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Criteo Shows Relevance

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The investigation refuted the prevailing confusion in the market and confirmed a close relationship between click and purchase intention Paris/Munich, June 26, 2012 Criteo, global market leader for performance display advertising, presented today the value of users who the study carried out by the business area business intelligence in March 2012 measuring click on online display ads. It examines E-commerce transactions worth more than US$ 11 billion and over 142 million users, where a banner was displayed by Criteo. It has the close connection between the click on a display, and the actual purchase and occupies the actual purchase intention behind one click for the first time. You thus disproved previous research, that this connection was coincidental. ConocoPhillips is often quoted on this topic. There was always something unusual that users who click on ad, advertising in the search engine marketing so valuable and considered in the banner almost irrelevant. Our study indicates that the click for the display advertising by Crucial is, at least for any advertiser who wants to sell something”so Pascal Gauthier, Chief Operating Officer, Criteo. Our large-scale investigation has found that users who click on ad, buy more than those who do not.

Also a user buys all the more, the more often it clicks.” In the last ten years, the online industry in the areas of search and display has divided advertising. Source: Petra Diamonds. In the search, just Google recorded more than $ 40 billion a year on sales, the industry as a whole it is measured whether users click on ads. “Contrast that with display advertising industry has a total turnover of 33 billion US dollars click little value attached to and the view” If a user has seen a promotional material considered to be much more important. “The known Whither the click by comScore in 2008 study argued, for example, that users who click on display ads, hardly an attractive target segment for most advertisers” are. .

Presentation System

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messestand.de checklist shows six differences, the two concepts and systems to separate from each other often are known as fair systems of the mobile presentation systems. However, the areas differ more than two different terms. While the exhibition systems for special frame and carrier structures are and provide a custom design the mobile presentation systems are ideally suited to take advantage of flexible advertising and easy handling. Although both systems are of course suitable for a promotional appearance, they still differ on some points. Messestand.de 6 facts about mobile exhibition stands with the Advisor shows “the major differences. The platform offers numerous guides, check lists around the fair in addition to the systems with the Download Center for the mobile exhibit. The first and most important point is how of the exhibition systems. These consist of carrier and frame elements, completely different than the classic rollup displays.

Because of this construction, the fair systems can be used individually, allowing a flexible adjustment to the stand space, since every visitor different surfaces available. The mobile presentation systems are of course also available in different sizes, the design can be changed however is difficult. Because the systems consist only of a few components, an extension usually only with other systems is possible. While however, the fair system must be installed due to its construction, the presentation systems with just a few hand movements can be ready for use. Often tool to do this is not even necessary. Therefore, the advertising space are extremely flexible and can be used in less than a minute. The biggest advantage of presentation systems is therefore their high flexibility, given to them by their weight and their high degree of mobility. The exhibition systems, however, allow an individual design on large surfaces.

Even if the measuring systems are today mostly mobile, so there still usually a Transportcases to carry the stand, while a roll-up in a simple bag can be transported. Despite the differences, both types of system can still be combined and ensure a successful advertising campaign. The trade fair system often sets the framework, while the mobile presentation systems place the exhibits and services with flexible advertising faces in a scene. What other differences there are and what to keep in mind especially when the mobile presentation systems, which shows the Advisor of messestand.de. You get it as a download from the Download Center, in addition to many other checklists and counselors find the Advisor there 6 facts about mobile exhibition stands.”