The Corrections

The nature, extension and the importance physiological on the possible resultant 20 biological effect of the exposition to the not ionizing radiations depends on diverse relative factors to the equipment, such as: the energy of the incident radiation (it determines the depth of penetration), the density of power of the field or beam, the characteristics of the source of emissions, the duration of the exposition, the ambient conditions, the spatial orientation and the biological characteristics of the fabric radiated (molecular structure, sanguineous flow, pigmentao, etc.) 21. The sanitary legislation of ability of the 22 ANVISA establishes necessary requirements to the quality and security of the eletromdicos equipment classified of medium and high risk to the health, charged in the concession of authorization to the supplier for the manufacture, commercialization and distribution of the equipment in the market, subjecting it the foreseen sanctions, in the case descumprimento. The constatao of variations between the results presented in research and therapeutical treatments results of some factors as: the incorrect use of the equipment, the lack of information on the choice of 23 ideal parameters for the especificidade of the treatments, the alterations presented for characteristic the physical parameters of the equipment, the unfamiliarity enters the users how much to the necessity of the maintenance of the tolerance limits, the corrections (adjustments and errors) applicable in accordance with the calibration, the lack of periodic gauging, and the deficient spreading in manuals technician of the companies of the 24 segment . Imperfections in the eletromdicos equipment (fisioteraputicos) can cause harmful effect to the users and, therefore the distortions proceeding from the lack of verification of performance or evaluation of conformity to the norms must be prevented all, of the related products. Amongst them, they are placed the laser 25 of low power, that although norms (NBR IEC to exist 60601-2-22; 60825-1 and TR IEC 60825-8) literature evidences the deficiency of standardized procedures of assays of verification, specific laboratories and 26 trained staff .