Statistics and Company Management

Management company based on statistical indicators in graphical display – very handy and extremely useful tool for business owners and top managers. As owners of companies do not always inside the company and are not engaged in its immediate tactical control. And those who combine the functions of the owner and manager often dream to outsource the operational management of a good top manager. Top manager – in turn sometimes travels on business trips, business trips, conferences, seminars, etc etc. Going back a few days spent on it to "grasp", "razgresti, manage and resolve" to return to normal rhythm of work. Therefore, the idea is to just go away on vacation for 2-3 weeks is often s the owner and the first head "light chill": "And how are all left." Resting in the seaside resort, I periodically observe such a picture – business owner on the deck of a pleasure in the beautiful waters on a boat always return phone calls, runs every 10-15 minutes in a secluded place, so as not to interfere with other travelers Enjoy a tour and solves their production problems. And another picture: the average ceo of the company on a daily basis about 2 hours a day at the beach or poolside somewhere in Thailand spending to ensure that find out how his company into the case and gives instructions to his subordinates, instead of relaxing and fully relax. Of course, control what happens in the company during the absence of first-person – you.