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Coco Design

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This trendy and innovative disply system Coco, which is suitable both as a design display, carrier display or store building system is currently and freshly arrived. Our trendy, dynamic and self-standing design display COCO surprised by its harmonious and at the same time striking originality. Carrier display Coco offers space for presentation of products of a special kind – medium-sized objects (up to about 40 cm height) items from the consumer electronics, mobile phones, jewelry, or other noble. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. Design display Coco consists of a pillar and a CoCo article. The vertical aluminium support is even standing or through telescope to attach posts between floor and ceiling. Both items have internal wiring with mains plug (230 V). Be inspired by 3 different Coco essays, which are equipped with power LEDs. 3-side open products can be good present.

Also fine items make a super impression and can through a small door closed and so Protected against theft. Coco, which is innovative design display both for a fresh, modern shop facilities suitable for both a innvoative exhibition facilities. Thanks to its properties, Coco ideal as display, display case, partitions or complete Shopfitting for boutiques, jewelry stores, perfumeries, optician, hair and beauty salons can be used. Also in the living room, Coco is suitable as a design-oriented interior. Are hardly any limits their creativity. Individual presentations can be implemented within a very short time with our carrier display Coco. The system was developed for an easy and quick installation. A subsequent change or extension is possible at any time. Construction: DIY stand mounting telescopic beam floor ceiling the CoCo attachments are made from an innovative, stable material (polyethylene). Applications: Office and business premises, showroom, shop equipment, Messeaustellungen, Lofteinrichtung, design-oriented interior colors: white matt, black gloss Coco essays: 3-sided, 1-sided, one side / + door supports: aluminium self standing, aluminium telescopic personalise your Coco design display – speak us just to! Prices and further information, visit our website at or directly in our shop shop

Internet System

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Certified computer experts help almost around the clock now Germany’s first interactive helpline for computer and software problems of any kind is getting started. Sitting in front of your computer in the Office or at home and no longer know when an application or a problem! Of course, you can time consuming research the problem on the Internet or enter in any forums, and hope that someone will answer! If it not as pleasant, just might call a competent computer experts, who usually shows you via remote access on your own system, within a few minutes as your problem can be solved as if he would be sitting right next to you? To the beginning of the year, we created a new interactive platform that allows just that. Initially, the relevant experts and experts for hardware, software, and application problems of any kind is provided to over 90 subjects. The creator Frank Salesi is even computer trainer and has in recent years met the problems of users and analyzed. These new platform called EasyLearn24.com will be in the future also in several languages such as English, Turkish, Russian and Italian available, so also foreign citizens in your mother tongue can help. The support should receive immediate attention also outside the regular service hours such as weekends and evenings. This is due to a pool of experts assured, in which freelance experts after an aptitude test at any time on the system, or log off and provide assistance with a telephone or Internet connection from any location in Germany. This ensures attractive revenue the experts and can be done part-time. The support has no additional costs and obligations on the fair and up-to-the-minute accounting about the phone bill. A rating system ensures that always the best evaluated computer experts from the system are prioritized and the seeking help available.

Vitalis House PSAP

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The guardian system “Gabriel” used with success the guardian system “Gabriel” the company of Vitalis home emergency call has been successfully used for the first time and was able to prove himself. In the evening a diseased dementia participants using the system, left the security area, where these participants to move. Because the Subscriber is not 100%, he was also no longer alone home. Vitalis House PSAP realized this and promptly alerted the supervisor of the participant. Since a direct threat had to be assumed, the police was alarmeirt, after consultation with the workers, which after only a few minutes took the participants without much effort, thanks to the exact GPS location of the Vitalis House PSAP, and could bring home. We all know the discovery messages on radio and television and the laborious attempts of the authorities to uncover the senseless person. Here could avoid a larger search through our Guardian Angel system “Gabriel” and the participants are safely brought home. Mike Fullbeck Vitalis home emergency call.

Honorary Consulting – What Is This, What

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by Ilka Fahmi, free economic advisor Munich, 13.08.2013 – every year investors suffer losses of around EUR 50 billion. Experts such as the Economist assume Andreas Oehler of the University of Bamberg. “The reason: wrong or poor Beratung.Dabei is the core of the problem quite simply: still most investors to a Commission consultant go because they avoid the costs which initially entails the honorary advice”, says the independent fee consultant and certified financial planner Ilka Fahmi from Munich. But that is a mistake. “For this, which can destroy entire assets or the complete pension losses.” Some practical examples from everyday advice by Ilka Fahmi illustrate this: case 1 – retirement: A doctors client was convinced with his previous measures from statutory pensions, sufficient to have made Rurup pension and occupational pension insurance. He had but not the loss of purchasing power due to inflation still the most unprofitable development his Insurance considered. The development one financial status-quo promoted but a gap during entire retirement up to 85 years of age of more than 800,000 euros revealed.

On this basis, he could initiate targeted changes and close this gap. Case 2 – capital investment on their own: A client wanted a possible low-cost plant and had collected funds (ETFs) valued at 50,000 euros, even a portfolio of passively managed exchange-traded himself. However, within three years, he suffered a loss of 16,000 euros. He had misjudged the risk. The money was now missing in planned real estate financing. Case 3 – insurance: The disability insurance completed some time ago on a Commission basis, an employee has a too low hedge, a risk period which runs only up to the age of 60, and also very bad conditions. Paid, this can cause the insurance pays out nothing at all”, as Fahmi. Therefore, he has the previous posts in Amount paid by 20.160 euros completely free.

Alexander Wild

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Ten golden rules for You should put the golden goal Group on 60plus, because they do not see themselves as oldies. They care not for coffee trips they are deaf and blind. It is important to offer more services such as delivery and repair service, payment on invoice as well as a customer hotline for this target group. Because these experienced connoisseur of life at the best age to expect much for their money. To know you should invest in market research, the wishes of the best agers”. With the help of senior Scouts, companies can optimize their offer senior-friendly.

You should accept the Golden target group as opinion leaders. “You must provide solutions to current problems, because the life of the best Ager” concentrates on the here and now. For advertising, the right sympathetic choose on the most sympathetic, Ageless”people. The advertising should be ad-free”? Best results are obtained with reputable PR reports that have a high credibility. You should remain faithful to his own messages and not confuse the seniors, but on Put reliability and resistance. It is important that senior-friendly design is private – and reader-friendly design: for all ages. Alexander Wild, the speakers agency 5 star speaker represented, used the concept of barrier-free Web design”, including one understands the art website to make that everyone has access and can read, no matter what he brings.

Success with the common denominator of despite the great differences in the target 60plus it is possible to address relevant groups. For this it is necessary common denominator to find. “” “As an example of the Internet community are the common denominators of curiosity”, activity”and togetherness”: elder, who want to experience something gather here. The average age is about 60 years, the income of the average. Many maintain hobbies that they share with younger ones. Find compliance with the companies for their products or services, the success will arise soon.

Battery Systems Service

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Maintenance advice and Exchange in the renewal of the batteries of your battery system battery systems batteries getting to your battery system is the “Battery fault” error message to make it advisable a voltage of each battery block. Battery maintenance the battery system voltage measurements must be made according to the specification of the battery manufacturer at certain intervals. Regardless of these requirements it is advisable at least conduct a bi-annual monitoring and logging. The measurement protocol should include battery block number, battery voltage, battery systems total voltage, measuring date and signature of the technician. The completely maintenance-free label which dryfit sealed lead gel, like the sunshine, or lead AGM batteries, such as the Exide AGM does not exclude this check. In addition to the battery voltage measurements we recommend a temperature measurement of the ambient air.

Battery manufacturers request for warranty claims also measurements of the temperature and make only Compliance with the predetermined values replacement. Battery systems in movie theaters, hotels, schools, restaurants and other public facilities with visitor traffic are located mostly in secluded areas, such as on the ground floor and are therefore has forgotten and remembered only to you, a power failure, an other accident or if the TuV is announced. Error messages for time and cost reasons are neglected, can follow the costly have. The power supply of the battery system load the batteries wired in series on the basis of the measured total voltage. Located in this connection a battery block or more with a defective cell, adds up to the wrong voltage. The power supply tries to load up to the final charge voltage of the battery system. The result is an overloading of intact blocks of battery leads to the destruction. Exchange of defective battery packs is it advisable to replace individual battery packs of a battery system depends on the age of the battery packs.

Since the internal resistance of the battery blocks during their time change can occur by inserting a new block of asymmetry. This substitution is made, an increased maintenance is necessary. In case of a voltage measurement at shorter intervals must be performed for the verification of the voltage adjustment. Christian corner