Fair Compensation

Akura capital management AG informs about career prospects for sales professionals and career changers Wurzburg July 2010: top financial products, a performance-related compensation and modern training programs with these arguments the Akura touts group to qualified primary and Nebenberufler. To the representatives of the General, true sales talent at the Akura capital management AG can ascend and soon benefit from attractive differential bonuses and stock commissions. The Akura group from Wurzburg informed about her new career and remuneration system. The factors of compensation, care and training remained 2009 for sales representatives in the financial sector of central importance. This is clearly a study published in May of this year the YouGovPsychonomics AG.

The research work to success in the financial sales 2010 “indicates that these three criteria for a successful independent customer service represent a critical requirement of respondents according to as well as for the loyalty of employees to the company. With their new career system the Akura consistently group therefore on building a long-term, both sides profitable cooperation between sales and company. The Akura group applies the these guiding principles of fairness and justice to all important areas of cooperation, the remuneration system is a focus here. The Akura principle is: all active distributors of Akura III capital management GmbH and Akura IV capital management GmbH will receive commissions in the same amount. Are at particular success through additional income from differential bonuses from up to nine levels, and when appropriate positions in the companies attractive stock commissions. The commissions are also free of cancellation and are disbursed at the staff each fourteen active. In addition the Akura group trying to convince their distributors with a transparent and suitable for the main such as Nebenberufler and continuing education program. In that three-tier system of career appropriate new or career changers go first as the representative. Without actively sell the Akura asset plans, they appear as a tipster”on and support in this way existing distribution structures.