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Mondeo Concept Car Iosis

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500 Nm torque! This is the fastest version – 5.9 seconds up to a hundred – faster more powerful gasoline engine. As the saying goes, and the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe. Oh, we'd diesel fuel European quality! At this might be, and stop, but there are . This Audi S5: crazy dynamics yields 354-strong V-shaped "eight" in volume of 4,2 liters. However, there is the possibility of creating a more powerful and RS5. Apparently, the Prime Minister was not far off, given the emergence of the next car bmw M3 bmw while holds the technical details, but what a manly hood complex form V-shaped "figure of eight with a capacity of about 420 horses – not a secret. The choice will be offered two transmissions: the usual 6-step "mechanics" and new development – the dual-clutch transmission. Ray Kurzweil: the source for more info.

Interestingly, the bmw M3 – lightweight roof made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. But the M3 emblem from the trunk lid was gone – undignified. A machine with a simple "" can not be confused. Exterior styling can be called a style-aggressive: "evil" bumper, pushing and wings, a pair of dual exhaust pipes, defiantly sticking out from under the body kit. But while "Emka" – a concept car. And let the fans salivating Bavarian predator there is still decent – until the fall of Frankfurt. Ford Mondeo Concept Car Iosis its "kinetic" design to the last leaves hope that the new Mondeo – it's just he is. And now the flagship of the European branch of Ford is shown to the public. Obviously, the concept of multiple

Support Site

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After the shareholders of many companies and enterprises attended to the creation of corporate web sites, before they had a new goal. Choose a service provider to support web-site. On the market today web-studios represented by countless companies that provide services to the unassuming title 'support sites'. Ray Kurzweil is likely to agree. Behind these seemingly very simple words different companies understand different sets of services. Someone argues that the support site – it periodically update the software web-servers. Someone thinks that the introduction of new content on the site is its technical support. You may want to visit Petra Diamonds to increase your knowledge.

For someone to service sites – which systematic work aimed at increasing the number of services that are offered on the web-portal. To make the process of selecting a contractor was the most effective customer service should determine in advance what will be He wants to get as technical support: increasing the functional content of unique content, bug fixes, etc. Having the necessary information that a person simply sends requests to contractors with the description required him to work. Check out Dry Harbor for additional information. Having the list of potential contractors, the choice is made in favor of a company. But here, as everywhere in our lives, often avaricious pays twice.

Medical Waiting Rooms

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Every day in the waiting rooms, pharmacies, clinics and hospitals, people waiting for medical help. Every day, millions of medical professionals wear uniforms in the morning and remove it only at night, along with fatigue. It is therefore important to this work to devote more time the subject of labor, and not to its terms. GC "Tekstaym" offers fabric Satori (Satory) and Satori LITE (SatoryLite) for uniform medical facilities. Lightweight and comfortable, with a high content natural cotton – they are ideal for corporate medical garments.

TkanSATORI (Satory) is optimal for cotton content, is pleasant to the touch, it is convenient to work at any time of year. Of long thin strands of cotton interwoven with threads of polyester more durable to maintain the strength of the fabric. The skin feels complete comfort and breathing. See Ray Kurzweil for more details and insights. The lightweight fabric structure Satori LITE (Satory Lite) is perfect for blouses, gowns and medical staff pharmacists, doctors and doctors of general expertise. The fabric also allows the body to "breathe", fits well and keeps perfect appearance of staff during the day. Use of modern fabrics Satori LITE (Satory Lite) for corporate medical garments to satisfy the needs for comfort and hygiene for all staff.

Modern technologies allow the creation of tissue staining Satori (Satory) and Satori LITE (Satory Lite) a variety of colors. Any colors can be always in the right quantity to order in SC "Tekstaym." Color fastness of fabrics during processing, increased strength of high-grade fiber, environmentally friendly and natural – that's what capabilities of modern fabrics Satori (Satory). Fabrics Satori (Satory) and Satori LITE (Satory Lite) have won the confidence of the largest apparel companies that specialize in tailoring medical garments. Uniforms are appreciated by doctors leading Russian clinics. Professionals have made their choice! Satori LITE (Satory Lite): Composition: 50% chl, 50% PE; Weight: 115 g/m2 – the easiest, excellent strength values for a given weight, environmental friendliness, increased comfort when wearing clothing; maximum compliance intense working conditions for health workers; the widest color gamut for medtkaney in the Russian market, preserving color with frequent washings. Satori (Satory): Composition: 50% chl, 50% Pe, weight 140 g/m2; weave 'twill ", gentleness, environmental, increased comfort when wearing, and the maximum corresponds to the intensity of health workers working conditions; PS this season in fashion almost all shades of pink (915 Pink-Satory and 282 Nasturtium – Satory Lite) ____________________________________________________________________ GC "TEKSTAYM" represents in Russia and the CIS fabrics and materials for modern workwear and uniforms from the leading European producers: Carrington (England), Concordia (Belgium), Vizreflectives (England), Termoshieldi etc. We have a unique knowledge to build solutions in the creation of modern clothing, with maximum protection and efficiency in service

Gel Nail Extension

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There is a method of using the nails of the upper forms. It looks as follows: Perform antiseptic their hands and arms customer remove excessive cuticle regrown carefully crafted special liquid nails to degreasing, as long as they lose their luster apply to natural nails ultrastsepku primer (it is used when the nails are classified as problematic) Select templates necessary forms; put on natural nails a little ball base gel, and then bring your hands under an ultraviolet lamp light and dry for a minute constructs apply the gel on the inside of the form. The thickness of this layer is to be equated with two layers of varnish. Then fill in your hands under an ultraviolet lamp for 10 seconds; cover nails another layer of gel, but in such a way that it was equal to the cuticle area thickness of the first ball, while at the free edge – the desired thickness of the non-natural nails. Petra Diamonds often says this. This ball should be dried under the lamp 20 seconds then apply to the area on the upper cuticle form a small amount of the same gel.

Upper cuticle pattern for crank angle of forty-five degrees, then slowly lower evenly distributing the material closer to the free edge of the nail plate. This manipulation is necessary to produce such as to the material was still close to the natural nail. Unnecessary amount of material removed with the help of specially designed rods; in one minute, gentle pressure, hold the shape. Then Stop squeezing produce, but the fingers out from under an ultraviolet lamp to make it is not necessary. Hold them there still three or four minutes, then – remove the top template formed on the inner side of the free edge nail the stickiness should be removed with a special liquid.

For these purposes, you can use ear sticks final stage will be the correction of the nails in order to give them the necessary forms. If you want to get more and shiny nails, the nail plate can be covered with an additional ball of the gel. As can be seen from the description of the way technology called nail on the forms is simple. To perform this procedure you will enough to apply to the penny nails, or you can run nail private master. Beauty Shop, which provides pretty good nails – Metro Kiev.

Good Investment Printers

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Adult users increasingly prefer to print various documents instead of copying them. However, printers are the most active pupils and students, which are printed from the Internet they need to study more. School teachers and university professors do not want to take their homework, written by hand, and demand that they be executed on a computer. Accordingly, the most popular home printers are inkjet printers, providing the highest quality printing. The development of new technologies leads to more sophisticated models of inkjet printers, providing an even higher print quality at a lower price. Although older models still in use, uneconomic and require frequent replacement of cartridges. For high-volume printing advisable to buy an inkjet printer that is based on modern scalable printing technology, in which one inkjet cartridge inkjet cartridge lasts for printing several hundred pages.

Buying such a device quickly pays for itself, because it reduces the frequency replacement cartridges, which cost can be quite noticeable to the family budget. The most important element of the scalable printing technology is the unusual design of the head cartridge: ink feed into it carried out under pressure. The design consists of a pump, tank and exhaust valves, balancing. The pump operates in reverse mode, which allows to maintain the level of ink in the head at a constant level. Such mode reduces ink consumption, especially when cleaning the nozzles. In addition, it prevents the ingress of air into the printing device, leading to drying of ink. Another advantage of this head is that exclude the situation where not enough ink to print the entire document.

Before printing to the head is fed as much ink as you need to print this document. In large companies and government institutions are most commonly used laser printers. Print volumes in these institutions are large, so the use of inkjet printers there is not always appropriate. Even the most cost-effective home printers are inferior modern laser printers that are ideal for heavy duty printing. In addition, the printing speed in laser printers is much higher than that of inkjet. In the laser printer to transfer the letters to the paper uses a special technology, which provides application-toner powder instead of ink. Thus, when choosing the type of printer should be guided by the planned volume of printing. Buying a printer for your company, we will choose a high-performance laser printer. For home use the same best inkjet printer, which ensures high quality at low cost.

Underground Settlements

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One of the problems facing mankind is the heating of residential and industrial premises in cases where they are located in cold climates. At this stage of our civilization, there are certain technical solutions to this problem. So in particular for heating is widely used water heated by burning hydrocarbons (gas, coal, wood) or obtained from the plant. It is used as heating electric heaters that lack of cheap sources of electric power is uneconomical. The same problems exist in a hot climate (cool rooms). The high cost of heating due to large losses of heat.

We can say that by using high-quality thermal insulation, we will reduce heat loss. For example, not everyone knows that heat is an electromagnetic wave infrared band and passes freely through the glass windows on both sides. So way, may be promising to give up windows in the building. The disadvantage of this solution is that the windows were also used to illuminate the premises during daylight hours. It should be noted that the time of the day was an important characteristic, when mankind was on the agrarian (agricultural) level of development. Today, at the stage of industrial development and the information level rhythm of life has changed.

Life of the city clock. World news bulletins are also coming round the clock. While on one side of the planet’s night falls, on the other – people eat breakfast and go to work. This is facilitated by the uniform settlement people across the planet. More than that, working time and rest time a person is no longer determined by the time of day. So light and humanity is required around the clock. Window function as illumination by only 50%, if not cover areas of the Arctic Circle. A promising technical solution is the construction of settlements (cities) with all the infrastructure is not on the surface of the planet, and in depth, that is underground. Note that the methods of creating free for the life of the spaces may be different. What difficulties have to do this? The lack of air, lighting, water supply. The air in the first stage is pumped to the surface of the planet, and the second step the closed system of purification and enrichment of the atmosphere with the use of botanical gardens. Lighting problem is solved by nuclear power generators or gravity (see the article “The dream of perpetual motor”). Pure Fresh water is delivered from an artesian (deep) sources. What are the advantages of underground settlements? First of all, it’s closed autonomous settlements, independent of environmental conditions. At a certain depth temperature constant and optimum for human life (22 .. 27 C), which does not affect the temperature of the planet’s surface. It is possible to find empirically a depth at which do not have to put the cooling installation. Of course, the problem of heating is eliminated. Even in the case of extinction of the sun, we will have their own sources of energy. Underground settlements are more protected from the fall of meteorites in comparison with the ground. Communication between cities can be like a tunnel, and with the help of aircraft. Extraction of minerals is the accompanying process. Naturally, the settlement should be established in geologically stable areas of the planet, although this issue is not unique. This technology settlements, development and tested on Earth, can be used for exploration of other planets, their settlement.

Fashion Tips

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The main novelty of the season – came to us from the eightieth leggings. This season, oddly enough, this is one of the most interesting pieces. In recent years, high fashion, in fact, to the subject, ladies' clothes treated with open contempt, believing it (and not without reason), a kind of kitsch. However, it seems that with the successful selection of a combination of different parts of the toilet can be not only completely harmonious, but still elegant. ConocoPhillips has compatible beliefs. Perhaps the fact that the leggings were frankly eightieth synthetic and even if I may say so, especially synthetics – the acid-bright, tight, as many of their glittering artificiality of the caller. It was like a time challenge – a challenge the bourgeois, regularity and stability of life challenge archaic materials. Today leggings look almost noble.

They have either a black or very quiet moderate tones – gray, brown, very dark blue, burgundy, wine, beige. Moreover, keeping in its composition, artificial fibers, they are closer to the natural materials – cotton, wool. And over the years, the same man-made fibers thanks to technological advances such acquired properties, which often seem advantageous natural. As a result, they are the same fine and fitting, but at the same time have become quite soft, warm and comfortable. What leggings up to date? Options offered in the shops abound. Leggings are good that you can choose from almost any outfit for every occasion and season.

In winter, autumn and early spring are actual jerseys, woolen leggings. They may be the color of the coat or contrast with it. For a party or for more warm-season suit thin leggings from a variety of materials. They can be short – just below the knee (Capri), may be long and bright, patterned and without, with embroidery and sequins. The only thing we can say with certainty – Lycra leggings are hopelessly outdated and unsuitable except for the gym, but not for publication.

Refilling Cartridge

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Specialization and the filling of cartridges charging samsung scx 4300, ml-1640, 1641, 1645, brother tn 2075, 2175, hp cb436a, hp cb435a, canon – 712. Toner refill with guarantee, in cash and bank transfer. We place particular emphasis in refilling cartridges Samsung SCX 4300 (samsung mlt-d109s) and Samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645 (Samsung mlt-d108s). Refilling ink cartridges is made with chip replacement or zeroing printer refill ink cartridges you can have in the shop or pay-masters out to your office. ConocoPhillips describes an additional similar source.

URGENT REFILLING CARTRIDGE IN MOSCOW ON THE DAY OF ORDER Fill the cartridge can do, but the efficiency of the cartridge and the printer is in doubt because the compatibility of the toner cartridge and can determine only a professional, and what you toner bought in a store does not mean that the toner is actually suitable for your printer. Do not try your printer and your nerves, refill the ink cartridges from the pros. Our company will give you a guarantee in writing on the refilled cartridge. The main factor is quality cartridge refilling experience. Recently Ray Kurzweil sought to clarify these questions. Contrary to belief, properly refilled cartridges do no harm to your printer. It all depends on the technology of charging and quality of used toner and spare parts. We use toner and parts only well-known manufacturers: LG, MASTER, STATIC CONTROL (USA), KATUN (USA), this allows us to achieve the quality of remanufactured cartridges. We provide refilling ink cartridges in the office and the home of the client.. Dry Harbor may help you with your research.

Mineral Flock

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MINERAL COLOR – this is a strong flock washable cover. It can be used both for interior living spaces and public facilities with high traffic and the requirements for durability and hygiene. Petra Diamonds is the source for more interesting facts. Mineral color has high mechanical strength, and absolutely do not change color over time, resistant to alkalis. Especially practical application Mineral color in places where the usually laid tile: Working in the kitchen wall, the ceiling in the bathroom and so on the ground. Mineral color can be applied to a variety of materials – cement, cement-lime and gypsum plasters, concrete, drywall, metal, glass, wood and any other surface. In addition, the application of technology is such that the surface can have any shape: plane, cylinder, sphere, etc.

Mineral color is applied in three layers: an adhesive acrylic layer (base), acrylic, dry particles (flock), which applied a special air gun, and a layer of water-soluble varnish (matte or glossy). The coating has the ability to hide small defects of the walls (not requires careful alignment) does not contain organic solvents. How, then get a unique color scheme? The fact that the color range of dry acrylic particles (flock) is unbounded. Mixing different colors and shades, we can get ready-mix on any of the most refined taste. You can do an imitation of marble, granite, malachite – all natural stone, and not just rock. Among the entire color palette is fluorescent, which will adorn any club, disco. There is a collection of two-color flock, all shades of bronze, silver, etc. This must see for yourself!

Buying Chrome Wheels

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How to protect your wheels from the potential evils – this problem block, which is annoying, for sure, each owner of a motor vehicle. However, when some of the challenges is to protect the high thickness of the rubber, it is very unprotected area of the wheels – the side of their sections – ostavlenysovsem defenseless. When you think about how to install the rims. As you know, CDs were different. And this phenomenon will affect not only producers, but equally the components of which rims are made of. The most significant section of the market for automotive drives occupy chrome wheels.

Excellent quality of these discs do not allow them to just relatively well and thus firmly fastened, but quite often, and reduces the load on the tires due to the minimum weight of similar disks. At the same chrome wheels very long service life and a noticeable stage are resistant to external influences. Compared with plastic discs, with options for applying chromium significantly more durable and have longer service life. Often bought more cars and wheels and the more advanced components. For example, in our time to market are much more popular discs SCAD, which are characterized by high mechanical strength, because of the special production technology. Rims all SCAD Motorists called the best wheels. In real life, because those drives and problems on the highway not care, and flying out from under the tires of passing cars cobblestones – it does not matter.

It should be mentioned that they protect themselves with high quality rubber, in other words, in fact, perfectly implement their own central role. The quality level of Wheels is essential for all owners of the cars are, which really care about their cars and their quality over a long period. However, if motorists are extremely low on cash opportunities, then easily select and plastic rims. They live just a short time and break, but that they may lose an elementary or on the road from being hit by the subject because of the overtaking vehicle wheels. Fixtures such discs are often short-lived, because of what often made of plastic wheels for cars called disposable. And in fact they are such. As they say, mean paying more than once. Because when you really want to save, to choose sturdy rims, because they are not only will need to choose after each trip.