Possibilities Of Integration Of The Medias

POSSIBILITIES OF INTEGRATION OF THE MEDIAS. Integration of the Technologies in the Context of the Classroom Altina Magalhes Coast In the daily one of children, adolescents and young the importance of the miditicas technologies is notable, therefore they are information sources above all that it occurs in the planet, therefore must be allied to the educational process as learning instruments, since, suggest significant changes to the individual and the society. To integrate the medias to the context of the classroom requires that the school mobilizes its faculty if to prepare for the efficient use of the laboratory of computer science in its practises daily of teach-learning. The faculty to take care of the requirements of the implantation of the available educational resources in the media in its practises educational necessary to know the language, the especificidades and the ways of use of each media and what each type of media can offer the educational process. It needs to know when, as and because to use it. The media is not the rescuer of the process and use that of it if makes can be maleficent or beneficial.

The professional of the necessary education to perceive the necessity to educate itself continuously to follow the dynamics of the present time, needs to acquire sense criticizes and conscience in the appropriation of its professional interests, so that she can place themselves, evaluate and plan its application in lesson. Thus seen, he must the professor present in this context disposal to study, capacity to dare, breaking with mooring cables of the traditionalism and to search partnership with the educandos and other educators, in the search for solutions and constructions. The appropriation of the use of the technologies for educandos and educators will take the same ones to know the experiences of existing use already, and will be able to generate new possibilities of its use in all the areas and levels of the knowledge. It is alone to invest that with certainty many paradigms will be broken.