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Margaret Mitchell

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But my daughter preferred the 'cheap literature' – melodrama, romance and frivolous stories from the ladies' magazines. Young Margaret was reputed to be the belle of Atlanta – its huge expressive eyes, chiselled figure and flowing wit attracted almost all the potential suitors of the city. (Similarly see: Petra Diamonds). Between 1920 and 1923 years she underwent about 40 (!) Proposals. At Peggy's even there was a whole album, where the recorded countless suitors, eager to spend time alone with the lady of his heart. The first time Peggy married Berrien Kinnard Upshaw with the sole aim – to annoy his father, grandmother, and in addition, to gain legal opportunity to experience what so many have read in novels – physical passion. Joint life with Upshaw becomes a living hell: Peggy had to endure insults, humiliation and even physical assault, causing her severe depression. Through few months, they divorced.

In the same period, Mitchell worked as a reporter in the journal 'Atlanta Journal'. In 1925 she married John Marsh. Once Peggy driving to work fell on level ground and broke her leg. Fracture soon, but the pain remains, began a heavy arthritis. About a year Margaret was unable to walk.

Favorite job had to leave. It was then that John gives his wife a typewriter, so that she could do writing. Attempts Reporters ask Margaret Mitchell, not written off if she Scarlett herself, led her into a rage: "Scarlett's a prostitute, I – no!" I was trying to describe is not a delightful woman, about which we can say nothing good, and I tried to stand her character. I find it absurd and ridiculous, that Miss O'Hara has become something of a national heroine, I think this is very bad – for moral and mental state of the nation – if the nation is able to applaud and carried away by a woman who behaved in this way "Despite the fact that Mitchell, a true heroine of" Gone With the Wind 'is called Melanie, thought that Scarlett can not continue to be so, nevertheless a key figure in all the same became Scarlett. Scarlett popularity grew with incredible speed even further after the release of the same movie with Vivien Leigh in the lead roles. Actress herself was very similar to the 20-year-old Margaret Mitchell. Despite numerous requests from fans of Margaret Mitchell did not write any more books. Writer joked: "'brought a breeze' – a novel, which will be high moral story, in which all characters, including Belle Watling, change of the soul and character, and they wallow in hypocrisy and stupidity. " She refused and the filming of the movie


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His future a poet depended on someone you teach him you make things right. Maybe he wants you live one thing at the teams. What makes Han Fook realizing that he is to after all destined you be poet is the question: You reverse speed free you of whatever you want, said the Master. That s very romantic, because he decided he was not ready you get married. Frequently Mitchel Resnick has said that publicly. Maybe he wanted you enchant his bride, by acquiring new skills. Kevin ulrich might disagree with that approach.

Anyway, the prediction that the poet sometimes cannot distinguish the difference between reality and fantasy, is the nice clue. Spiritual His style is remarkable because the poet is going on journey questioning the development of skills, it abnormal s not you see the helpers of the hero in story. It sounds that we of have you make choices to whenever going on journey. He s called will be the journey, and returns a hero, playing his fights beautifully. The desire of to father is always the given opportunity will be the sun, you choose one way, and conduce himself, them to far he looks will be the essential values of society. It is nice because one can just think about what could be Han Fook1s arts. But with the silence, one can to only wonder it is beautiful.

It is somewhere in our imagination. An unreachable poem remains secret. The fifth selected story is The Blue Jar, written by Isak Dinesen. It is included in Discoveries, covering the stage. Technical The element in evidence is symbol. The narrative pattern is romance, although one can have the sensation tragedy was taking place, because Helena was considered dead. After sings to sleep nights she was found. Lady Helena is searching will be old China of particular shade of blue, and she speaks longingly of the teams when the entire world was blue s not the place she wanted you stay.

Wisdom Tibet

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Akong Rinpoche: In harmony with the Earth. We can only live life from the wisdom of Tibet edition steinrich 2011 in harmony with ourselves and the Earth if we can keep our balance and restore even under difficult circumstances. The Tibetan Buddhist teacher Akong Rinpoche not only explains how we have become so, what we are, but also how we can go on a voyage of self discovery and personal growth in the small book, to become acquainted with our sleeping potential and to develop. What is this inner potential? According to the author, there are immense wisdom, compassion and joy. Mitchel Resnick has many thoughts on the issue. With numerous reflections and exercises, takes us to the author by the hand and shows us the way to this potential that is inherent in each and just waiting to be awakened, as well as in the freedom to be who we are.

For example, the author suggests: they reflect the thinking: the thoughts come and go and the spirit dwells not in one place. If you have a bad thoughts have, he will eventually disappear, because it is not possible to think only bad. The same is true for good thoughts. You may think not only good. There are good and bad thoughts, they change constantly. If you understand it, get rid of the conviction that bad or good thoughts are always there. Same way you will be more open to realize how good thoughts appear, and you will learn that good is created by you.” Harmony with himself, the author of the spans to harmony with the Earth.

We know how everything is related together an old Buddhist insight that is confirmed also by the modern quantum physics. The author recommends: balance manufacture is accept that we are part of a great whole, helping to pick up our sense of isolation and alienation. If we even accept our diverse references to the world, we will be helpful, useful and beneficial compounds it and our life will be more meaningful and valuable his.”a small but deep-going book with many practical exercises, so that we can better achieve our potential and live in harmony with us and the Earth. Hardcover, 176 pages, ISBN 978-3-942085-00-7, Euro 14.90, Traudel Reiss

Reading Books

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You probably came across Top Lists – books that you want to read it. For me personally, these lists are useful to know, and not forgetting there something important. But books published so much that one can hardly have time to read at least small part of them. And preferably with the best part. Correctly say: in life you want to read ten books, but to learn what, you just need to read thousands.

And really, how many books people can read? A bit of history. In Cuneiform library established king Assurbanipalom (VII century bc, Assyria) storing more than 20,000 clay books. Clay was the first material for books. In the age of papyrus book's richest book collections of antiquity was Bibliotheca Alexandrina Ptolemaic kings (about 700,000 papyrus scrolls). The first Gutenberg printing experiments began in 1440 created the first Gutenberg printing equipment, has invented a new way of making a font. And already second half of xv century was a time of triumphal march of printing in Europe.

The first printed book of the Moscow State is printed by Ivan Fedorov and Petr Mstislavets "Apostle" in 1564 and already in 18 century Russia produced 9.5 thousand editions. In the Soviet Union during the period 1918 -1982 he – published 34 million books and pamphlets circulation of more than 57 billion Only Tolstoy published a number – 323200000, Pushkin – 301400000, – 142100000, Lenin – 600 million copies . We turn to the present day. In 2008 alone Mr. – 123 Thousands of titles were released circulation 760 million copies. Look to the West – Library of Congress, the largest library in the world, contains more than 130 million items, including: more than 30 million books and other printed materials for 470 languages, more than one million issues of newspapers from around the world, 58 million manuscripts. Thanks to computers, the Internet, we have access to any information. In this digital information to 3 million times greater than print (all ever published). According to the company Webscan Technologies in the first half of 2008 was published in RuNet 13100000 news. Half of them, of course, is duplicated on different sites, but nevertheless the figures are impressive. Rhythm of Life accelerated. Other competitors newspapers (in the form of tv, radio) and take away without a little time left to read. And you want to read so much. What's left to do in this crazy information flow? Only one solution – improve the efficiency of their information. And not only in terms of reading books, but also when dealing with other types of information. Ability to work effectively with information in the 21 century – will be one of the main competences of man. And yet – how many books the average person can read in my life? If you read an average of 3 books a month for 60 years, receives about 2,000. Is this the limit? What to do with the 123,000 books published only in 2008, not to mention published previously.

Suspects And Other Disasters By Susanne Ulrike Maria Albrecht

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Mystery satire to a pantyhose and the neck, the she – wrapped with fatal outcome. The ambitious Chief Inspector Gregor Brandolf, are called Commissioner “Zeal” and his stress-damaged wizard of Paul Maurus in the dark. Their latest case, the murder of the piano teacher Rosamunde stitch note she pits on the site. First Commissioner “Zeal” is faced with a suspect, he indeed wants to convict at lightning speed. But there appear more and more obscure figures. Publisher 3.0 print 2013 194 pages ISBN 978-3-944343-54-9 EURO 9,90 buch-ist-mehr.de/portfolio/verdaechtige-und-andere-katastrophen/ blurb is who or what…? That is the question. The answer is clear: suspects and other disasters! Questions about questions. Who murdered the piano teacher Rosamunde stitch note? How can a Commissioner with a clear mind to solve a such tangled case? What can his neurotic Assistant do not even deeper into the spiral of madness? Through accompany Chief Inspector Gregor Brandolf and his assistant of Paul Maurus the depths of the human soul.

… Jet-black humor that massaged the diaphragm of the reader. For the Publisher: 3.0 published printed editions, eBooks. And take this money from the author. In the Publisher 3.0, authors pay with their heart, soul, with which they have written their works. With nothing else. Because book is more.

Contemporary Literature

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It is the intertextualidade and the contextualizao of the image with the text, this way to carry through literature is reflected of the technology that currently it searchs to summarize in an only multiple object of consumption functions (cellular that it is schemes photographic, radio, computer etc) is also the consequence of the new didactics on the basis of the linguistics, that searchs the many possibilities of readings and the multiple possibilities of expression and language. The contextualizao and the intertextualidade in Imparcialista Literature respect these many possibilities of reading, therefore the reading that the poet carries through on the figure is subjects to the text printed matter on this image. The reading that the poet makes on the image is only one reading that if makes ahead of a fact, this reading can be modified in other situations that another text brings. The contextualizao and the intertextualidade photograph and literary text are a possibility of poetical expression of our Age of the Information. In this association of text with the image it has one donation of meaning and context, in such a way has an intensification of the poetical one in the text when in the image. This association takes the readers the interpretations very next. They are innumerable the possibility of associations text and image, thus becomes fullfilled the possibilismo of imparcialista literature and our time; this time where we do not follow vocations and yes possilidades of success, reality show is the biggest example of this possibilismo of our time.