Suction And Filtration Systems

Service provider for suction and filtration systems can in most production areas only with the support of extraction systems to work. Only if they are operational and switched on, a concentrated and safe operation is possible. This applies to many different areas, from woodworking to the painting of vehicles, in work processes in which dust, chips, plastic particles, smoke, oil vapours and other particles or suspended solids occur. The range of applications for extraction systems is enormous. The choice of different devices which also. The most important components of a suction system are the fans and dedusting equipment. ion.

Continuously looking for possibilities that offer a better solution of problems, the two factors to the target have: ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability. In the manufacture of high-performance fans to build on 40 years experience in the research and Development and practice. Designing of exhaust systems is on powerful, reliable, efficient sized production conditions, so that a clean air in the workplace can be. The dedusting technique involves the acquisition, promotion and separation of dust and solid particles from the air and process gases. The planning, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of air conditioning machines using extraction and dedusting systems also include the range of services. For an efficient and energy-saving extraction stable transport fans in reinforced or but high efficiency fans for vacuum systems are available and yet guarantee an optimal effect. Versatile and low maintenance are the extraction systems and can be put into operation in addition mobile or also stationary. You can be adapted even to any space with a compact design. By default vibration cleaning in the extraction systems belongs to, fitted with Jet cleaning a enable smooth production flow. Contact: Hocker Polytechnik GmbH extraction and disposal systems Borgloher Strasse 1 D-49176 Hilter phone: + 49 (0) 5409 / 405-0 fax: + 49 (0) 5409 / 405-555 E-Mail: