Wall Materials

Before you choose a material for walls, should carefully study the technical specification and cost of goods selected. These factors are perfectly combined in a sandwich – panels. It is worth noting that this has played important role in promoting the sandwich panels for the construction market. For the manufacture of sandwich panels requires the following materials. The outer layers of the panel is processed steel cold rolled, sheet, Galvanized corrosion-resistant, dirt-coated, which gives rigidity. This surface is decorated with both a product. Two component adhesive (polyurethane) is used for bonding insulated cladding sandwich panels made of metal. As heaters are used: polyurethane foam – a material that is environmentally friendly, which heat and moisture are at a very low level, and sound insulation contrary to the very highest.

The main differences – it's easy to use and economical. This material is strong, do not lose their shape over a large amount of time. Mineral wool is an innovation of materials, preserving energy. Due to unique technology and the special structure of the installation of insulation, panels with mineral wool, as well as polyurethane sandwich – panels are highly resistant mechanical stress and high thermal and sound insulating properties. This material does not burn and does not contain glass.

The main advantage of this insulation – high fire resistance. Scope 1. Administrative structure 2. Industrial buildings – sheds, warehouses. 3. Objects sports destination. 4. Commercial complexes and industrial enterprises, whose purpose – trade. 5. Petrol stations car wash. 6. Objects belonging to the food industry. 7. Complexes of Agriculture. 8. Chamber for drying. 9. Freezing and refrigeration units. 10. Buildings for residence, collapsible modules. 11. Winterizing construction projects. The characteristics that distinguish sandwich – panel sandwich panel is very easy to deliver to its destination, due to their low weight, it is much easier than to deliver bricks, sand and cement. The pressure on the foundation of much reduced. This eliminates the need to conduct geological surveys of the soil, which reduces the cost of construction of the foundation, and often avoids altogether without it. Thanks to the sandwich – panels can do without too much debris. The buildings are made of sandwich panels with its light weight easy to transport to another location and it will suit smaller organizations who can not spend heavily on the use of elevators. Pvc sandwich panels – is the product of full operational readiness. No need to finish the surface of these panels. The rich colors gives designers the broad possible to the original design and decoration of buildings. The outer coating of sandwich panels are moisture-resistant, because it is produced from corrosion of galvanized steel. Ecological purity of the material enables the use of sandwich – panels for the construction of institutions for children of destination, as well as food. Thermal quality sandwich panels are much higher than similar-quality conventional building materials such as concrete or brick. Resistant to damage and breakage, the insensitivity to ultraviolet rays. Does not react to temperature changes in the range: minus 30 degrees to plus 60.