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Robert Ader

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In the previous article (talking less and listening more) tried the theme of the importance of listening to powerfully. Today we’ll talk about emotions. It is worth mentioning that a person who trains slowly to listen better, can consequently have a better handling of their emotions and the impact that they have on their daily lives. Emotions are neurochemical processes related to the mind which help us to make decisions as well as to have the perception we have of life. In many cases some like fear, may be necessary for survival that lead us to flee from events such as a fire or the persecution of a dog. However, many times these emotions that hand could be valuable and protective, turn against us and lead us to do the right thing to thrive, but to destroy much of what generally value as our health, our relationships, negotiations and their results. Generally regarded as negative emotions or its derivatives may be fear, anger, wrath, envy, anger, hatred, the self-pity, the auto-conmiseracion, the mistrust in himself and in others, etc., and are physically expressed through some physiological function as the alteration of heart rate or body reactions or face, and also influence generate behaviors like aggression, mourn, offend, flee, defend ourselves, etc. An individual is capable of transforming feelings more unpleasant in something more productive for your life if you are understanding their feelings and strengthening your emotional intelligence. The first thing I recommend to someone who wants to improve, is to hear the emotion he feels, assume that you are experiencing it so then look for what can be the reason of why it happens. Emotions influence our relations and negotiations in both our health. Whether emotions are positive as humor, joy, mirth, among others, as well as the negative ones that I mentioned earlier, deeply influence. Positive emotions help to keep us in good condition and in case that we padezcamos a disease they facilitate their recovery. Negative emotions, on the other hand, influence our health favoring the contraction of diseases, since they make the immune system more vulnerable. According to psychologist Robert Ader, there are an infinite number of ways in the central nervous system and the immune system communicate: biological pathways that make the mind, emotions and body are not separate but intimately interrelated. Daniel Goleman, as a medical specialist in the subject, describes it a brilliantly in his books on emotional intelligence. People experiencing chronic anxiety, prolonged periods of sadness and pessimism, continuous tension or hostility, cynicism or unrelenting suspicions, have double the risk of contracting a disease. Learn about emotions is something fundamental. Recognize what the emotion we are feeling in the moment in which we feel it is extremely useful, because it allows us a greater understanding of us same and also allows us to learn to channel and express these emotions toward others properly. Listen to us with power and reflect on what we feel can lead us to take more care of our critical judgments, especially those who lead us to this type of emotions not suitable. The world we live in is highly affected by this type of emotions and requires that more people do awareness and work on them. There is nothing more damaging for human development than negative emotions which are extremely contagious. Seen in the row of a bank where an individual begins to criticize the slowness and poor service and where people, if you are not aware, spreads and becomes a group of people poisoned emotionally. The biggest problem is not that reaches us a negative emotion, but not hear it and perhaps unconsciously us recreemos in it for whole hours, poisoning us more and more. But if such emotion, ideally is not fighting with her but ask ourselves where can derive that there where it can be our area of opportunity to work it. Not We stay at the theory. I invite you to work during the coming days to observe your emotions, what these feeling? Look at how your emotions affect what you say, what you do, how to react. It is of utmost importance that you listen to your emotions and wondering what’s in it to make you feel so far from blaming the opposite for what you feel. Get a card or write an element that allows you to remember you several times during the day: today I hear my emotions. Today I reflect on what there is in me which originates them. Today looking best circumstances from me, being more generous, sympathetic and compassionate to improve personally and thus seek more productive emotions to improve my health and my quality of life. I suggest you do not seek change to the world, seeking within yourself what can be causing those emotions and see the possibilities of what you could do or correct from yourself to achieve more compassionate or constructive emotions. I assure you the observation, individual responsibility and hard work will take you to an improvement. I invite you to share this information with your work teams, with friends or with who you want, and encourage them to resort to this tool, to perform this task. This will lead to more and better benefits in your environment. Reinvent your life! Original author and source of the article.

Horacio Eyras

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Taking into account always the work itself and as a means of life, we do so for what represents economically, and have to do whether we like it or not. Now have you ever wondered that is place in your work life and leisure, both one as the other are inherent in man, but attentive needs they are not the same thing, we find many professionals and workers in all orders, who consider the fun as a luxury item and a real waste of time, that such a thing should be left for another timeWhen it really indispensable or perhaps when they are finally finished his task, that great error, definitely these people find no pleasure in fun, when they leave for a walk with your family or friends, they don’t really enjoy it, that his thoughts are very concerned as soon as they are going to spend on these activities, but let me tell you, this is not an expensethe money spent in reasonable quantities, and healthy recreation, is your best investment. Few have heard seen from not have taken vacations in years, or spent a little money having fun with friends or family, you certainly don’t need much. Look, if I had to compare these people, it would be as travel your country by automobile, without making a change of engine oil, you can imagine how this ends. Now, tell me, how do you know that don’t you these fun enough, by your propensity to irritate you, these nerves arising for any reason, the ease with which ensues the concern, all of this indicates that there is no sufficient recreation in your life, of course, within the fun also you must find forbearance, it is common that a healthy recreation will not enjoy the only echo chose evil as funIt seeks to do what heart will make you feel good, then satisfaction is guaranteed. Perhaps you’re a super doctor, or a good bricklayer, but recalls also have the excellent opportunity of also being a great hunter or fisherman, birdwatcher, collector of brands of cigarettes, old photos, etc. the good thing is that you can choose what you like to do, and to become that no, the best, and if not, doesn’t matter, your fun as you like it, and if in given time already you don’t like, you can choose another thing, at the end the fun ends up filling our personal needsI see it as an anchor in the storm of life, when you use it in a strategic way, it is very difficult that they crawl the daily storms.

Sincerely the best for you. Horacio Eyras. Research on techniques for success.