Satellite Internet SkyDSL

Tired of the slow speed internet? From the continuous failures of communication and impinging on a pocket fees for bandwidth or connection time? Then you just need to know that the satellite high-speed Internet skyDSL – this way specifically for you. What is a non-synchronous satellite internet? It is a way to leave the Russian leading companies without regard to their share of your wallet. If the leading European countries and the U.S. (and now in Moscow) the Internet as Self-service access to worldwide information network free of charge or conditionally free, something beyond the Moscow Ring Road begins uncontrolled chaos telecoms. Cost of 1 MB of Internet in Russia is 90% of services monopolist, which connects the city where you are, and Moscow, and only the remaining 10% – services backbone providers, connection to fall short of capital, as well as providers of the final mile to your Internet dovodyaschih home or office. But there are alternatives. Satellite Internet skyDSL – a way to make it available for you to incoming traffic from Europe, bypassing the super-expensive and congested channels of our own communication monopolies.

Technology very simple – all incoming traffic on your computer completely goes directly from Germany, delivered on a one-sided satellite channel without affecting terrestrial communications nodes. Outbound traffic from your computer is sent to an existing Internet connection. In most cases service to send outbound traffic does not involve spending money. As the outgoing channel can be used almost any ISP (leased line, ADSL, dial up, cable internet, radio and even GPRS / EDGE / UMTS-connection). .