High Expectations

evolution plan GmbH has examined the expectations on sales training / six-month development program to the IT solution sellers is optimally tailored to the needs of the industry Munich, 27.04.2011. The evolution plan GmbH, Munich, examined the expectations on sales training. Were Vertriebsverantwortliche interviewed structured system and software houses, as well as IT consulting companies and evaluated the answers after that. The respondents had listed here both their concerns and their wishes regarding continuing education programs in the sales. The evaluation showed that there are strong fears and great expectations among participants from the IT sales.

The largest caveat that you may get much knowledge, but later in his daily work not can apply this is so. An often expressed request to a sales training, however, is that the salespeople faster and better come after training at the customer to the target ‘, so get the sale. IT sales expert Oliver Walker knows and understands these statements very well: one-day standard courses do not reach into the IT sales mostly, because this market segment makes very high demands on the salesperson. Highly qualified IT solution vendor will be used. This finally often encounter complex organizational structures and have to do with multiple decision makers.

In addition, with change requests’ or services such as managed services customer situations are ‘ very need of explanation. Last but not least IT companies are located in a highly competitive market segment, in which is still too often sold above the price”, Managing Director of evolution plan major aspects of IT distribution is summarized. Especially the management is usually very high expectations for these reasons in days of training and continuing education programs. Aims mostly to form a schlagkraftigeres and happier sales team that solutions can sell better than the competition on the market by the measure. This expectation is along with the desire to get more reliable forecasts, to thus sales help you plan and systematically increase the profits to. Bobby kotick: the source for more info.