Talking On Internet

Ola all good I come here to say to the vocs expensive expensive friends friends a little on the use of the Internet. I wait that it likes and we are opened all the type of commentary therefore this month all the articles of the site could be commented to the end of its article then case you wants to place some commentary or same to give some note regarding nssos articles it is the will. We go to start here speaking on the Internet. As all we have perceived we are very frequent to hear in such a way to say on the Internet as many good things as publication of research of growth of the Internet among others as pleasant things not very as crimes practised with the use of the Internet the calls virtual crimes or cibercrimes (way Internet Exists other terms to define the practised crimes). Before speaking on the use of the Internet we go here to be talking a little on the subject. The Internet nothing more is of what a computer network with world-wide reach but that this it subjects the rules of the real world. With the Internet we can develop all type of relationships DES of professional relationships where we can obtain to generate profits only using the Internet going until the personal relationships where we can develop friendships with other people. This wants to say that you can in such a way be speaking, being seen or same being listened in the case of colloquies with voice for its neighbor as she can also be speaking, being seen or being listened for people of the other side of the world. Beyond these possibilities also we have the detail of that when having access the Internet you can you will be being seen for other people then you can yourself be said that when you have access the Internet you this entering in a monitored net and other people goes to see everything oque you is making.