Real Estate Agent

For the profession of real estate agent needed to some requirements of real estate needed until now still no public examination, as well as in other professions, as E.g. an insurance expert, where for a short time until an audit for the placement of insurance and financial services is required. Everyone believes to be able to practice this profession and fulfilling certain requirements, must pursue the profession of real estate agent. But 34 c must obtain the broker permit”at the Ordnungsamt detected certain conditions to obtain the permit. No entries in the commercial register may and debt are available in the city or the IRS. Entries in the police certificate may not also exist, otherwise it is impossible to get the broker permission.

The real estate brokerage profession is that you quickly with relatively little usage and can earn much money said. However, practice shows that this is not quite as simple as it is shown. A Brokers must be present on weekends and invest a lot of time and money in the activity before it comes to the money. It is recommended to complete a training in the real estate sector. Ranging from the real estate agent Chamber of Commerce to the Bachelor’s, specialist, or real estate business different academies offer some training in the industry. The conditions are always more complicated and special. You should bring communication skills, sales talent, personal usage, and some social skills to meet the requirements of the job. The specialist knowledge is required as well as the personal requirements.