Antonio Carlos Gil Seabra

It can be developed devices that can be operated by remote control by a surgeon in the accomplishment of surgical procedures in the corporal sockets, as well as can be handled traditional surgical instruments through robotizados surgical instruments. Telemonitorao? It is where they are registered given of a patient who will be placed in analysis, alert interpretation and, including the cardiac monitoramento through the telephonic line. Through the telemonitoramento the doctor can analyze in house, through a microcomputer the vital parameters of the patients interned in UTI. virtual Comunidades? They are groups that use technologies of the Internet, such as: e-mail, list of quarrels, newsgroup small farms, with the purpose to argue clinical cases of varied medical specialties, reflecting its experiences and opinions techniques, these small farms also are known as vestibules of the Internet. 2,4 COMPONENTS USED IN the TELECIRURGIA Figure 01 – Component of the telecirurgia system.

Source: Seabra (2003) Figure 02 – Tool master, operated for the telecirurgio. Source: Seabra (2003) Figure 03 – enslaved Tool, tele-operated for the telecirurgio. Source: Seabra (2003) Figure 04 – System of teleoparao used in the HMSL. Source: Seabra (2003) Figure 05 – System of teleoparao used in the HMSL. Source: Seabra (2003) Figure 06 – Surrounding of simulation for the developed telecirrgicas tasks in the model.

Source: Seabra (2003) Figure 07 – Environment of simulation for the telecirrgicas tasks. Source: Seabra (2003) As she was seen in figures 01 the 07 exist a infinity of mechanisms used in the teleconferncia, serving as tool master in the operation of a telecirurgia, where the movements foresee one to assist gift in the surgical field. 3 METHODOLOGY the methodology was used to reach the longed for objective, will count on the use of the exploratria research, being adopted the qualitative boarding, by means of bibliographical research. The reason for which this type of instrument will be chosen, happens of the concept explicitado for Antonio Carlos Gil: The bibliographical research is developed from elaborated material already, mainly constituted of books and scientific articles.