Fatah Charging

Introduction of innovative product bundles on the ispo 2010 where elsewhere is still discussed, lets talk PG bikes deeds and repeated a competent partner for the new electric-bike series aboard: FRoSCHL systems, a specialist in renewable energy and manufacturers of innovative charging stations. The charging stations FRoSCHL systems are equipped with an intelligent software for controlling the charging and payment processes and can also completely individually according to customer requirements and are designed appropriately to the wheels. The functionality of the pillars ranges from the simple basic equipment to the entire management system. You are developed depending on the needs and integrated. Whether by coin-operated, EC or credit cards, payment is easy and safe for the user and controllable. FRoSCHL systems supplies all types of systems, which are necessary for a supply of electricity-powered transportation, from the simple column up to the fleet-facilities for companies. As the European market leader in the Range of innovative and extravagant custom and cruiser bikes know PG, how to create a wheel not only quality, but also visually unique and user friendly.

All conceivable, feasible customer requirements be implemented in reality. Through their individual style, the wheels meet every type of PG bikes. The innovative E-bikes the Black Block series such as offer a service that is worth watching: a top speed of up to 80 km/h and a fully charged battery with a range of up to 200 km. PG and Fatah set standards with their cooperation system. A perfect symbiosis of powered transportation on trendy, urban bikes and the appropriate charging system for the necessary energy supply. At the ispo trade fair 2010 PG bikes and Fatah present system for the first time their cooperation project Black Block E-bikes and the appropriate charging column a product bundle that perfectly combines three important aspects: lifestyle, fun, and environmental awareness.