Small Princes

Despite this incident, my companion of signatures, Cesar Rubio and I spent a pleasant afternoon, surrounded by friends painters and writers. As writer fondona and wasteful in literary vices, I have no money, or time, to go to the sauna for eliminate fat. Thanks to not signing some women, I had a complimentary Turkish bath right in the heart of the city. Thanks to whom it may concern. The penalty is that if one day I become famous, touch me sign on the tent, at 21 hours and goodbye to the sauna. The fair adventure did not end there.

Cesar Rubio and myself we brought a few books that were distributed in the booths: accents heart (C. Rubio) and stories for Ruben and Malena (mio) which signed and whose profits were destined to the NGO: Small Princes. Ridiculous contribution for a noble cause, since on my part, each story book cost me 5 euros, sold 9 or 10 euros, and the laughable benefit that is removed to small Princes is only 1 euro as all we are not moving for money, suggest the organizers expected a something for such charitable sales, not to use. I made this request by email, by phone but did not effect. As the words fly and writings are, I hope that at least this article given that reflect, to those who are not novice, to those who live in the novel and culture. And if no one vetoes me by my article, until the year that comes in the book fair. Harmonie bottle. ANUESCA. 21466794.