The Computer

Point shooting at waist level slightly upward to increase the length of the foot model. If you have decided that the portrait should be no shadows, use an umbrella in the reflection as a "Professional eng 'light or move the soft box away. If you shoot b / w 'nude', then the background is better not to highlight, take off on a gray or black background. Further raise the contrast of the image on the computer and be stylish. Sometimes, ext. flash, set at camera allows for interesting effects.

Just use the 'native' flash zoom-rotary heads and regulation of power. Background flash can also be used to illuminate the scene. Ask a model take a step back, to the background and remove it a little lower. Background light will foot model is already long. For a portrait, too little light on the right can not hurt.

Take lots of pictures. You're not limited to film. More images – more choice in the future. If the model in spite of everything, can not relax, ask her to dance, walk along the stage, jump at last. And they themselves put on the camera mode 'sequential shots' and remove, shoot! One of the few dozen are sure to get good shots. And unusual! A person interested in other people. A good portrait is obtained when you managed to 'catch the moment', to convey in your picture emotional state. Before you shoot, think: what do you want to say to your pictures? What is the basic idea of composition? What emotions, character traits to convey? if you really want to remove the 'nude', and the model refuses to undress and remove her bathing suit in certain poses in which you are then able to 'withdraw' from her 'extra' items of clothing. Only carefully and then get permission from her to such images. By the way, not necessarily presence at the picture of primary sex characteristics for a good shot 'nude'. Image frames were taken, throw them on the computer. If you have an assistant and add. memory card, that he will address this, as you continue shooting. I usually rented for CF-512 mb, in the studio recording her missing at about 300 frames. However, it still occasionally shed on the computer to see what happened on the big screen. While the model dresses for this is the time. Erase all technically defective images, make backup of the originals. Others view the footage, along with the model, choose the best ones for further processing, the remaining al. Processing is devoted to the topic of my next article.