Neurolinguistica Programming

An option: The supervisor could have made a self-criticism: its message evidently did not arrive from effective way, since the other person did not manage to carry out the task correctly. It could have said with serenity and firmness to him: Mire, sincerely I must say to him that the work, on question X, did not walk well What I asked to him clearly was not included/understood, and the sector has had a problem by this. The next time will be better than we verify if it has included/understood everything, before carrying out the task. This form to relate to us to the others, can be applied in any place, with all the people is a style of assertive communication. To this you can add majors to him resources to obtain syntony acompasando the gestures, sensorial language, in aim applying some techniques of PNL. It only requires time, commitment and attention that it includes besides the techniques of the PNL, the emotional aspect, the surroundings, the situation in which takes place the communication and the results will be much more effective, elegant and rewarding. The emotions are important part of our being. .no we must ignore them or repress them yes to include them, to have them in account at the time of communicating and choosing to develop an assertive form to us of communication and with resources of the PNL it is a decision that can remarkably improve your own quality of life. It learns better to comunicarte with the people, that is to say how to persuade and to influence in the others and you will be able to obtain surprising results in your own life All improvement if it improves the communication with same you and with the others You can obtain these knowledge right now, with exercises and techniques of the PNL, of practical and very effective way For more information, visits our Web site, where in addition you will be able to obtain Two FREE E-Books of PNL, with powerful techniques of the Neurolinguistica Programming for ayudarte to change and to improve your life Visit right now: > > > AprenderPNL and suscrbete to obtain your E-Books FREE!