Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceiling is a product made from a certain strip of PVC film fabric that are made exactly the right size room with a view of its characteristics. The density of fabric, usually is 0.17 inches. Plans for cutting must performed an experienced technologist, because in this area, as well as some other points related to suspended ceilings, a lot of subtleties. Holes for fixing the pipeline, the chandelier, near the air vent and fire sensors in the film are cut and glued reinforce special fasteners. The canvas is attached to a plastic profile, mounted on the walls of the room. The service life of the tension of the system – the installation of 3 years blade up to 15 years. Last time used to repair apartments in Sevastopol history stretching ceiling shows the entire history of a stretch ceiling and the story of his birth, moved forward force for progress are practical and aesthetic human values.

Fantasy designers and their experience of building more of ancient Rome, driven by aggressive patricians, gave birth to the idea of draping a cloth ceiling. Matter of tissue picking the color of the walls of the room, and when eventually faded fabric, covered with dust, sag or simply bored her changed to a new ceiling and looked like new, too. Another more recent ancestors stretched ceiling – it ceiling made of cloth in ancient Armenia, where nachale17 century began to use stretched on a frame that is impregnated with chalk, and calico. Drying up, she gave and received a draft of perfectly smooth ceiling. Modern suspended ceiling appeared for the first time in France about 40 years ago. Principle stretch ceiling installation of PVC film for a very long time, entered the list of industrial technology and helped to solve individual problems in the field of decoration of ceilings, that were previously intractable.