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Strong Immune System

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Colostrum is a food from cow colostrum and can effectively support the immune system. Colostrum strengthens overvoltage conditions more frequent tiredness, Nervenanspannungen, disc wear, decreasing physical strength, and helps with weight loss. By colostrum can regain the body back to full performance, the bowel better fulfill his work as the most important energy centre of the body and power make the nerves. In Indian history, there are traditions about the good effects of colostrum. Frescoes in temples one finds representations of sacred cows.

The good effect is known already more than 1000 years. Already in 1799, the well-known German physician Dr. Christoph W. Hufeland, the personal physician of Goethe and Schiller, pointing out the protective function of colostrum. Many farmers to embrace this effect themselves and occupy even colostrum. The man can utilize well the colostrum of cows.

So will no longer need the calf to supplement processed. Colostrum can Body support at: regulation of blood glucose levels in combating allergies detoxification and Detox fat burning within the framework of a diet of faster wound healing of skin regeneration for aged or injured muscles and muscle in athletes stimulation of bone and cartilage growth in osteoporosis renewal of intestinal mucosal pain and infection reduce the Special on colostrum of good ‘N natural: it is with 650 mg. higher doses than most other products on the market and thus particularly effective. It contains the best colostrum quality available on the market. It offers a unique price performance ratio the used raw materials undergo stringent quality checks. “Colostrum” can immediately at FeelGood-Shop.com be ordered online under:… Detailed information and order at or call 00800-872 456 22 (free from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg) please send press inquiries:

Immune System And Psyche

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Micro nutrient therapy is there to strengthen the immune system and increase mental wellbeing in recent years increasingly scientific findings, which confirm that affected the functioning of the immune system significantly by psychological factors. On this subject, articles in various journals and magazines appear in regular intervals. This topic is not only for professionals of interest. Beginning of December 2009 has been published that American scientists have discovered a mechanism how stress affects the immune system. A high activity of the sympathetic nervous system reduces the number of regulatory T-cells, which the body to prevent an overshooting of immune reactions. At the annual meeting of the American Psychological Society 2008 presented a study Kiecolt-Glaser by Janice from Ohio State University on the impact of stress on allergic responsiveness. Janice Kiecolt-Glaser is a very renowned scientist in the field of Psycho-neuro Immunology and has published numerous articles on this subject. In stress experiments, Kiecolt-Glaser and her colleagues in hay fever patients had examined the extent of allergic reactions using skin tests.

When the subjects were exposed to a severe psychological stress, the hives on the skin tests were 75 percent higher than under normal conditions. Also a greater skin reaction occurred in these subjects on the day after the stress experiment much more frequently. So, stress leads to a change of immune reactions. In May 2008 it was published that stress can, obviously, be an important factor for poorly healing infection. American researchers of the Fox Chase Center have shown that women who had been infected with human papillomavirus, could overcome this infection seems worse if they were exposed to daily stress. A longer-lasting stress situation also meant that the success of vaccination in the vaccination against HPV was significantly worse than mentally at balanced patients. In September 2008 it was published that chronic stress activates apparently certain genes which enable the immune system in a permanent state of alert.

Individual Engine-supported Motion Training Systems

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Innovative training systems in the home for the application after a stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, arthritis and tremor summary: move it GmbH introduces three new innovative training systems, which allow a regular training in domestic surroundings as a result – or additional supplement to medical or therapeutic care after a stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, osteoarthritis, or E.g. a tremor. Finally, these systems bridge the gap between the current state of research, which turns out the positive effect of regular exercise and the availability of appropriate technical training units that are affordable for the majority of those affected. This move the systems the patients according to a unique method that is submitted to the patent and use so the potential to affect the musculoskeletal system. This opens a way to learn lost or to bring back.

History: you had a stroke or a neurodegenerative \”Disease, it was said some years ago: losing is lost\” and meant that a lost skill was not to win. Today is a big step further and at least know that exercise with a deficiency in the movement means a large profit for the patient. So says z.B neurodegenerative diseases today use it or loose it\”and means that can get the movement through the ongoing exercise of a movement or postponed their loss. Some even say that through the right training lost movement patterns can be newly learned or recalled. This one has learned in recent years that the brain is much more flexible than you think. Enabling tasks of dead brain parts become adopted by the still active.

Although the movement is not greater than whole without this movement as in the past, but the quality of life is so perfect a lot. An important role in maintaining or new learning a movement seems to be the repetitive movement with high frequency (reiterates rate). Experiences with movement therapy: that the movement therapy for specific diseases has a positive effect, is out of the question.

The Natural Immune System

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A function of the immune system is directly dependent on how much we eat Bruchsal January 21, 2010 – if man time has eaten, or making much sport, decreases the energy level of the cells, as well as also the insulin level. At a low level of insulin activates the FOXO transcription factor genes off and can turn on. So, FOXO turns on the genes for the immune proteins with an energy requirement and anti-microbial peptides (antibodies) are affiliated from the body cells removed and destroy any sick makers. Dissolve their cell walls. Professor Hoch suspects that little energy is strengthened the barrier between the body and the outside world in a possible hazardous situation.

The Bonn researchers publish their findings in the journal: nature (DOI: 10.1038/nature08698). The investigations of the Bonn biologists may have clinical relevance, because a number of common diseases such as diabetes type two or overweight resulting from an increased caloric intake. Moreover, such diseases go often with increased inflammation of barrier tissues, an impaired immune system, and a total shortened life span accompanied by. “Professor Dr. Joachim Schultze of the LIMES Institute says: our results provide new approaches to the understanding of this disease”. “LIMWS researchers point the views on the relationship between caloric intake and life Professor Hoch says: we now want to find out whether this is due to a Foxo-dependent enhancement of barrier function of the natural immune system.” Source: Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat Bonn company information: Jutta Schutz (journalist, psychologist, Lecturer) writes books that inspire, motivate and provide special insider knowledge (also about low-carb). For more information

Tax Systems

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Important features of the autonomous Nervensytems of the people of the body of ca. 60 to 100 trillion cells, with each individual cell has approximately 1025 to cope with reactions per second (equivalent to the number of ants on the Earth). A top computer would expect 50 million years for this purpose (for the performance of a cell per second!). Through these comparisons obtained a rough idea, like finely refined and extremely fast coordination of so gigantic cell factory must run. However, 80% of the people of the industrialized nations in the imbalance of their organic main control system live. According to the 20/80 rule in economics 20% can be reached properly used resources, 80% success. To do this, it is necessary that the body is intimately connected with mind and spirit, is optimally set in particular with regard to its main control system. Organic and level corresponds to the equilibrium of the so-called autonomic nervous system, so the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

This is not sufficient indiscriminately vitamins, minerals and trace elements to take to combat the so-called free oxygen radicals. However, there are procedures, which you just can calculate voltage from the blood in 1000th, what the body needs (the so-called: Redoxserumanalyse/RSA). Here you can (simulates the radical attack of the body, so it’s a functional analysis!) in advance to determine up to 7 years, what carries the body in diseases in which after bombardment with artificial radicals of the proteins of the Thoroughbred, and accurately calculate what is needed for recovery or prophylaxis of vital nutrients (in micrograms exactly). The autonomic nervous system controls all life processes to 97%, both psychological as well physical and spiritual kind. According to the CERN – we live physicist deliberately only at 3%. This control problem is the constant consumption of adrenaline and cortisone, so the hormones of the Sympatikus. This example, from the adrenaline-forming brain hormones allows for concentration and memory, as well as joyous mood, needed (particularly dopamine and norepinephrine), using today’s nutrition, no longer sufficient to be rebuilt.

The consequences are in the mental health field the Burnout Syndrome, efficiency losses, depression, ADS syndromes in children, mood swings etc. Our control systems can be now on subatomic and subtle level very good science. Mainly the medical field in which we stop us and which we create with our convictions, which can be described as mental health, has a decisive influence on regeneration, aging, health and disease. Due to the many years of research of including the Russian spaceflight, the frequency bands produced in our body, the matter is now, and generates very precisely known cell: therefore special machine can be therapeutically optimally applied therapy systems such as frequency scanner or the specific Visualisationstechniken developed from quantum physics to achieve the high consistency, the our Body needs so much to health-effective to meet its control functions. The summary therefore a purely Orthodox consideration to the recovery of the regulation of the body is not sufficient by far. In this respect are necessary for long-term health, holistic factors for optimum regulation of the tax systems. It is already known that we have genes for a life of 250 years. Prof. Dr. Enrico Edinger

Dry Eye Air Conditioning Systems

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The air from air conditioning systems, some think it makes the eyes quickly to create; dry eyes scrape, burn and itch the air from air conditioning systems, some think makes it fast to create the eyes; dry eye scratch, burn and itch. But what is an air conditioning? There are different types of air conditioners. In Germany refers to a system with the in a room temperature, humidity and air quality can be generated and kept under air conditioning. Abroad is a simple space cooling (air conditioning) air conditioning often. The most obvious difference is probably between central air conditioners and decentralised air-conditioning. With central air conditioning, the air treatment in a central air unit and a central air unit is performed. With decentralised air conditioning air treatment runs from a single device directly into any room. Regardless of the sky orientation of the building is the fresh air room sucked over the facade and room exhaust air room from the facade to the outside.

Decentralized Air conditioners are obviously easier in old buildings can be retrofitted, but have the problems that the air must be recorded partly on facades heated by the Sun and the air of a unit is “Fresh air” the next. Also, there are for example, air/water systems and air only air conditioners. Air/water systems use to cover the transmission of heat and cooling waterborne sub-surface and surface cooling systems such as heating and cooling ceilings. Only the treatment (air pumps, filtration, heating/cooling, humidification and dehumidification) outdoor air provided by the air conditioner. Only air conditioners do the the outdoor air complete air treatment.

Not the air conditioning itself, which in the hot zones of the world and also in our widths at all in the summer no productive work would be possible without the problem, however. The problem is that the air conditioners often not enough moisten the air. Often, the humidity is only 25 percent, rather than the average recommended 50% or more. What to do if you work in a place where the air must be kept dry, such as in a library, where the precious books must be protected from mold? Or if the boss refuses to set the humidity higher? Or if the building owner want to not invest in ordinary air conditioning? In such cases, such as artificial tears eye drops help reliably against dry eyes. In the pharmacy, there are drops and gels with special active ingredients for this purpose. They form a thin film on the surface of the eye and help with dry eyes. Artificial tears will also have a mucosal protective effect. Who often uses artificial tears, can buy so-called single time doses. Unlike that in the larger bottle of eyedrops the eye drops in small plastic containers contain no preservatives and are thus easier to digest. Even in permanent use, artificial tears do no harm the eyes. In particular, the eyes will not According to them “addictive”. Natural tears production is not reduced by the artificial tears. Help artificial tears for dry eyes and not to aggravate the problem.

Wet Cold Weather

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The vitamin A, retinol, stabilises the nervous system and stimulates important immune cells of the body is constantly surrounded by viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites that try to penetrate there. To withstand these attacks and maintain the health, the immune system is continuously busy with the defense of this pathogen and bioinformativs substances. The body’s defense system is weakened, this is the best prerequisite to become sick, especially now in the wet and cold season. But not only acute or chronic diseases weaken the immune system. Daily stress in school, at school, or in the job, sports, unhealthy diet or lack of sleep also burden the body and consume important reserves of power. Should be supported in addition the body’s natural defences vitamins as a support for the immune system, especially in phases of greater load, where they asked a lot of performance the body through dietary supplements. In order to strengthen the immune system own is a variety of vitamins and plant extracts. Above all Ascorbic acid or more commonly known as vitamin C.

In addition to strengthening the Defense power of the immune system, vitamin C can support also the stress management by it engaged adrenaline and noradrenaline in the formation of stress hormones, which the body needs for coping with stress. Vitamin A, retinol, stabilises the nervous system and stimulates important immune cells. Vitamin B3 or niacin also, can support healthy sleep and ensure the steady release of energy in the body. And also plant extracts, such as ginseng, can support the stress defense and strengthen the immune system. This positive effect on the health, ginseng can help to counteract fatigue and tiredness and to restore the physical performance. Learn more about the immune and immune strengthening, see

Frederec Marketing Director

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Cochlear nucleus 6 system is simply smarter in each listening situation a pioneering cochlear implant system presented cochlear, world leader in implantable hearing solutions, within the framework of the 58th international Congress of the European Union of the Acousticians (EUHA) in Nuremberg (16th to 18th October). The cochlear nucleus 6 system is the first CI system, which automatically adapts to each new listening environment of the wearer. This has the possibility to choose between two different sound processors including the smallest solution available currently on the market. Also new is the integrated hybrid functionality for optimal support of the remaining residual hearing after the surgery. Several control options, as well as a novel nano-coating ensure ease of use and reliable functioning. The extremely powerful, new microchip allows the connection of a number of wireless components among other things in the future. Heart of the nucleus is a new 6 system specially developed chip, which is five times as powerful as the currently market-leading nucleus 5 system”, explains Frederec Marketing Director of cochlear Germany LAU.

This enormous increase in performance iQ, the world’s most intelligent, fully automated signal processing system within the CI sector enables the integration of SmartSound. If language in a quiet environment or in a noisy environment, whether iQ recognizes any situation interfering wind noise or music SmartSound adjusts automatically and thus helps the CI-carrier to the respective optimum speech intelligibility and listeners life.” Two sound processor models, integrated hybrid functionality and control options for the first time have carrier cochlear implant systems the possibility to choose between two alternative sound processors: the nucleus CP920 is the smallest sound processor available on the market. the nucleus CP910 has an accessory port. Both processors with one be spread at a later date range of Wireless audio accessories allow to connect. Each sound processor also has a built-in hybrid functionality.