Motas also is part of the game, but little they make for the game not to be for its appearance. You police them, that they had had important papers in the previous series, are calmer in Test Drive Unlimited. The law alone if becomes a problem when causes accidents in series and, in the alert maximum police, it sweep the streets of the city it finds until you. In the way online pods to take a walk for the island, where it is possible to find other corridors online and to invite them for a race. For the races online pods you to construct to the track, choosing the streets where you intend to run, or established seno you will be able to always run the track already in the game. The appearance of Test Drive Unlimited is well competent, but it extremely does not arrive to be realistic.

Oahu was recriada with an excellent number of details and the variety of scenes distinguishes great urban centers, coastal villages and residential quarters. A little strange is absence of people. Same the personages of the missions are represented by icons and the player does not see the body, only sees the face in the animation that precedes the mission. Although the HDR effect, that simulates superexposition of light when it is looked at for the sun, for example, does not have climatic variations with exception of a cloudy sky that influence in the illumination of the track. The interiors of the store and houses also are shaped well, but very equal. The game is strengthenn to give air of individuality to the personages with different tones of voice. If to prefer something beyond the snore motor them, Test Drive Unlimited offers a virtual radio with about 30 musics and some known names as Queens of the Stone Age.ConclusoTest Drive Unlimited fulfills what it promises and places the series in a promising way. It is a new subgenus inside of the race simulators, that capture the freedom of the exploration games and that it establishes the way online and to single-player in shining and unknown way. Exactly for the shy ones, that they prefer to run against the clock, to see corridors real to speed up to the side when taking a walk for the streets of Oahu it increases the immersion considerably, exactly that the direco system, mainly of motas, is not very realistic.