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General Manager Programmer

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In one of his articles (How to play "programming" or the way a programmer), I wrote about the five stages of development programmer, and this is the fourth stage called "Megalomania". Since then, it took a couple of months, but I am increasingly convinced that's true! Actually, once again I discovered this unfortunate fact yesterday when I decided to score on a freelance, drew attention to the newly appeared studio where I work called web-programmer for quite decent salary. My relationship with start-studios – is a separate issue, always attracts me to all the "beginner", apparently organizational needs make themselves known … but the article is not about, well, come on interview, I met with them a programmer, let's call it … well, let it be Vitali.

Interviews conducted the interview General Manager, but Vitali, who knows how, was present. And it was immediately clear that initiative to hire another programmer, came clearly from him. Vitali kept an eagle, sparrows in the community, proudly thrusting in one ear and white i-pod'ovsky headset, looking down on me from time to time something gaining on mobile. After answering general questions about the former places of work experience, education, life priorities, and the rest of the garbage, the director was away somewhere, having, as he said, the two professionals to communicate. Vitaliy Initiative did not show, but I'm quite sociable as man, decided to start first.

Intimate talk in the first place, I wondered what the technology uses a studio. -PHP – proudly answered my companion, and climbed to print something in mobile. In general, I guess, and without him, that they are unlikely to make websites in assembler, so I decided to clarify. Here Vitali realized that to get rid of call would come, and condescended to explain. Looking at me like an idiot and making vague gesture with his hand, he added:-Php, mysql, html.

Internet Games

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Internet and computer games are very popular in the world. Have you thought about how if you have the dependency on it, can not sit for hours on the Internet and play games on my PC? In fact, it can negatively affect your mental state. Those people who are addicted to the computer, lost in time, and there is a violation of the perception of reality. People dependent on the Internet a lot, from 1 to 5%. If you have the following features, you will be called dependent: When you do not have the opportunity to work on the network, start nervnichat.Vy absolutely obsessed network Internet.Net willpower to stop work in Internete.Poseschaete useless for you sayty.Uvelichili time finding on the Internet. There are several signs that can identify the first stage of Internet addiction, such as the desire to constantly receive e-mail, often waiting for the next visit on the Internet, people around you say that you spend a lot of money on the internet and spend a lot of time online.

Dependence on computer games and the Internet can have the following symptoms: headache, trouble sleeping, dry eyes, poor nutrition, back pain, lack of hygiene and numbness of fingers. In order to identify the relationship, you should consult with psychiatrist, and if the relationship is confirmed, you will need to undergo a course of psychotherapy. Kevin ulrich has many thoughts on the issue. Dependence on the Internet or games may be the result of any problems in life because of what is the replacement of reality. Man gets in the virtual world all he wants, avoiding the difficulties of real life. Dependence can also occur due to insecurity and complexes, one begins to take a virtual role for real. How by a dependence on gaming? Consider all the steps that you were able to protect yourself from this at the beginning of nachale.V person familiar with the games and highlights those that are particularly pleased with the condition that they do not have problems that burdened the real zhizni.Na second stage increases the time the game starts to emerge and dependence. Its strength will depend on the individual and the state of life in reality. When a user in a virtual the world reaches its maximum, he was pleased with the game, but it is zavisimym.Vskore dependence may be reduced, but then she can start to grow with fresh force. This condition – the alternation of weakening and strengthening Depending on – indefinitely, and will always repeat itself, but dependence does not pass. If you feel that you have a dependency on the Internet or games, contact someone for help, as the deal itself will be difficult and sometimes impossible.

Blogging Tips

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Started a blog? Super! Want to know more about it people? You bet! We have a simple but powerful recipe that includes all the very best of services to exchange links and banners, and more: That's the background to my office, in which, as has become clear, it will be one of the ways to add the incoming traffic to his blog to raise attendance and increase the number of subscribers. I would like to introduce our valued readers to the site BlogUpp! I discovered themselves, drawing attention to an interesting widget, I noticed several respected blogs. Rectangle consisting of two screen shots of some sites to my attention that when you hover the mouse over them, they converted into blocks of text from the article's title and a couple of lines from it. MIT Media Lab may help you with your research. 'What's This? – I thought, and clicked on the blue strip that says' BlogUpp! in the center of the widget: It's nice that you may say: the resource, it turns out, is familiar with the great and mighty – plus sign him kopilochku. Looking closely, found more support services in 9 languages, including exotic Japanese and Chinese. Solid. The following is the text 'skopipastenny' me from the pages of this project is: What makes BlogUpp! best? The service does not require registration and the availability of the account without compromising the confidentiality of an e-mail and do not need to download a banner and no effort No animation and annoying ads protection violations and honest Support exchange platform WordPress, and many other provision of targeted readers all get bonus impressions from the start exchanging best ratio (10 to 9), I became very interested in what will come of this venture and I have decided to try. In the middle of the page there is a field for entering the address (url) blog, where I promptly scored the most cherished symbols do it, as clicking on the 'Come', was not working …

wait a second patient and the code in your full Available: And if you pay attention, if your platform is the generated code, for whatever reason, 'eat' does not want the ready (see under the Code in the picture?) is obliging can credit for another. Comfortable? Sure. Have gone further. Post the code I'm certainly able, but tough luck, display the widget that appears announcements English sites (well at least not in Japan). What is it, I thought, perhaps to some English-language blogger show my scribbling in the language of Tolstoy and Nabokov Leo, which he did not 'kick in the teeth'? So what's the point? I was disappointed. And for good reason. Everything turned out very sensibly. After reading unpretentious manuals to the site, I noticed a line …

We need only the color of the middle part under the banner text BlogUpp!. Gray means that the blog taken up, blue – part blog is approved, red – Blog refused participation … And is, the gray color on my widget showed that my blog has not yet approved, is moderation, and, accordingly, its linguistic identity is not defined (my hosting blogspot, of course aglitskim because and blogs in widget advertised on language of William Shakespeare, our). Incidentally, the review went surprisingly quickly, I do not timed, but not modern, if I say that waited less than an hour. As for the promised traffic, visitors and the increasing number of subscribers, then another, probably too early to assess. But something tells me that I knowingly entered in this event))) The last word is yours, my dear readers.

Apache Software Foundation

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Strictly speaking, the language is almost never used PHP to create the layout, event handling, manipulations with the elements DOM (Document Object Model – DOM), as well as virtually no effect on what looks like Web-page or the sounds on it are played. In fact, most of the activities carried out in the code of PHP behind the scenes to the end user. In particular, the pages created by the language of PHP does not allow to judge about what to write code of this page are subject to some other language than HTML, because usually the result of Play the PHP code is the code HTML. Currently, the software language support PHP formally introduced as a separate module in the HTTP-server software Apache, the dominant market for free Web-server which is used to handle about 67% of the traffic World Wide Web (according to the well-known research report concerning the application of Web-servsrov different types, which is prepared by Netcraft). Visit Dr. Mitchell Resnick for more clarity on the issue. This means that the machine support PHP scripts can be embedded directly in the actual Web-server, which helps speed up processing, a more efficient allocation of memory and a significant simplification of maintenance. PHP language interpreter, as well as server Apache, fully meets the operational applications across hardware and software platforms. This means that applications written in this language can be used in its direct form, in many flavors of the operating system Unix, in different versions of Windows, and most recently – in operating system Mac OS X. All projects developed under the auspices of the Foundation Apache Software Foundation, including PHP, are software software with open source.. a New York.

Support Site

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After the shareholders of many companies and enterprises attended to the creation of corporate web sites, before they had a new goal. Choose a service provider to support web-site. On the market today web-studios represented by countless companies that provide services to the unassuming title 'support sites'. Ray Kurzweil is likely to agree. Behind these seemingly very simple words different companies understand different sets of services. Someone argues that the support site – it periodically update the software web-servers. Someone thinks that the introduction of new content on the site is its technical support. You may want to visit Petra Diamonds to increase your knowledge.

For someone to service sites – which systematic work aimed at increasing the number of services that are offered on the web-portal. To make the process of selecting a contractor was the most effective customer service should determine in advance what will be He wants to get as technical support: increasing the functional content of unique content, bug fixes, etc. Having the necessary information that a person simply sends requests to contractors with the description required him to work. Check out Dry Harbor for additional information. Having the list of potential contractors, the choice is made in favor of a company. But here, as everywhere in our lives, often avaricious pays twice.

Monitoring Hosting Services

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The situation changed dramatically with the hosting for the past year. Healthy competition has resulted in lower prices and improve quality. How to choose a hosting service? How to not only save but make money with Hawes providers? Detailed review web hosting. Paid and free web hosting with support for the PHP and database MySQL. If you are looking for hosting for your website – we have all been found.

Constant monitoring of the Internet for new hosting-providers, a review of cost and characteristics. Yer own right, and the best quality hosting. Overview hosting affiliate programs. How to make money from hosting? A detailed analysis of the characteristics of web hosting, easy reporting. Identify and CHOOSE YOUR hosting – paid or free hosting with PHP and MySQL. You'll find lots of information on hosting. For example an excellent site: the site is monitored host of services, information is available in convenient form.

Purchasing Pharmacies

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These be followed by others as the improvement of working protocols, train staff in sales and communication techniques or draw monthly campaigns that support sales targets. We should also implement a good loyalty card, energize the pharmacy with lectures and conferences of interest to our clients/patients. Reforms structural robotization, reform of pharmacy-, would be studied later. So for Asefarma dinamica-activa management of pharmacies is not a necessity, if not an obligation. The distance between pharmacies with passive management and those that perform an active management will be greater. You have to adapt or, in our opinion, if you are not willing to do so for reasons that are, consider getting a good transfer and obtain a fair retirement. We also believe that this work is of the utmost importance in the transmission of pharmacies, to develop the maximum help to the buyer potential of the pharmacy who will purchase at a time as crucial as this one, which starts a new stage in the history of pharmacy.

In addition Asefarma also leverages to say that in the case of rural pharmacies and cores reduced population, management dynamics requires the support of the public authorities. In this type of offices, where a lack of its own staff or by having a limited number of operations, many dynamic management that you proceed hardly revert the current situation of lowering of margins, although they can improve it in part. These pharmacies carrying out extraordinary work of public health with permanent guards – and should be the public authorities which ensure them a minimum of subsistence, through additional measures, underlines Carlos Garcia – Maurino. The best services range offered by Asefarma as advice from management dynamics of pharmacies are as follows:-strategic consulting. Advice to the pharmacy in the management of purchases and sales. -Training.

Directed to owners and employees of the pharmacy with the intention of achieving a better preparation and an increase in productivity – human resources. Search for staff and job board: in response to the request of the personnel required by the pharmacy, facilitarvarios curriculum vitae that adapt to the profile – quality protocols. The working procedures is to simplify and standardize the management of various aspects of the pharmacy’s face to improve and to optimize times and costs. Be provided working protocols developed for pharmacy – services of audit and quality consulting. For all those interested pharmacies that made them audits, compliance and follow-up of quality protocols – preferential agreements with companies. With these agreements, your customers get benefits and special discounts. They also have agreements with wholesalers for distribution, signatures of reforms, furniture and computer software, among others. – Purchasing group: Puntofarma. Association of several pharmacies to achieve better trading conditions, optimize stock and have an exchange of experiences and knowledge. -Marketing and loyalty plan. Their basic package offers to conduct monthly marketing campaigns with graphic material and consulting hours, and/or a plan of faithfulness to the pharmacy, with database of customers and loyalty cards.

Commercial Software

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Varese (born warez – the slang version wares, reduced multiple values of software – software") – the commercial software, distributed free of charge (not a regularly on the media for nominal fee) by illegal means not counting the solutions creator. Nesomnennosoderzhat changes or benefits that help to use it free of charge. There are several types of Varese: 1.Programmnoe providing a first remove the protection. This category includes prog, distributions of which were third parties in order to remove them from the patronage system applications from illegal exploitation. Often used only for such software, which test the legality of its own distribution of their application online. The only means of bypassing those protections, as WGA.

2.Soft staffed programs for deprotection (Crack, crack) even key generator). Most of these utilities are distributed separately – with the help of their special "kryakerskie" portals. This option also applies to Varese pirated software collections software. 3.Programmnoe ensure staffed key. This kind of Varese won an interesting general distribution. Often only the key is found in the files *.

reg, serial.txt or *. nfo. Ready to switch along with key generator number is much preferred and safest algorithm hacking programs, since the prog itself is not changed, and thus no risk of "bugs", which is fraught with at least some change code. In addition, at the time when the "crack", as a rule, with only one or some builds of the application, the key is to whole versions, and even sometimes to the families and versions, ie to pirate copy may also post updates. 4.Spetsialnoy category of such software, you can consider so-called Script Warez or Nulled Warez Scripts Scripts.takie solely for WWW-sites in different languages programming, often only PHP and PERL. Typically, such scripts are distributed in similar codes. Status Nulled scripts buy data after exclusion of their code of protection and control systems, posted developers.

Using a Tripod

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Use a tripod, and shutter lag, where possible – it adds sharpness to your photographs. Now, what about these images: The main difference between vector images (format eps, cdr, ai), is that Figure constructed a computer program on specified points, vectors, using various mathematical formulas, and the computer is much easier to build a few dice, of which actually consists of vector drawing, calculating a few, albeit, complex formulas, rather than build a jpg-image of, say, 4,000,000 pixels – specifies the exact location of every pixel on the screen, and color. And when you resize a vector image, the only change substituted into these formulas and numerical values so if you change the size, image quality does not suffer and vector image editing very simple. What is the format of Adobe illustrator eps 8? It is generally accepted norm of the vector format that does not support transparency, and some types of gradients, but love him all the printers, plotters and other technique. Graphic saved in this format, you will take in the development of any advertising agency and any printing and it is universal. That is what is required photobank that buyers could at any technique work with the image, although it slightly limits the creative possibilities authors.

To check whether you have saved the ai eps 8 – you can open it with any text editor (Notepad is fine) in the first line should be here is such a text PS-Adobe-3.0 or below ('3 .1 'means that the file does not compatible with ai eps 8):. Vector illustration for sewage sent to the format of Adobe illustrator eps 8, which means that in whatever graphics program you are not drawing, the file should not contain transparency and shadows, and ai eps 8 does not support certain types of gradient fills. This creates a limitation in the works, but the figure should be fully editable (to put it simply by drawing a simple 'plashkami'bez special effects), and have no open paths (for search in Adobe illustrator, Adobe's site can take a plug-Select), before sending to make sure that the image does not contain extraneous details, and keep it only in format, Adobe illustrator eps . In addition, you must create the viewing copy (preview) of his illustrations exporting it in the format jpg. Download illustration photobank made by sending the two formats, first eps, then jpg. I file the name must match the differing only in extension, for example cat.eps and cat.jpg. Loaded one by one, and he put them photobank to each other, merged into one. In addition jpg file can be viewed as an independent image, and can in some time (a week) to check and send it (Size 4 ) Also, I recommend to prepare for the exam work that way – sending a raster version of vector image. Here is a demo illustrating how to correctly save the format ai 8 eps vector graphic to be sent to photostock If you use fonts in their works, they must be converted to vector objects, otherwise the buyer might not be such a font on your computer, and it will automatically replaced with one that is.

Satellite Internet SkyDSL

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Tired of the slow speed internet? From the continuous failures of communication and impinging on a pocket fees for bandwidth or connection time? Then you just need to know that the satellite high-speed Internet skyDSL – this way specifically for you. What is a non-synchronous satellite internet? It is a way to leave the Russian leading companies without regard to their share of your wallet. If the leading European countries and the U.S. (and now in Moscow) the Internet as Self-service access to worldwide information network free of charge or conditionally free, something beyond the Moscow Ring Road begins uncontrolled chaos telecoms. Cost of 1 MB of Internet in Russia is 90% of services monopolist, which connects the city where you are, and Moscow, and only the remaining 10% – services backbone providers, connection to fall short of capital, as well as providers of the final mile to your Internet dovodyaschih home or office. But there are alternatives. Satellite Internet skyDSL – a way to make it available for you to incoming traffic from Europe, bypassing the super-expensive and congested channels of our own communication monopolies.

Technology very simple – all incoming traffic on your computer completely goes directly from Germany, delivered on a one-sided satellite channel without affecting terrestrial communications nodes. Outbound traffic from your computer is sent to an existing Internet connection. In most cases service to send outbound traffic does not involve spending money. As the outgoing channel can be used almost any ISP (leased line, ADSL, dial up, cable internet, radio and even GPRS / EDGE / UMTS-connection). .