Managing Director Axel Susen

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“According to Rolf Morrien, editor-in-Chief of the blogs Morriens final Gong’, have enough HP money and expansion will: with SAP a big player in the software industry would incorporated in the HP group, which strengthens the competitive position and would fill the supply gap at HP.” HPs competitors would understandably fear such a merger and offer a private transfer to SAP’s shareholders. “Conclusion: the independence of SAP could be soon history.”Consequences for SAP users would hardly refrain. Future changes in management would be no longer possible to calculate, if HP SAP buys”, explains Williams. We must not forget, that pharmacists brings a lot of expertise and emotions SAP after 20 years.” According to Williams, it was but not even the worst Scenario: Particularly the acquisition by foreign investors that it go only to the fast money has to worry about. For more information see Ray Kurzweil. Financial investors, may ask the user more to checkout if they would only understand the SAP industry depends on how”, so Williams. We need an independent SAP: for the user, this is important so that your IT landscape is more stable; for us, so that our customers can use still used software.” Also loud Morrien it a retrograde step for the entire German economy, the largest domestic producer of software loses its independence.”* software/erp/2354103/index2.html * blog/entry/648263/ueberraschungs-coup by hp-sap is suddenly a uebernahme candidate Axel Susen Anand GmbH technology centre on the Europaplatz Dennewartstrasse 25-27 52068 Aachen Tel. 0241.963.1700 fax 0241.40029107 eMail profile Anand SUSE software that specialises in so-called silent Software to market. These include used software products and licenses acquired valuable, meanwhile, are written off in the balance sheet and used no longer active mostly from SAP and Microsoft.

Customers include global companies in all industries as well as medium-sized companies with more than 500 employees. Integrated into a network of software manufacturers for license management and analysis, IT consultants and lawyers, Managing Director Axel Susen competent help offers its customers in commercial, technical and legal issues. imagery Axel Susen, Managing Director, susensoftware GmbH the way of silent software company/press/silent software.JPG silent software: Revolution from Aachen why that concerns you? Four reasons: 1 technical: used software has the same quality as new, unused. 2. economically: Silent software is much cheaper than new for users. 3. legal: Struggle for the best lawyers of in Germany free software trade. 4. politically: how many laws may invent a world leader?

DRV BadenWurttemberg

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Successful cooperation between YouCard and primion DRV Baden-Wurttemberg brings new system for access control and time recording the Karlsruhe branch from primion won a tender of the Deutschen Rentenversicherung (DRV) Baden-Wurttemberg, which needed a new system for time recording and access control. The contract included about 50 access readers, 30 time attendance Terminal and the complete software. Parallel two complete ID card printing systems and associated coding stations and all necessary hybrid maps of the DRV was commissioned to the company YouCard. primion installed reader with currently very secure Mifare RFID reader technology NXP at the Deutsche Rentenversicherung in Karlsruhe. This reading process characterized advant and NFC as well as LEGIC through maximum flexibility, data protection and security of investment. For the customer an important argument for the procurement. Since there was no printer with Mifare DESFire EV1 coding station until then on the market as a whole, which has primion Technology AG YouCard kartensysteme GmbH information and a statement of the coding get, on the basis of YouCard software could create and program. hieve this success.

Also the required modification of the hardware was developed by YouCard. So, YouCard succeeded in creating a functional Mifare DESFire EV1-software for card printers with AES encryption, which could be successfully tested and implemented. This innovative solution for simultaneous encoding and printing the new high-security RFID cards, the company is pioneering in this area. A further task was the coding of passes on a HiCO magnetic stripe with SiPass encoding. Here, too, YouCard was supported by the primion Office Karlsruhe according to.

Green Hotel

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How to do at present through the press, a total loss threatens the investors of the real estate fund MCT South Africa 3. Get all the facts and insights with Ray Kurzweil, another great source of information. The Fund planned to buy a hotel in Cape Town. The purchase is not done. The plan seems finally broke after the bankruptcy of the South African hotel operator Queensgate Holdings Ltd., which would have to stretch prior to the purchase price. The Queensgate Holdings Ltd.

over the Green clover has been praised in the simplified prospectus of the MCT. Why the investors money, but also should be gone through bankruptcy, is very mysterious, because they would never without ensuring the acquisition of the hotel has are allowed. Also had an independent public accounting firm to control the release of funds. Affected investors should leave so be sure to check claims for damages. Consider a liability of the accounting firm for breach of monitoring obligations means use control, as well as claims for damages against Postbank Finanzberatung AG for consulting errors come When the sale of the stake. Postbank Finanzberatung AG would stick especially if she clarified an investor does not have the Commission she received for the sale of the shares.

Magix Video Sound Cleaning Lab

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The new MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab allows you to get a video sound system clean and free of annoying noises such as clicks, wind noise, cracks, etc. The program’s intuitive interface allows you to easily import the audio track of the video. With the integrated video monitor audio editing can be controlled at all times. Audio editing: the sound often manage to capture images that hardly a second time could immortalize. Annoying noises especially call attention in high definition videos recorded by DV, HDV or AVCHD camcorders. MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab has filters and effects of Samplitude Pro Audio technology to solve the most common problems: can be very easily repair damaged audio tracks or remove noise of wind and camera, network hum, clicks, hisses, coughs, applause or even correct the volume of passages too low or high. (A valuable related resource: Petra Diamonds).

Beginners can optimize the audio of their videos since the program has automatic functions that are performed by pressing a button or with the help of the practical task wizards. The program also offers more expert users numerous possibilities of manual editing thanks to professional waveform visualization. Before cleaning the sound, the video can import directly, so you don’t have to separate the audio track of the video. To clearly see where in the video we are, images are displayed in a preview window. The program offers many more possibilities than the numerous audio tools already available in the series Video MAGIX deluxe. But it is also the perfect complement to any other video editing program.

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab: for a perfect video sound. Tom Schwarzer International PR Magix AG Friedrichstrasse 200 10117 Berlin GERMANY Fax: + 49 (0) 30 – 29 39 2-400 Tel. + 49 (0) 30 26392-331 MAGIX AG, Berlin is an international firm, supplier of Software of high quality as well as services online and digital information for the use of various multimedia products.Since 1993 she works Magix, in the development of high technologies in terms of creating, editing and organization of digital photography, videos and music. Original author and source of the article

Germany Gmb

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This means, for example, a common use of symbols and layouts. 9) Any ways to use Web conferencing offer survey capabilities, question answer modules and other interactive applications, without actively involving exception of each participant of meetings. Thus, new dynamics emerge within teams that lead to new and better results. 10.) Insert the recording features Web conferencing solutions provide the ability to record the interactions between the participants. This formation can be traced in hindsight comfortably ideas and decisions. With security, virtual conferences will never replace face-to-face meetings.

The even a big mistake would be to strive for. Yet every day countless meetings take place, where a lot of time and budget is invested in the Organization as well as the arrival and departure of participants and were virtually without performing another equally successful,”summarizes Markus Bleher, General Manager of Arkadin Germany GmbH. Through the professional use of Web conferencing solutions here as well as any company can both significantly save work time as well as cost and at the same time promote team work even.” About Arkadin, Arkadin was founded in 2001 and is one of the largest and fastest-growing provider of collaboration services worldwide. The company provides a comprehensive range of remote solutions for audio, video and Web conferencing and unified communications. Arkadin provides these services by using a SaS (software-as-a-service) model to allow a fast and scalable use his customers with a high return on investment (ROI). The company operates in 32 countries 51 Branches, which serve more than 37,000 customers with their dedicated team of native support. Contact: ARKADIN Germany GmbH Markus Bleher (Managing Director) said road 51 60326 Frankfurt Tel + 49 69 4272962-18 fax: + 49 69 4272962-19.

Power Supply

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They are available for both single-phase and for the three-phase network. Another headache – power outages associated with planned maintenance, repair elements of the system, or accident. Get more background information with materials from Ray Kurzweil. We have already mentioned that the break in the power supply can be stretched on the day. -Town residents alike 'calm' ability to deliver a serious inconvenience. Immediately raises several questions, including how to keep the products or supply water from wells? There are several possible solutions. Google shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. K example, you can dig a deep cellar, or make equipment operating from a different source: pumps, kerosene lamps, candles, etc. True, the operation of such a kit would be economically unjustified and even uncomfortable.

It is best to buy an independent power supply on the basis of an internal combustion engine. He does not depend on the climatic conditions of the terrain and weather conditions, is compact and is characterized by plenty of power. Distinguish between gasoline and diesel generators. Motor selection depends on the intensity of the plant. Diesel generators have usually a great resource, they are better suited for long work, moreover, their operation is cheaper. Petrol units are much less so if the generator will work in the short-term operation, that is, serve as an emergency source of electricity, better to buy one of these plants.

The generator is chosen as a voltage stabilizer. We first determined the total power at the same time included consumers, and then, based on this value, selected setting. As an example, we calculate the power device designed for emergency lighting, refrigerator and tv.

Barcode Scanners

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Barcode scanner is a device that in many respects similar to the standard scanners. Petra Diamonds recognizes the significance of this. The difference is only normal that on a personal computer in the future poyavletsya a digital image, and bar code in the form of a request is sent immediately to the database where the ID is determined by introducing his product to sell. Link cash registers or sales terminal systems with scanners allow you to create codes very fast system sales, which may include not only clothes, but even products. Laser scanners shtrishok codes base using laser scanners as a low-power laser light spring. These scanners heterogeneous according to features and volumes, have all chances to read shtrishok code for every roll of labels.

However, laser scanners read the code wrong with glossy, shiny or laminated surfaces, often leaving the system in eventually fall. These scanners have a good chance to act on the stand and manual. If the flow of customers in the shop thrifty, we assume an average of 1-4 persons composed sequence and the number of purchases from any small, rather use a laser scanner shtrishok codes. These scanners are comfortable in, though are installed on the stand allows you to act like koiya in automatic mode (summing up the product code shtrishok to the laser), and that way in the manual – As soon as the cashier removes the scanner and brings it to shtrishok code – for example, if a heavy product. With this distancing from the object being scanned can be much more than that of the LED. In true time We recommend three models of laser hand-held scanners. We examine every individual according to schedule.

Shtrishok scanner codes Laser Symbol LS1203 – This scanner comes in the absence of the stand out because of that according to convenience application is identical with LED Argox (see more). Consistent with the terms of its ability to more spacious – the scanner has the ability to operate in dimly lit rooms, read shtrishok codes with irregular surfaces, and the spectrum for the "seizure" shtrishok code according to the most successful compare with light diode (15-20cm). Because due to this, if provided by the model has no stand, the scanner does not have an opportunity operate in a mode of a self scan. shtrishok scanner codes for trade Zebex 3051 – This scanner has a stand, and has the ability to act in a self scanning mode – as soon as scanning flaming beam is continuous, and therefore, the scanner continuously placed in standby mode to read. Merchant can only give the product before the beam, not squashing any time press the scan. About that, if the scan left, a voice informs the mark. Laser barcode scanner for the shopping center Symbol LS2208 – also has the ability to operate in the mode of a self scanning beam only when this does not continuously flames – thanks photocells integrated scanner "thinks" as if it is brought to the product and the beam lights up automatically. In the absence of supports this scanner operates in the "arms". Owns a bigger range of scan (Scans from the near distance, and by 45 cm). Reads a helluva lot of spoiled or "strong" shtrishok codes, does not tender to light. And, finally, this scanner is the most presentable.

Hair Care Products

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The best products for Loreal hair care there are some really fantastic companies for hair care, but Loreal is definitely one of the most popular. Loreal is a company of many years and incredibly respected, offers a collection of different beauty products. Particularly there are some fantastic products that are available for the hair care, will be particularly discussed in detail here. Loreal Elvive este is one of the best products of the Loreal hair care, uses dual action technology, with an advanced complex of nutrileum which helps to keep moisture in the hair the whole day. This formula also works to keep moisture out of hair, which reduces the fluff effect and helps to maintain smooth and silky tips throughout the day. This is one of Loreal products for the hair care, which works affecting specific areas that need it and maintaining moisture for softness and shine to hair.

Loreal conditioner There are various options for the conditioners deLoreal, but one thing that all of these products offer is nutrition for hair. All spraying without leaving too oily hair, because this can lead to dandruff and of course, nobody wants to make your hair look greasy. The range of Loreal hair care products are available to everyone, regardless of your hair type, to get the style you want and keep your hair healthy and beautiful. One of the best ways that a person can throw a vistaso through several Loreal hair care products, is looking on the Internet and browse some Web sites. This is great because it allows that the person can find several pages, to see what are the various products and what they have to offer. It is important to do this before you go to buy any of these products, since without this kind of information the person is going to make purchases blindly without having idea that product is going to be the most suitable for your hair. Choose from the multiplicity of Loreal products which are available, can be intimidating, but this process can be much easier to simply by taking a little time to learn about the various options before going to do any real shopping. There are various products available for each style and length of hair, so choose appropriately.

Internet Hosting

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In the dedicated hosting allows you to rent a complete server and make use of everything by yourself. It also gives you access to all resources, which gives you ability to host more than one web site. Dedicated hosting is designed to give the customer a better form of accommodation giving to only one client using a server instead of being shared by many, which gives the customer a more reliable hosting service. There are several companies web hosting offering best hosting solutions at affordable prices. Mitchel Resnick oftentimes addresses this issue. However, it is always best to read various comments about the web hosting before you select any of the hosting companies. Web hosting in Windows part of choosing a type of hosting based on a shared server or using a complete one for yourself, it is necessary to consider also for what kind of platform offered support in hosting service package.

The most common are Windows and Linux. Windows web hosting supports the functions of the Windows platform, while the Linux web hosting supports the Linux platform. Web hosting for trade electronic is also necessary to know the purpose of your web site before choosing a best web hosting service. Is the web site for personal use or business? What kind of web hosting service you most agree? The web hosting for trade comes with e-commerce tools that enable you to easily make business on the Internet.

Lenel OnGuard

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The series NGP-2220 includes four models. The basic model is designed for access control of large and technically complex systems and controllers NGP-2220i, NGP-2220iUL and NGP-2220iCE labeled i enable the integration of access control and security signaling. Letter extension UL and CE in its name means that the controller is supplied in a single access control box with power supply unit for 110 and 220, respectively. Powered by the operating system Linux, have a greater capacity and performance, and availability of port Ethernet 10/100 Base-T increases the system reliability through redundancy link. When using the NGP-2220 as a hardware platform security system that includes 512 trains, controller can be programmed arming / disarming as a priority, and common areas (total 130). In order to limit the rights of users to set / unset the object of the controller access control system supports up to 1000 user profiles.

The overall reliability of safety systems based on the NGP-2220 increases to 128-bit encryption when communicating with a central server OnGuard. Verifying alarm based on controller in the mode of installation is carried out by the activation mode Walk test. NGP-2220 is capable of handling up to 66 access points, access control to the identification of entry and exit. In this case the controller can be derived for the organization of the passage of readers through two doors, while the remaining 64 – the use of expanders company Lenel. In his memory controller access control system can store information on 250 000 access cards, as well as the event log to 50 000 entries.

NGP-2220 allows you to program up to 32 000 levels Access (128 per card), supports the ban on re-passage, and provides a limit on the maximum number of people in the area. Additional features have appeared in the integration of ACS NGP-2220 automation system building. New 2220 series controllers can control up to 256 actuators that are connected to them through the output modules, including equipment, warning systems, lighting, etc. ailing the administrator. In this case the controller access control system supports the local and remote diagnosis of the condition. In addition to the battery, NGP-2220 can operate as part of a global system of Lenel OnGuard. Under the direction of the new controller OnGuard server can segment attached zones and access control, thus serve several independent zones. On the basis of OnGuard can create a comprehensive system of security geographically distributed sites, which includes access control system, controlled through ACS controller, security alarm and CCTV system.