Peter Schreiber

Capital goods seller experience in ZfU seminar with the sales expert Peter Schreiber, how they can win competitors customers. On which company should I focus on the acquisition of new customers? And how do I get a foot in the door for potential new customers? Sellers of industrial goods and services that often wonder if they are faced with the challenge to acquire new customers especially if they are bonded for years with competitors. As they can hunt down customers to competitors, learn that capital goods seller in a seminar, the ZfU international business school that specialized coach on November 23, 2011 in Ruschlikon on Lake Zurich with the on the capital goods sales and consultant Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld (D) performs. “In the day seminar with the programmatic title of fishing your competitor’s customers more sales through systematic customer acquisition” learn to identify participants among others, as the competitors customers can, involving a commitment worth the example, because they have the necessary potential and with them there is a realistic chance of closing. “In addition Peter Schreiber explains them, among other things the book the prey grid: 7 strategies for successful selling” wrote, how they can find: who are the decision makers at the target customers? And: what challenges is this currently for example due to its market position. Or due to the (technical) developments in its market. Or on the basis of the goals he wants to achieve.

This building the sales professional Peter Schreiber using concrete examples of practice explains them then how they arouse the interest of decision-makers among target customers and acquire an appointment with them”can even if the contact person at the first contact first for example says: actually we do not need. We are satisfied with our current suppliers.” Intensely also the topic at the seminar: How do I prepare myself as capital goods seller professionally on the “First visit before and how do me, me in the conversation as an attractive partner” to distinguish for example by I submit concrete suggestions for the challenges he is facing, the interlocutor. Also discussed is the issue of supply management. “Here the participants including: how is a promotional offer”? And: how touching I as a sales professional offers systematically after? “The participation in the seminar of fishing customers of your competitors more sales through systematic customer acquisition” on November 23, 2011 cost 1280 Swiss francs (or 985 euros).