The S.I.S. Ensures Cleanliness In The Swiss House In Vienna

‘Our guests are the best quality control’ has the Swiss House during the Pratersaison of the March 15 to October 31 about 125 employees. Again 700 seats available at about 3,200 m2 in the garden of 1800 and in the premises. During high season, may occur because once bottlenecks, owns the Swiss House but a uniquely convenient location between Prater, Ernst-Happel-Stadion and Viennese fair. For us it is extremely important that local kitchen after a great rush as such as after a concert, or even if it has been raining, again clean and consistently good quality”, explains our chef Roman Keller. This task is the S.I.S. for two years.

Since 2006 take care now on seven days a week during the season a rest day, there are not ten S.I.S. workers to kitchen, restaurant and garden. Under the care of two object ladders start at 6 o’clock in the morning and must have finished their work at 9: 00. The first employees of the Swiss House where are already from 8: 00 huge kitchen to prepare the food, because the week opens at 11: 00 and otherwise already at 10: 00. In the kitchen, the daily tasks of the S.I.S. include automatic and manual cleaning of floors and wall tiles after the cooks have already cleaned the surfaces of their jobs on the previous evening.

Also the expiration and fences under the Bratern and fireplaces must be removed and steam blasted. At the end of the kitchen must Flash, because still the guests can watch the chefs at work. When people say, here, you can eat off the floor, this is a wonderful recommendation for us”, says Lydia Kolarik. Also every day to clean the tables and chairs in the garden and in the premises where also the floors need to be cleaned. With 2,500 seats, that is no easy task even for a ten-man team in three hours, and yet there is still more to do. The lamps are cleaned once a week and once per month the Windows, not to forget the glass canopy of the beer garden at four feet. For the shady chestnut and walnut trees, whose Geruch keeps away the mosquitoes, very inviting not only the guests, but also the birds. The trees, planted Karl Kolarik by hand after the war, are also sensitive and require every year of an intensive and expensive care. All chemicals used by the S.I.S. in the Schweizerhaus, are documented with the S.I.S.. assumes also the disposal of the empties. We have developed a proprietary system for cleaning, was taken over by the S.I.S..”, explained Roman Keller. For us, but also a degree of flexibility is essential. “When capacities are somewhere free, I can use the S.I.S..-employees say where there to do anything else without going through the object head.” Flexibility and good communication are critical factors for the management of the Swiss House. We work here during the season seven days a week and that I may require from my service provider”, so Lydia Kolarik. The Schweizerhaus is satisfied with the performance of the S.I.S.. How important is the satisfaction with the cleanliness shows alone because that almost 80 percent of the visitors are regulars who come every day or at least once a week. These guests are, so to speak, our quality control”Lydia Kolarik explains, because they most likely react if there’s something wrong. And the competition on beer gardens in Vienna is not small”.