Purchasing Pharmacies

These be followed by others as the improvement of working protocols, train staff in sales and communication techniques or draw monthly campaigns that support sales targets. We should also implement a good loyalty card, energize the pharmacy with lectures and conferences of interest to our clients/patients. Reforms structural robotization, reform of pharmacy-, would be studied later. So for Asefarma dinamica-activa management of pharmacies is not a necessity, if not an obligation. The distance between pharmacies with passive management and those that perform an active management will be greater. You have to adapt or, in our opinion, if you are not willing to do so for reasons that are, consider getting a good transfer and obtain a fair retirement. We also believe that this work is of the utmost importance in the transmission of pharmacies, to develop the maximum help to the buyer potential of the pharmacy who will purchase at a time as crucial as this one, which starts a new stage in the history of pharmacy.

In addition Asefarma also leverages to say that in the case of rural pharmacies and cores reduced population, management dynamics requires the support of the public authorities. In this type of offices, where a lack of its own staff or by having a limited number of operations, many dynamic management that you proceed hardly revert the current situation of lowering of margins, although they can improve it in part. These pharmacies carrying out extraordinary work of public health with permanent guards – and should be the public authorities which ensure them a minimum of subsistence, through additional measures, underlines Carlos Garcia – Maurino. The best services range offered by Asefarma as advice from management dynamics of pharmacies are as follows:-strategic consulting. Advice to the pharmacy in the management of purchases and sales. -Training.

Directed to owners and employees of the pharmacy with the intention of achieving a better preparation and an increase in productivity – human resources. Search for staff and job board: in response to the request of the personnel required by the pharmacy, facilitarvarios curriculum vitae that adapt to the profile – quality protocols. The working procedures is to simplify and standardize the management of various aspects of the pharmacy’s face to improve and to optimize times and costs. Be provided working protocols developed for pharmacy – services of audit and quality consulting. For all those interested pharmacies that made them audits, compliance and follow-up of quality protocols – preferential agreements with companies. With these agreements, your customers get benefits and special discounts. They also have agreements with wholesalers for distribution, signatures of reforms, furniture and computer software, among others. – Purchasing group: Puntofarma. Association of several pharmacies to achieve better trading conditions, optimize stock and have an exchange of experiences and knowledge. -Marketing and loyalty plan. Their basic package offers to conduct monthly marketing campaigns with graphic material and consulting hours, and/or a plan of faithfulness to the pharmacy, with database of customers and loyalty cards.