The Internet can be seen as a goal tool in which it is possible to find information on new developments in the mathematics and the mathematical education. The formandos of the courses of initial formation of professors need to know the possibilities of the TICs and to learn to use them with confidence. Moreover, let us consider that to learn to work with the TICs it can help in the development of a professional identity, stimulating the adoption of the proper value and point of view of a mathematics professor. en. Thus, we argue the paper of the formation of the young candidates the professors. The DEVELOPMENT OF the KNOWLEDGE AND the PROFESSIONAL IDDENTIDADE the professional knowledge of the mathematics professors can be seen as being composed of declarative, procedural and strategical knowledge, that is used in situations of practical (Shulman 1986). This knowledge has a character in many aspects tacit, it is strong personal, and it is developed and it consolidated by means of the experience and of the reflection on the experience (Elbaz 1983; Schon 1983).

Between its estruturantes elements they are the conceptions that mark the perspective as if they face most diverse objects, processes and problems (Bridge 1992; Thompson 1984) (aput Fiorentini p162). For this, the mathematics professors need: to know educational theories and questions, to have a good knowledge in its area of education, to have one strong preparation in the 3 specialized field that says respect to its activity the didactics mathematical and more important of everything much will to teach. For important of the professional knowledge of the professors each time says in respect of the use of the TICs as tools more gifts in the activity of the mathematics professors, constituting: an educational way to assist to support the learning of the pupils, to have an instrument of personal productivity, stops to prepare material for the lessons, to carry through administrative tasks and to look to information and materials, an interactive way to interact and to collaborate with the other professors and educational partners.