The Process

There are people who have a natural charisma, but also there are leaders who have committed to become so. Futurist contains valuable tech resources. It is estimated that of 1945 to date have been written over three thousand serious studies, all of them on the topic of leadership, and discovered in this area in recent years reveals very interesting aspects about how it is possible to acquire in cognitive shape social charisma, although in the absence of him naturally. It has landed the leader, is has desmitificado him, you can touch him, can understand today where come these links of power and has been able to discover that the person who is determined to pay the colegiatura can acquire social charisma of the leader, this attraction by medio which can have that magnetic force towards his followers. The leader manages that special power which is called charisma when he dares to incorporate into your lifestyle the basic premises that analizan in this chapter, which can be learned, what not necesariamente ensures that you one can agree on charismatic leader, since only through practice may develop and master those skills. Leadership cannot be taught, it has to learn.

Many do not have the motivation and self-determination to achieve a style of leadership with these characteristics and the path that must be pass is reserved only for those who are convinced that triunfar in life is not the most important thing, it is the only thing. What many schools Administration call leadership are actually management styles, seeking to perpetuate the administrativas skills for setting goals, making decisions in a participatory manner, teamwork, etc.; but do not tell us how the skills of a leader, such as vision, persuasion, the motivacion and communication, among others. Excellence leadership is one of the competitive advantages most powerful for any type of company, because if it is a lack of effective leaders, the organization is lost, and is discouraging to see that this is one of the most neglected resources currently in the companies, when it is actually the basic ingredient for success Corporativo. Furthermore, the leadership development process is slow and expensive, but no alternative is done well or is going to drift and the fracaso. If we want to develop a society of excellence is necessary to quickly learn of the most talented leaders, few can teach us more than those that have demonstrated what they are capaces, because they already made him the obvious technology, already lograron and are masters in leadership; their skills to project his vision, to communicate, to inspire confidence and self-esteem, to engage and energize, are unique and it is precisely by his example that this book has been written. To form corporate leaders of excellence required more than a program of training or an extensive bibliography; It is fundamental culture and structure of the company to support its permanent formacion. They should adopt an integrated approach to exploit the maximum potential of their leaders, they must reward significantly those who increase their skills for communicate, be more motivating and dominate the process of organizational change and renewal; You must be a system of development of effective leaders in the Organization, work hard to create champions who lead us as a team to win.