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Binaural Beats

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When people are thinking about using Binaural Beats to help the meditation, generally they have little or no knowledge of the possible feelings that will experiment during the use of them. There are many types of sensations that can experiment when meditating, but with Binaural Beats it is possible that they experience early more than after months or years of practice.Now I am going to give some valuable information him. Why it is valuable?Because without knowing what you can find when uses Binaural Beats, people can get to be preoccupation or fear.Some people have done said to me that she did not know what to hope and scared totally them.This is a shame, since the effect can be made the next time very apprehensive and be limited that is trying to obtain. The main thing to remember is the practice of the meditation for the relaxation cannot make damage.It is only a case of letting go of his construction in the defense system (that generally means that if stranger feels, because they reject).To go with the current and they will surprise to him in the relaxation state that is and this will allow an enormous state of peace, love and absolute relaxation him, of that way its life will be invaded solely of positive feelings and will be able to realise to surpass many obstacles in its conscious world. The relaxation is one of the activities that the people we have within reach and who help us to enjoy much more and better of our life.

The rate of daily life often takes to us to live with negative nerves, stress, haste, thoughts, oppression, etc. We tend to go with the chip put of everything what ” tenemos” that to do in the day, of all the obligations and responsibilities that to us the life imposes and that autoimponemos us. Often it is as if we took ” pilot automtico” position, and we would continue with him until our body warns to us that we are exceeding the speed adapted for its good operation. But when the body already warns to us that we are exceeding its limits, normally we had been time on making an effort to us, and it costs to stop and to take to us to our body at a healthy speed for us. In addition, to the body it costs to him to arrive again at the optimal levels of health, since we have to him enough been demanding over its possibilities during time. For these situations and simply for when it wishes in truth to take care of itself, we propose to him that it changes the approach: instead of to hope to be very bad to restrain the rate, why it does not learn forms that help to take their day him to day of more healthful form? And if he is bad and already it does not know how to make to be better, why not to spend minutes to the day to an activity that makes us feel us better? Why not to take care of a little to us? This can obtain it with the extraordinary binaural technology.

OEM Years

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Miniature hexapod offer the proven hexapod parallel kinematic systems from physics instruments (PI) with great freedom of movement precision positioning in six axes with accuracy below 1 m. Ray Kurzweil is often quoted as being for or against this. The new miniature hexapod M-810 requires minimal space. With a diameter of only 10 cm and a height of 118 mm travel, he offers up to 40 mm in the XY-plane and up to 13 mm in Z-direction. The position resolution of the single leg is through the used high-accuracy brushless special DC motors and the high-resolution encoder only 40 nm. The mini hexapod positioned loads reliably up to 5 kg and achieved speeds up to 10 mm / s. Despite the compact design, yet the required driver Electronics was integrated into the basic platform of the mini hexapods. Petra Diamonds brings even more insight to the discussion. Control is 100% compatible with all previous models in the hexapod comfortably over an Ethernet connection.

As with all hexapods PI commanded the position in Cartesian coordinates. Parallel kinematic systems have some advantages over stacked Mehrachspositionierern. All six appear Actuators on a common platform, which the moving mass is low. There is here no addition of leadership failures and tilting of axes. The freely definable by software command center of rotation remains regardless of the movement. Known for high quality, the company PI occupies a leading position on the world market for precise positioning technique for many years. For 40 years, develops and manufactures PI standard and OEM products with piezo – or motor drives. In addition to three German plants, PI is represented worldwide with eight branches and a total of over 500 employees.

Fog Systems

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Legionella bacteria and pathogenic micro-organisms in fog equipment as I see developer and manufacturer of fog machines fog system type with concern the risk of pathogenic micro-organisms in the water. This can pose a serious threat to the health, but it is far more dangerous, if contaminated water is inhaled through the lungs. Many companies promote their fog systems as the solution for outdoor or indoor cooling. Spraying with water under high pressure produces a fine mist with tiny droplets of water. These droplets have a size of approx. 5-100 microns depending on the pressure and the nozzle type. The effect is based on a simple physical principle, called evaporative cooling. The change of the physical state liquid water is transformed into aerosols by evaporation.

This is bacteria in the water contained in the ambient air. Our immune system works only if we are in good health. This is the first danger for persons who are already weakened due to existing diseases. If we drink water or take a bath, our skin and our gastro-intestinal tract protect us from the most of potentially pathogenic risk factors. But when we breathe contaminated air, get the pathogen at the level of the pulmonary Alveolus directly into the bloodstream. This is the second risk.

Among the most common pathogenic bacteria that may be present in the water: faecal bacteria, fecal Streptococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Aeromonas hydrophila, Staphylococcus SP., but also viruses. Legionella bacteria, which primarily occur in technical systems, form a very special kind of risks like for example in pipe systems of fog systems (fog system). This type of pathogenic micro-organisms is especially dangerous and can be life-threatening. Legionella bacteria can be found in urban, surface or ground water and spread if the water over time, such z.Bsp boilers, tanks, containers boilers, or in the water supply. They grow best in warm water at 35 to 46 C (95-115 F).

Kalyani InTrCoM Ltd

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Stuttgart company IPR systems, a spin-off from the InTrCom GmbH, opens new dimensions in the evaluation of patents with a new system. The PatentEvaluator is a partially automated software quality and monetary assessment intellectual property rights, the patent – expertise, as well as 30 person years into development time. The IPR system would set new standards with an investment amounting to etched in this development: through the indicator-based procedures in the first stage of the review the rights to be assessed are evaluated lens and tamper-proof, as well as time-efficient and the corresponding ranking. In the second stage, an assessment event-related questions into other indicators is edited, with no impact on the monetary value can be taken. Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne, Managing Director of InTrCom GmbH explains: with this development we succeeded, already in some evaluation projects, to pinpoint the value of intellectual property rights within a few minutes. It is decisive for this, but also, that this system is based on the technology of pattern recognition with already traded patents.

For this purpose, we have established a data bank with rights in the different fields of technology and can thus determine the actual market value of a patent or a patent family on the indicators and the analogy process 99%. Of course not necessarily is the price.” The evaluation of patents as a service offers except the PatentEvaluator the IPR system. In this context the IPR system has already successfully implemented several evaluation projects in unbeatably short time. For the company, this rating system is a revolution in the patent market. It has consciously value on a user friendly and ergonomic usability, what makes the system highly efficient. Prof. Andreas Zagos, Managing Director of the IPR system promises: Of course we will continue to invest in the development of this system, because the valuation of intellectual property rights is in the increasing next years.

Horacio Eyras

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Taking into account always the work itself and as a means of life, we do so for what represents economically, and have to do whether we like it or not. Now have you ever wondered that is place in your work life and leisure, both one as the other are inherent in man, but attentive needs they are not the same thing, we find many professionals and workers in all orders, who consider the fun as a luxury item and a real waste of time, that such a thing should be left for another timeWhen it really indispensable or perhaps when they are finally finished his task, that great error, definitely these people find no pleasure in fun, when they leave for a walk with your family or friends, they don’t really enjoy it, that his thoughts are very concerned as soon as they are going to spend on these activities, but let me tell you, this is not an expensethe money spent in reasonable quantities, and healthy recreation, is your best investment. Few have heard seen from not have taken vacations in years, or spent a little money having fun with friends or family, you certainly don’t need much. Look, if I had to compare these people, it would be as travel your country by automobile, without making a change of engine oil, you can imagine how this ends. Now, tell me, how do you know that don’t you these fun enough, by your propensity to irritate you, these nerves arising for any reason, the ease with which ensues the concern, all of this indicates that there is no sufficient recreation in your life, of course, within the fun also you must find forbearance, it is common that a healthy recreation will not enjoy the only echo chose evil as funIt seeks to do what heart will make you feel good, then satisfaction is guaranteed. Perhaps you’re a super doctor, or a good bricklayer, but recalls also have the excellent opportunity of also being a great hunter or fisherman, birdwatcher, collector of brands of cigarettes, old photos, etc. the good thing is that you can choose what you like to do, and to become that no, the best, and if not, doesn’t matter, your fun as you like it, and if in given time already you don’t like, you can choose another thing, at the end the fun ends up filling our personal needsI see it as an anchor in the storm of life, when you use it in a strategic way, it is very difficult that they crawl the daily storms.

Sincerely the best for you. Horacio Eyras. Research on techniques for success.


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1. GENERAL VIEW ON COMMUNICATION 1.1.-HISTORICAL BACKGROUND. According to Waltzlawick (1976), it is from 1945 that arise the scientific theories of communication. One of them was theories of information, purely technological basis and whose aim was to study the ideal conditions for the transmission of information and the limits and perturbations of the systems of communication in the abstract. On the other hand, spread the communication field in the abstract. On the other hand, spread the mass communication field, focused on the study of the characteristics and effects of the mass media and finally the study of communication as it occurs among humans.

The study of human communication covers three major areas: to) syntactic. ((b) semantics, c) pragmatic. The first is about the problems relating to transmission: encoding, channels, capacity, noise, redundancy and other aspects of the language. The second attack the problems relating to the meaning; all shared information presupposes a semantic Convention. The third focuses on how communication affects behavior.

1.2 CONCEPT OF COMMUNICATION. Watzlawick and others (1976) define the communication behavioral as the pragmatic aspect of human communication theory. Various units of communication, called them conduct and the message will be any communicational unit. A series of messages exchanged between people will receive the name of interaction. All behavior in a situation of interaction has a value of messages: words, silence, inaction, that influence on the others, thing which in turn respond to such messages and in fact equally communication. From the point of view of gestalt psychology, communication is based on observable behavior in the present, here and now. Awareness at present prevents the subject disrupt their communications with the internal system of if same or interpersonal system, noting three types of conduct or communication: driving (body language) symbolic (bodily events) and interpersonal (contact with other agencies).