Safe Microfilm

(Ibid., 1995, P. 1) According to Waters, ' ' the microfilming process was considered most efficient for document preservation in deterioration in bibliotecas' ' , because it is a durable support, ' ' since that stored in a controlled environment and that libraries and archives follow procedures and normalized specifications …. Moreover, the technology to have acessoao microfilm is steady and hardly it will suffer any alteration in futuro.' ' (WATERS, 2001, p 10). Process of photographic reproduction of high contrast, in black person and white, film of 35 mm, one determined reduction degree, in accordance with the size of the original. The microfilms today produced inside of the preservation specifications, in you leave silver and on the basis of polyester film, assumes quality of preservation. The excellent quality of resolution of one has photograph on a microfilmed is between 120 and 200 lines for millimeter.

If produced of adequate and kept form in preservation environment, the microfilm will be able to last up to 500 anos.6.1 advantages of the microfilm of preservaoO content is the safe one and kept in one it forms compacts the durable one, by means of a well established relatively simple technology and, therefore the reading of the microfilm requires only the use of equipment with light and lenses. Ally to this factor, one has photograph on a microfilmed of preservation allows to the permanent substitution of materials written or printed matters on papel8de low quality, that if finds in deterioration process. E, also, allows preservation it of originals, protecting them of the manuscript and propitiating the access to informao.6. 2 digitalizao a technology that codifies digitally in text or image form, for storage, transmission and recovery in half electronic. It optimizes the access, in comparison to the microfilm, therefore she uses the computers and available systems of net already. The allegiance of the digitalizao is total in the multiplication of the copies and offers resources adds of color and examined copies in paper.