Using a Tripod

Use a tripod, and shutter lag, where possible – it adds sharpness to your photographs. Now, what about these images: The main difference between vector images (format eps, cdr, ai), is that Figure constructed a computer program on specified points, vectors, using various mathematical formulas, and the computer is much easier to build a few dice, of which actually consists of vector drawing, calculating a few, albeit, complex formulas, rather than build a jpg-image of, say, 4,000,000 pixels – specifies the exact location of every pixel on the screen, and color. And when you resize a vector image, the only change substituted into these formulas and numerical values so if you change the size, image quality does not suffer and vector image editing very simple. What is the format of Adobe illustrator eps 8? It is generally accepted norm of the vector format that does not support transparency, and some types of gradients, but love him all the printers, plotters and other technique. Graphic saved in this format, you will take in the development of any advertising agency and any printing and it is universal. That is what is required photobank that buyers could at any technique work with the image, although it slightly limits the creative possibilities authors.

To check whether you have saved the ai eps 8 – you can open it with any text editor (Notepad is fine) in the first line should be here is such a text PS-Adobe-3.0 or below ('3 .1 'means that the file does not compatible with ai eps 8):. Vector illustration for sewage sent to the format of Adobe illustrator eps 8, which means that in whatever graphics program you are not drawing, the file should not contain transparency and shadows, and ai eps 8 does not support certain types of gradient fills. This creates a limitation in the works, but the figure should be fully editable (to put it simply by drawing a simple 'plashkami'bez special effects), and have no open paths (for search in Adobe illustrator, Adobe's site can take a plug-Select), before sending to make sure that the image does not contain extraneous details, and keep it only in format, Adobe illustrator eps . In addition, you must create the viewing copy (preview) of his illustrations exporting it in the format jpg. Download illustration photobank made by sending the two formats, first eps, then jpg. I file the name must match the differing only in extension, for example cat.eps and cat.jpg. Loaded one by one, and he put them photobank to each other, merged into one. In addition jpg file can be viewed as an independent image, and can in some time (a week) to check and send it (Size 4 ) Also, I recommend to prepare for the exam work that way – sending a raster version of vector image. Here is a demo illustrating how to correctly save the format ai 8 eps vector graphic to be sent to photostock If you use fonts in their works, they must be converted to vector objects, otherwise the buyer might not be such a font on your computer, and it will automatically replaced with one that is.