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Kensington Palace

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In the inverse corner, you will see Covent Garden, historic market that today is again in operation. Here are also the Royal Opera House and the Royal Ballet School, in addition to numerous bars, restaurants and businesses to make purchases. A well deserved brake to walk as much. After lunch and lowering all the street is Leicester Square, pedestrian plaza full of cinemas, nightclubs, theater and bars right next to Chinatown, which deserves to be known. Piccadilly Circus, a square invaded by posters of neon and shopping environment is located further down on the same street. Taking advantage of all the options here, better to finish the day with a drink out there, and return to rest to continue the journey the next day. The third day already you will be more tired, so it is advisable to take the journey with more tranquility. Starting from Victoria Metro station, climbing towards the great St.

James Park, we’ll see Buckingham Palace and the monument to Queen Victoria. On the other side of the street you’ll see the Green Park. Wllington arch marks the union of both parks and a little more tells the story of the city. And there too the Hyde Park, famous for its artificial lake, where is located nearby the Kensington Palace and a fountain in honour to the Princess Diana de Gales. On the other side of the Park, are the traditional and renowned Harrods stores, ideal for carrying gifts of homecoming. In passing, London Oratory within the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Museum of art and design can be known.

With so much history in your head, it will be time to eat something rich and drink something good to begin returning home. Three exciting days can reach for a city so rich. In your next impulse do not hesitate to take the following flights London and realize this unique tour. YUMI DIRECT BLOG Blog Archive New Covent Garden Store Opening! Late skate at Somerset House Wonderland Magazine Cabinet War Rooms Step into History London Spotted by Locals L Artisan Parfumeur in Covent Garden shopping for perfume in London: Now Smell This London Museums and Art Galleries with Free Entry Livraria de Artes

Dry Cleaning

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The dry cleaning up to date very recent non existia a technology that would wash all delicate garments to water. Traditionally been washed delicate garments (dresses, silk, wool) with perchloroethylene which is a solvent highly polluting and potentially carcinogenic. A few years ago the public authorities, especially the European Union, have imposed severe restrictions on the use of these solvents with the horizon of which medium-term disappear. All this has forced major brands washing machines manufacturers to seek alternatives that have led to the emergence of the Wet Clean. In countries like Sweden, Denmark or Germany with high environmental sensitivity perchloroethylene is now totally prohibited or severisimas restrictions. In some States of the USA also and progressively will be implementing this prohibition in all countries.

An unsustainable technology dry-cleaning, besides not clean as water and generate highly polluting waste, is very inefficient in energy terms and environmental. The waste of water, electricity and soaps makes it an obsolete technology for today’s standards. According to one study of Electrolux and other Greenpeace savings in consumption, contaminaion costs and initial investment is approximately 50% between the Wet Clean and Dry Clean or dry cleaning. Source: Press release sent by dry-cleaners. Greenpeace Australia Pacific Blog Archive Sumatran tigers take over international paper awards Panduit considerably exceeds the industry standards by making a successful transmission of 100 Gigabit Ethernet through 275 meters of fiber multimode the perchloroethylene for dry-cleaners doubles the price and will continue to rise With NC Site, Facebook Rebuffs Greenpeace Data Center Knowledge Canadian Radio publishes journalistic standards to use social networks Journalism classes

Spanish Connection

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UniSA official collaborator Europe of the Spanish film connection Alba Unisa Europe, Spanish shoe company, is an official partner of the police thriller connection Alba, which debuts in early 2011, directed by Miguel Angel Fabre. The publicity of the series is guaranteed thanks to the fantastic cast of actors that has gathered. It will be broadcast in 54 countries, being the Madrid Freeview and satellite channels of dissemination. Due to the democratization of the network, the disclosure of this type of audiovisual content acts as a shock wave, still a great opportunity for the contributor to be known both nationally and internationally. UNISA is presented as a cosmopolitan company in a constant process of creation. A Hunter of trends which observes his environment to translate it later on their footwear and fashion accessories. They may be aware of this production through the personal space of Unisa on Facebook. Source: Unisa women sent by shoes press release.


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A pair of decorative objects as two statues and vases are not harmful, but must always have in mind that there are other more suitable objects: dialogs are one of them, since the wall instead of the scarce available surface space is used. Mirrors are the great trick of the magician, because they not only serve to amplify the light, but also to multiply the spaces. The Hall of mirrors of the Palace of Versailles is a great example: mirrors, play at the Windows that are in front of them turning themselves into Windows overlooking the garden of the Palace. (For fans of mirrors, also exist today, mirrored furniture). Many times it is inevitable to associate fashion and design with frivolity, especially by some decorators that we see on TV that use words as fantastic or fabulous gorgeous repeatedly.

Anyway must understand that interior design can be seen as a means to achieve inner peace: zen fashion and feng shui give account of the faith in the design to achieve mental States. Without being extremist and say that interior design will solve all our problems (including the mental), if we are to recognize, along with naturalist writers, that the environment influences the individual. As we are already pretty influenced and conditioned by society, family, education, the mass media and in the end, where space-time in which we insert (remembering that we are born in a system and an order of things that is imposed on us and it is very difficult to change), the only place where we can choose what to do and how to do it with complete freedom is in our homes, our inviolable private and intimate spaces. Original author and source of the article

Robert Ader

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In the previous article (talking less and listening more) tried the theme of the importance of listening to powerfully. Today we’ll talk about emotions. It is worth mentioning that a person who trains slowly to listen better, can consequently have a better handling of their emotions and the impact that they have on their daily lives. Emotions are neurochemical processes related to the mind which help us to make decisions as well as to have the perception we have of life. In many cases some like fear, may be necessary for survival that lead us to flee from events such as a fire or the persecution of a dog. However, many times these emotions that hand could be valuable and protective, turn against us and lead us to do the right thing to thrive, but to destroy much of what generally value as our health, our relationships, negotiations and their results. Generally regarded as negative emotions or its derivatives may be fear, anger, wrath, envy, anger, hatred, the self-pity, the auto-conmiseracion, the mistrust in himself and in others, etc., and are physically expressed through some physiological function as the alteration of heart rate or body reactions or face, and also influence generate behaviors like aggression, mourn, offend, flee, defend ourselves, etc. An individual is capable of transforming feelings more unpleasant in something more productive for your life if you are understanding their feelings and strengthening your emotional intelligence. The first thing I recommend to someone who wants to improve, is to hear the emotion he feels, assume that you are experiencing it so then look for what can be the reason of why it happens. Emotions influence our relations and negotiations in both our health. Whether emotions are positive as humor, joy, mirth, among others, as well as the negative ones that I mentioned earlier, deeply influence. Positive emotions help to keep us in good condition and in case that we padezcamos a disease they facilitate their recovery. Negative emotions, on the other hand, influence our health favoring the contraction of diseases, since they make the immune system more vulnerable. According to psychologist Robert Ader, there are an infinite number of ways in the central nervous system and the immune system communicate: biological pathways that make the mind, emotions and body are not separate but intimately interrelated. Daniel Goleman, as a medical specialist in the subject, describes it a brilliantly in his books on emotional intelligence. People experiencing chronic anxiety, prolonged periods of sadness and pessimism, continuous tension or hostility, cynicism or unrelenting suspicions, have double the risk of contracting a disease. Learn about emotions is something fundamental. Recognize what the emotion we are feeling in the moment in which we feel it is extremely useful, because it allows us a greater understanding of us same and also allows us to learn to channel and express these emotions toward others properly. Listen to us with power and reflect on what we feel can lead us to take more care of our critical judgments, especially those who lead us to this type of emotions not suitable. The world we live in is highly affected by this type of emotions and requires that more people do awareness and work on them. There is nothing more damaging for human development than negative emotions which are extremely contagious. Seen in the row of a bank where an individual begins to criticize the slowness and poor service and where people, if you are not aware, spreads and becomes a group of people poisoned emotionally. The biggest problem is not that reaches us a negative emotion, but not hear it and perhaps unconsciously us recreemos in it for whole hours, poisoning us more and more. But if such emotion, ideally is not fighting with her but ask ourselves where can derive that there where it can be our area of opportunity to work it. Not We stay at the theory. I invite you to work during the coming days to observe your emotions, what these feeling? Look at how your emotions affect what you say, what you do, how to react. It is of utmost importance that you listen to your emotions and wondering what’s in it to make you feel so far from blaming the opposite for what you feel. Get a card or write an element that allows you to remember you several times during the day: today I hear my emotions. Today I reflect on what there is in me which originates them. Today looking best circumstances from me, being more generous, sympathetic and compassionate to improve personally and thus seek more productive emotions to improve my health and my quality of life. I suggest you do not seek change to the world, seeking within yourself what can be causing those emotions and see the possibilities of what you could do or correct from yourself to achieve more compassionate or constructive emotions. I assure you the observation, individual responsibility and hard work will take you to an improvement. I invite you to share this information with your work teams, with friends or with who you want, and encourage them to resort to this tool, to perform this task. This will lead to more and better benefits in your environment. Reinvent your life! Original author and source of the article.

Vacation in Style

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Also available are trips to Parque El Cubano, Codina, Guanayara and Los Almendros. On the tours vacationers can find along the way marked maps indicating the main places to see, either cafes, hotels, other trails or another target of interest. A seductive proposal is the excursion on the path of sweet potatoes, which makes a stop at the Coffee House, loyal to the old brewing. Here the visitor can see how coffee is made the traditional way, resulting in a pure coffee, worthy of any palate. The menu is well stocked, has more than a dozen varieties of coffee from different regions of the world: coffee from Brazil, Colombia, Arabs, Cubans and Ethiopians are among the options the customer can select. It also has extensive and varied in presentation and preparations of coffee that will please all types of clientele. Also, the hike on a trail La Batata is one of the main attractions the cave that bears the same name, where tourists can climb or take a dip in the underground river, but beware of the darkness and depth of these waters, and as its cold temperature. The variety of opportunities for hiking trails ranging from easy to common visitor until some difficult paths, for which it is advisable to have a minimum of experience and fitness.

Throughout the tour you can enjoy the gardens of ferns and wild-nature able to please any lover of photography. Similarly, the route of Caburni very interesting. Its main goal is to bring visitors to see the impressive waterfall of Caburni, with 62 meters high, a natural spectacle not insignificant.