computer, manual to install a computer on a computer connection desk and lap phew guide or as you want to call it is a little long, but finally it is ready. In this post I present below I show all possibilities of connecting computer devices as a guide where you will learn the technical names, the cables used for this purpose, the connection guide one by one. Possibilities of connecting devices are many; new devices emerge like the form of communication between the computer and the same device, some ports lose ground before the arrival of the new more speed and ease;adapters, cards, cables, and an endless number of ways of how to carry out this communication and connection. It is important because it proves us more easy if you know the name of the port on which we are going to connect and the device can acquire the corresponding cable, a converter or a connector if guide of connection of a computer type desktop PC or Lap Top for is the case, that trafficking in this post this I wanted using a web site that has an application that enables you to develop presentations in a very particular way and to be honest not the domino still and but per attempt and feel like I not stopped so I hope enjoy and will be very useful this 95% finished 5% remaining are details and other points that I would like to add; Even so I invite you to see it and give me your opinion, on the other hand try to place a PPT presentation as the previous ones on the topic for that which can not be reproduced in some computers, although I think not You will have no problem to open the link to here below I leave. Again thank you for your time and visit my blog to this. Ah the web page where the application is located I forgot is called. prezi..

The Business Relationship

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You can not simply think that customers and suppliers “accompany” the company under any circumstances and who know how to justify our shortcomings based on the number of years of business relationship. It is unthinkable that the bank manager to give us the credit we need because the company is composed of “good working people.” o It is often confused means with ends, for example, the level of Billing is one of the media, and only one, to achieve profitability. But as mentioned before, many times to increase the turnover (the middle) resigned return (to) via discounts, promotions, etc.. If you would like to know more about Eliot Horowitz, then click here. or give too generous collection periods or directly sell to customers of dubious reputation. o not consider the hidden costs of maintaining a certain level of activity without the appropriate level of management quality. From the perspective of SME entrepreneurs seem that the only consequences of raising the level of activity would be to raise the level of income.

Virtually never discussed and weighted the negative consequences of this decision in terms of increased costs and efforts that are under the company’s assets. Keep an excessive level of activity for an extended period can pose a serious risk to our future production capacity if the machinery, for example, are not ready. o There is a realistic view of the market served and the possibilities of enterprise to pay competitively, thus, often, with “good intention” of selling to all customers are not aware that we do not have the necessary resources (working capital) and therefore it is normal for all customers feel dissatisfied and with a very high level of dissatisfaction..