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Wisdom Tibet

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Akong Rinpoche: In harmony with the Earth. We can only live life from the wisdom of Tibet edition steinrich 2011 in harmony with ourselves and the Earth if we can keep our balance and restore even under difficult circumstances. The Tibetan Buddhist teacher Akong Rinpoche not only explains how we have become so, what we are, but also how we can go on a voyage of self discovery and personal growth in the small book, to become acquainted with our sleeping potential and to develop. What is this inner potential? According to the author, there are immense wisdom, compassion and joy. Mitchel Resnick has many thoughts on the issue. With numerous reflections and exercises, takes us to the author by the hand and shows us the way to this potential that is inherent in each and just waiting to be awakened, as well as in the freedom to be who we are.

For example, the author suggests: they reflect the thinking: the thoughts come and go and the spirit dwells not in one place. If you have a bad thoughts have, he will eventually disappear, because it is not possible to think only bad. The same is true for good thoughts. You may think not only good. There are good and bad thoughts, they change constantly. If you understand it, get rid of the conviction that bad or good thoughts are always there. Same way you will be more open to realize how good thoughts appear, and you will learn that good is created by you.” Harmony with himself, the author of the spans to harmony with the Earth.

We know how everything is related together an old Buddhist insight that is confirmed also by the modern quantum physics. The author recommends: balance manufacture is accept that we are part of a great whole, helping to pick up our sense of isolation and alienation. If we even accept our diverse references to the world, we will be helpful, useful and beneficial compounds it and our life will be more meaningful and valuable his.”a small but deep-going book with many practical exercises, so that we can better achieve our potential and live in harmony with us and the Earth. Hardcover, 176 pages, ISBN 978-3-942085-00-7, Euro 14.90, Traudel Reiss

Suspects And Other Disasters By Susanne Ulrike Maria Albrecht

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Mystery satire to a pantyhose and the neck, the she – wrapped with fatal outcome. The ambitious Chief Inspector Gregor Brandolf, are called Commissioner “Zeal” and his stress-damaged wizard of Paul Maurus in the dark. Their latest case, the murder of the piano teacher Rosamunde stitch note she pits on the site. First Commissioner “Zeal” is faced with a suspect, he indeed wants to convict at lightning speed. But there appear more and more obscure figures. Publisher 3.0 print 2013 194 pages ISBN 978-3-944343-54-9 EURO 9,90 buch-ist-mehr.de/portfolio/verdaechtige-und-andere-katastrophen/ blurb is who or what…? That is the question. The answer is clear: suspects and other disasters! Questions about questions. Who murdered the piano teacher Rosamunde stitch note? How can a Commissioner with a clear mind to solve a such tangled case? What can his neurotic Assistant do not even deeper into the spiral of madness? Through accompany Chief Inspector Gregor Brandolf and his assistant of Paul Maurus the depths of the human soul.

… Jet-black humor that massaged the diaphragm of the reader. For the Publisher: 3.0 published printed editions, eBooks. And take this money from the author. In the Publisher 3.0, authors pay with their heart, soul, with which they have written their works. With nothing else. Because book is more.