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The Internet can be seen as a goal tool in which it is possible to find information on new developments in the mathematics and the mathematical education. The formandos of the courses of initial formation of professors need to know the possibilities of the TICs and to learn to use them with confidence. Moreover, let us consider that to learn to work with the TICs it can help in the development of a professional identity, stimulating the adoption of the proper value and point of view of a mathematics professor. en. Thus, we argue the paper of the formation of the young candidates the professors. The DEVELOPMENT OF the KNOWLEDGE AND the PROFESSIONAL IDDENTIDADE the professional knowledge of the mathematics professors can be seen as being composed of declarative, procedural and strategical knowledge, that is used in situations of practical (Shulman 1986). This knowledge has a character in many aspects tacit, it is strong personal, and it is developed and it consolidated by means of the experience and of the reflection on the experience (Elbaz 1983; Schon 1983).

Between its estruturantes elements they are the conceptions that mark the perspective as if they face most diverse objects, processes and problems (Bridge 1992; Thompson 1984) (aput Fiorentini p162). For this, the mathematics professors need: to know educational theories and questions, to have a good knowledge in its area of education, to have one strong preparation in the 3 specialized field that says respect to its activity the didactics mathematical and more important of everything much will to teach. For important of the professional knowledge of the professors each time says in respect of the use of the TICs as tools more gifts in the activity of the mathematics professors, constituting: an educational way to assist to support the learning of the pupils, to have an instrument of personal productivity, stops to prepare material for the lessons, to carry through administrative tasks and to look to information and materials, an interactive way to interact and to collaborate with the other professors and educational partners.


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The Metrologia does not have its space of prominence delimited in the system of sciences for still unknown reasons. The lack of debates on what it represents or the unfamiliarity and disinterest of the researchers, or same the preconceptions formed in the academic culture when leaving the objective and technological contents to the edge of the researchers. The metrologia still can have to the consequence of the lack of metrolgica culture in the academic society when considering as applied activity and technique, or laboratorial; the formation could have educational where it exists the difficulty in if separating of the concepts and atavic linkings between the developed physics and the mathematics in basic education; even though to the unfamiliarity of history how much the participation of the scientists in the creation of the metrolgicos standards, and in the lack of vision of the future technologies, resultant of the evolution of these 23 standards . Perhaps for still existing some conceptual inadequaes to if considering the practical metrologia one or activity related to the formation technique-professional of the area of Engineering, or if thinking that metrologia can be summarized the statistics of the theory of the errors and the uncertainty of the measurement. We must understand the metrologia as science why it guarantees the development of the cognitivas structures when transmitting the knowledge, allowing its exploitation in way continued, capable to be repassed to the future generations. The history of the metrologia is of the proper civilization, participating of the social movements, (in economy, in the religion, and the organization of the peoples) with its necessities to measure. The nomads compared distances of the astros, and quantified necessary feeding to the displacements. The sedentary ones measured extensions of lands for the plantation, they counted the seeds in the distances of sowing, and dimensionavam the harvest..

Scientific Development

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The scientific development has helped you put in new foundations and think how you produce innovations, linked you the human activities of daily life, how that knowledge changes and creates new processor environments changing lives. This study aims you evaluate the concentration of nutrients in various organic compounds, determines the effects of each compound producing chemical characteristics, using different treatments of experimental design, collect and analyze samples will be chemical quantification of macro and micronutrients in organic compounds. Key words: nutrients, organic compounds, scientific development. 1 AVAILABILITY OF NUTRIENTS OF ANIMAL AND VEGETAL RESIDUES FOR 1,1 PASTURES Justification the technological advances had been notables in the last times, propitiating conditions for new learning, shared, much-needed knowing in the conviviality between the men. study it will have the importance to demonstrate the nutrients extracted of the compostagem, the nutricionais changes in accordance with the environment and organic composite incorporation and catinicas exchanges of the plants animal esterco, observing physiological and chemical aspects.

To use in fertilizaes for improvement of the ground. The compostagem of nutrients in ecosystems of the pasture is a dynamic process that involves ground-plant-animal and the handling of these components. To analyze practical the daily ones of the scientific research. To study the tecnocincias from the dense descriptions of the laboratories, being collected samples and to analyze chemically for quantification, the concentration of the chemical elements in composites not to exceed the limits of security and its use in the ground. Problem Interacting with the technologies, making possible the different areas of knowing, searching all the routine challenges and in additions. The conditions of the plant until the animal and the return to the ground of the nutrients, in view of excrees and great volume that will be able to stimulate microorganisms. theoretical 2.Fundamentao It does not have education without research and research without education.