Tax Systems

Important features of the autonomous Nervensytems of the people of the body of ca. 60 to 100 trillion cells, with each individual cell has approximately 1025 to cope with reactions per second (equivalent to the number of ants on the Earth). A top computer would expect 50 million years for this purpose (for the performance of a cell per second!). Through these comparisons obtained a rough idea, like finely refined and extremely fast coordination of so gigantic cell factory must run. However, 80% of the people of the industrialized nations in the imbalance of their organic main control system live. According to the 20/80 rule in economics 20% can be reached properly used resources, 80% success. To do this, it is necessary that the body is intimately connected with mind and spirit, is optimally set in particular with regard to its main control system. Organic and level corresponds to the equilibrium of the so-called autonomic nervous system, so the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

This is not sufficient indiscriminately vitamins, minerals and trace elements to take to combat the so-called free oxygen radicals. However, there are procedures, which you just can calculate voltage from the blood in 1000th, what the body needs (the so-called: Redoxserumanalyse/RSA). Here you can (simulates the radical attack of the body, so it’s a functional analysis!) in advance to determine up to 7 years, what carries the body in diseases in which after bombardment with artificial radicals of the proteins of the Thoroughbred, and accurately calculate what is needed for recovery or prophylaxis of vital nutrients (in micrograms exactly). The autonomic nervous system controls all life processes to 97%, both psychological as well physical and spiritual kind. According to the CERN – we live physicist deliberately only at 3%. This control problem is the constant consumption of adrenaline and cortisone, so the hormones of the Sympatikus. This example, from the adrenaline-forming brain hormones allows for concentration and memory, as well as joyous mood, needed (particularly dopamine and norepinephrine), using today’s nutrition, no longer sufficient to be rebuilt.

The consequences are in the mental health field the Burnout Syndrome, efficiency losses, depression, ADS syndromes in children, mood swings etc. Our control systems can be now on subatomic and subtle level very good science. Mainly the medical field in which we stop us and which we create with our convictions, which can be described as mental health, has a decisive influence on regeneration, aging, health and disease. Due to the many years of research of including the Russian spaceflight, the frequency bands produced in our body, the matter is now, and generates very precisely known cell: therefore special machine can be therapeutically optimally applied therapy systems such as frequency scanner or the specific Visualisationstechniken developed from quantum physics to achieve the high consistency, the our Body needs so much to health-effective to meet its control functions. The summary therefore a purely Orthodox consideration to the recovery of the regulation of the body is not sufficient by far. In this respect are necessary for long-term health, holistic factors for optimum regulation of the tax systems. It is already known that we have genes for a life of 250 years. Prof. Dr. Enrico Edinger